Overdose nazivin children and adults

A long time, used in the treatment of infectious diseases and allergies that occur with the common cold. The drug has vasoconstrictor properties, and quickly relieves swelling of the nasal mucosa, and helps restore normal breathing. As a long time used only locally, it does not enter the bloodstream, and therefore has no systemic effect on the entire body. Despite the relative safety of the medication, overdose is possible nazivin the child, if not complied with therapeutic dosage.

General characteristics of medications

Nazivin included in the group of vasoconstrictive medications of local action. Contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels in the areas applied, reduce swelling of the mucous membrane of the nose and all parts of the upper respiratory organs. The main active ingredient is Oxymetazoline hydrochloride, which is enhanced by the other substances in the medication. The drug begins to work instantly upon contact with nasal mucosa, already a minute later the nose breathes freely.

A pharmaceutical company produces a cold in nasal drops, different percentages of active substance, for adults and children, as well as in the form of a spray in the nose.

Application features

Nazivin very convenient to use in patients of all ages. The cure included a special calibrated dropper, which minimizes the risk of overdose. Each marking on the dispenser corresponds to a single drop.

The infants used nazivin children's forms of 0.01% solutionin a dosage of 1 drop in each nostril, up to three times a day. According to the annotations allowed to make saline nasal drops to reduce the amount of active substance.

Children from one year to six years write a 0,025% solution of the drug buried 1 drop in each nostril, up to three times a day.

Treatment of the common cold for children aged six years and older patients spend of 0.05% cure, drip, medication to three times daily 1-2 drops in each nostril.

The spray is allowed to use only in patients older than six years. Only have one pressure on the bottle in each nostril up to three times a day. The treatment is carried out not more than 5 days, if no effect, then shows the correction treatment.

Prolonged treatment or overdosage, possible slight sedative effect, which is manifested by lethargy and reduced attention. Therefore, when the treatment drug is not recommended to drive vehicles and perform work that is related to increased attention.

Many children are afraid to drip spout, in this case, nazivin moisten a cotton turundas and treating the nasal passages, the effect will be the same as that of the backfilling.

Indications and contraindications to the use of

Nazivin can be treated with various forms of runny nose that make nasal breathing difficult:

  • rhinitis with acute respiratory diseases;
  • rhinitis that occurs during seasonal flowering plants;
  • vasomotor rhinitis;
  • to restore the separation of liquid from the sinus after the inflammation of the paranasal sinuses and middle ear disease;
  • reduction of edema before performing diagnostic operations in the nasal sinuses.

You can only use eye drops that are suitable for their age. Prohibited drip newborns medication in the adult breeding.

Before starting therapy should study the list of contraindications. These include angle-closure glaucoma, atrophic rhinitis and individual intolerance of separate components in the medicine.

When you might be overdosing nazivin

Overdose nazivin possible in a few cases, often due to carelessness:

  • If parents leave the medication in an accessible place, and the child took it and copying the actions of adults, on their own sprinkled his nose or drank. Usually in this case the dispenser is not in use, the drug can get into the stomach where it is absorbed into the blood.
  • If the person is trying to quickly heal a cold and unknowingly buries or injects excessive amounts of the drug.

Nazivin poisoning in children more common than adults this is due to the natural curiosity of kids.

Overdose symptoms

Symptoms of overdose are quite extensive, drug when injected into the bloodstream it acts toxic to many organs and systems. There are such changes in health:

  • to high elevations of body temperature rises;
  • narrowed pupils;
  • nausea, which quickly turns into vomiting;
  • first, the victim is overly excited, but after a short time starts apathy;
  • upset the respiratory system;
  • inhibited the activity of the Central nervous system that may manifest mental disorders.

If not in time to render aid to the victim, it may paralizuvalasya breathing and stop the heart. The victim falls into a coma, can be fatal.

Emergency assistance

In case of overdose nazivin an ambulance call without delayas soon as discovered the fact of poisoning. Before arrival of doctors provide first aid, aimed at reducingabsorption of toxins:

  1. Carefully wash out the stomach a large volume of water. For greater efficiency you can add water to the potassium permanganate solution, previously filtered through several layers of cheesecloth, or a bit of salt. The procedure is repeated several times until the waste water is free of impurities food.
  2. Give the adsorbents. If this is activated charcoal, it is given in therapeutic dosage that is specified in the instructions – 1 tablet per 10 kg of weight;
  3. Offer the victim a lot of drinking to quickly withdraw the excess medicine from the body. You can use regular non-carbonated water, fruit drinks, teas, jelly. Do not give concentrated juices and sodas, they contribute to irritation of the gastric mucosa.

The speed of first aid depends, will there be any health effects or not.

Possible consequences

When the time to provide help when the medication time to be absorbed into the bloodstream or absorbed an insignificant amount, health effects are minimal. Otherwise, it can be a unpleasant disease that will require long complex treatment. It may be gastritis, pancreatitis, various nervous disorders, persistent headaches. If poisoning nazivin the child may display persistent allergic reactions that didn't exist before.

How to prevent poisoning nazivin

To prevent poisoning nazivin, it is sufficient to observe a number of rules listed below:

  • Do not leave drug available for a small child place.
  • Not to self-medicate. If the drug is sold without prescription is not a reason to start using it without consulting a doctor.
  • Do not exceed the dosagerecommended by your doctor.
  • For the treatment of children to use the drug, produced in children's forms.

A runny nose is a very unpleasant phenomenon, which helps relieve from flatulence. However, to avoid any unpleasant consequences, the remedy can begin to take only on doctor's orders.