Overdose miramistina in children and adults

Overdose miramistina is rarely observed. Only if it is used for rinsing the oral cavity in the treatment of diseases of the gums and mucosa (stomatitis, gingivitis, periodontitis), as well as for gargling in the treatment of angina, tonsillitis and other inflammatory processes in the throat. Miramistin is used for the treatment of children and adults.

What is the cure

In the instructions for use States that the preparation contains in its composition of active components such:

  1. Miramistin.
  2. Distilled water.

This medicinal product has no pronounced taste or odor. When the bottle is shaken, you can see the foam dense consistency. The main objective of the drug is to fight with infectious agents and pathogens. The action of the tool is characterized by a broad spectrum. The drug is safe for the body. It is often used for external treatment of wounds and other injuries on skin and for treatment of the oral cavity in various infectious and bacterial processes.

The main indications and application of

The main indications for the use of medication varied. It is advisable to prescribe a medicine for the treatment of various inflammatory and infectious processes in children. With it is irrigation of the mucous membrane of the throat, nose, oral cavity during development of stomatitis, candidiasis of the mucosal surface of the tongue or inside the cheeks, palate. The effect of this drug occurs within a short period of time, but only if in addition to miramistina apply any more medicine. The treatment itself is miramistina ineffective, it is necessary to complement the overall therapy other drugs.

Used this drug and in order to carry out the douching of the reproductive system, particularly of the external genitalia in women (e.g., the development of thrush, vaginosis, inflammatory processes). Men also can use Miramistin for irrigation of the urethra during the development of various inflammatory and infectious processes. Especially often used medication for the irrigation of the genital organs during treatment of diseases that are transmitted by sexual contact. The treatment tool is an additional integrated measures in getting rid of pathological processes.

Sometimes when you use drugs, the appearance of dryness on the surface of the mucosa of the reproductive system of the female. This is due to the composition and effect of drugs on thin and too sensitive mucosa. After drug withdrawal, all the parameters return to normal.

The main contraindications to the use of drugs

Usually the application miramistina pass without consequences for the organism. Only in the case if a person has an increased tendency to allergic reactions to many stimuli it is possible to replace the drug. When the penetration of the mucous membranes and the human skin the drug in very rare cases can trigger the development of allergic reactions, which usually manifest themselves as rashes, and redness of the mucosal surface. In such cases, it becomes too sensitive to the action of active ingredients of drugs.

In that case, if after the application miramistina marked redness, irritation or inflammation of the mucosa, it is recommended to stop use it, the epithelial layer to recover quickly and all the unpleasant symptoms are removed. You should not be afraid too marked symptoms or serious reactions to the use of medication.

Release form of the drug

The main form of issue miramistina is a plastic bottle – a bottle which is fitted with a nozzle for convenient irrigation of skin and mucous membranes. In order to carry out douching the external or internal organs of the reproductive system is attached a special nozzle.

There is also a release form – ointment. Its main quality is the antibacterial effect that inhibits the activity of the pathological microorganisms. Miramistin in the form of ointment is used in the treatment of candidiasis of the oral cavity or mucous membranes of the external genitalia.

Side effects

Each agent has side effects, Miramistin is no exception to the rule. Sometimes there may be unpleasant burning or tingling. This is possible if the drug is used for treatment of mucous membranes. Usually burning brightly expressed. If the burning sensation is pronounced, this indicates a strong mucosal bacterial agents, and these symptoms indicate the beginning of the struggle against pathological microorganisms and inflammatory processes.

With the appearance of burning sensation no need to panic, trying to wash away the drug. The discomfort is eliminated when you normalize the microflora. The medicine doesn't burn.

But if od

Before the release of the medicine sales in pharmacy networks, manufacturers werenumerous studies and experiments, the results of which showed that in any case it is impossible to overdose on the drug. It is absolutely impossible.

In the instructions and instructions for use miramistina clearly States that if you strictly adhere to them, the damage to the body missing. Of course, when too frequent applications for irrigations or douches the genitals, throat, nose, besides when using the drug in large amounts can cause overdose. But in practice this does not happen, cases have been recorded.

According to the research, overdoses have been recorded. But if unchecked, incorrect, there may be slight intoxication, manifestation of which is almost imperceptible to humans.

According to the instructions for use of the drug, it is noted that during the rinsing or irrigation of the throat, with the instillation into the nasal passages, the drug should be spit out without swallowing. If you drink carelessly Miramistin in large numbers, sometimes there may be slight nausea. But these manifestations are rare, Miramistin is not intended for use inside.

The manuals described that the substance has no absorption inside the mucosa or the skin, does not cause any harm. But ingestion of large amounts of fluid can occur reactions in the stomach, which can rarely provoke the appearance of such unpleasant sensations, like slight nausea, no more. It runs independently and within a brief period of time. Miramistin independently excreted from the body in a natural way, in addition to feelings of discomfort, does no harm.