Overdose "Espumizan" in children and adults

Most often, the child acts up because of problems with the tummy. To eliminate bloating, give him "Drops". In the product contains safe for human components, so giving it to the baby immediately after birth. And an overdose of "Espumizan" it happens very rarely.

Description of the drug

"Espumizan" reduces the amount of gases in the digestive tract. Simethicone, which is the main component of the drug, reduces the tension between aqueous and gas environments. The substance is chemically inert, so it is not absorbed into the blood, and is excreted during defecation unchanged. In addition, in the "Espumizan" contains the following components: sorbic acid, hyprolose, glycerin, liquid sorbitol. Part of the tools include banana flavoring, so the taste of it is pleasant. Contains no sugar, due to what is suitable for people with excess sucrose in the blood.

Under the influence of drugs all the gas bubbles merge together, after which appear naturally. Moreover, simethicone and other components of the drug do not interact with beneficial bacteria in the gut and do not violate the natural microflora. Therefore, the medication is completely harmless and does not affect the digestion.

Especially for children, a "Baby Drops", which has the same composition but produced in a different form. Under the influence of the drug neytralizuya gases, so disappears the stomach bloating. The drug has been observed for 10-15 minutes. Signs of intestinal colic disappear baby stops crying and cranky.

Indications and contraindications

"Espumizan" is sold without a prescription. However, before giving it to a newborn, you should consult with a specialist. To give medicine to a baby without cause and in large quantities should not be. "Espumisan Baby" is indicated for adults and children in some cases, as listed below:

  • Newborn cranky, crying when you touch the tummy.
  • The child or adult is showing signs of accumulation of gases in the digestive tract.
  • Observed flatulence, which is associated with functional dyspepsia.
  • Acute poisoning shampoo, dishwashing detergent and other substances, which include foam-forming components.

In addition, taking the medication before diagnostic tests of the abdomen. Due to this, the image on the ultrasound more clear, so the diagnosis result is considered correct.

The drug is contraindicated if a person has observed individual intolerance to the components included in its composition. From taking "Espumizan" and should be maintained in case of intestinal obstruction, as well as fructose intolerance, hereditary. For children up to six years is suitable only for "Espumisan Baby", and "Espumizan El" can be given to children older.

Both drugs are suitable for use during pregnancy and lactation. Side effects of the drug can occur in people with hypersensitivity to its components. In this case, it is possible Allergy. If there is any allergic reaction, consult a doctor. Medical diagnosis is necessary in the case if babies are not colic for 3-4 days.

Overdose "Espumizan" is impossible, because part of it simethicone, a chemically inert.

Dosage "Espumizan" for children and its application

Did eat inside. The tool is produced in the form of tablets, capsules or a flavored solution. Together with the drug sold by the instruction for its use. Baby suits "Baby Drops" in the form of drops. Before using the jar, which stores the emulsion to be shaken. Dispense medication drops, turning the bottle down. The tool comes in a jar with a handy tube-dropper. 1 ml 25 drops. The drug given to the baby three times a day, at the same time regardless of the meal. The amount depends on the severity of symptoms. The dosage of the drug for children with the following:

  • to construction year: 5-10 drops of the emulsion "Espumisan Baby". The tool can give the baby with a small spoon or add it to a bottle of baby food. The drug has a banana flavor, so kids love to eat;
  • 1-6 years give 10 drops of the medication three times a day;
  • 6-14 shows 10-20 drops three times a day;
  • 14-18 years recommended 20 drops of "Espumizan" three times a day.

In addition, children over 6 years instead of the emulsion already give the drug in capsules or tablets (2 capsules with each meal). Pills washed down with a few SIPS of boiled water. The treatment lasts until the symptoms disappear. If necessary, the drug can be consumed for a long period of time.

"Espumizan" adult

In preparation for diagnostic tests are recommended to drink 2 capsules per day before undergoing a diagnostic test, and another 2 capsules a few hours before him. Water to drink is impossible. In case of poisoning foaming substances an adult need to drink 10-20 capsules of the drug, and a child older than 6 years up to 10. If symptoms persist, drink "Espumisan Baby" again. If after the use of medications came rash orbroken chair, it is better to stop its use.

Store the drug in dry, inaccessible for children place. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Shelf life "Espumizan Baby" – 3 years, "Espumizan El" – 5 years. You cannot drink the medication at the expiration of this period.

It is recommended to write on the bottle with the emulsion "Espumizan Baby" the date of that day that it opened. Use the product for 4 weeks now. A month later, the drug will deteriorate, so it should be discarded.

What is the difference between "El Espumizan" and "Baby"

Pharmacies found "Espumizan El" in the form of a syrup, which is also assigned doctors for colic the baby has. What is the difference between them? But they differ in dosage, composition and value. So, in "Espumizan El" in 25 drops of a solution of 40 mg of simethicone, and "Espumisan Baby" – 100. Therefore, a special children's medication faster removes gases from the intestines.

However, be aware that this substance should not be consumed longer than a month after opening. At the same time, "Espumizan El" usable within six months. "Espumisan Baby" costs about 40% more expensive.


If the pharmacy there suddenly "Espumizan Baby", but it is urgent to get rid of intestinal colic and bloating, you can purchase analog, which contains similar components. For example, "cough syrup", "Colicin", "Kalakal", "Baby-Doc", "Licked" and others. But before you buy the analogue, it is necessary to examine its composition, that the baby was not allergic to one of its components. Definitely need to check with your doctor, what age can you give a drug baby, it side effects.

Thus, "Espumizan" is a completely safe drug, which is suitable both for adults and for newborns. Side effects are extremely rare, and overdosing is impossible. However, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before you give medicine to a baby.