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Overdose melaksana: symptoms, treatment, lethal dose

Melaxen is a hypnotic drug created on the basis of the natural human hormone, melatonin. This drug is able to normalize sleep and improve its quality, duration. Overdose melaksana dangerous to humans and can lead to death. In this article, we considered its causes, symptoms, methods of first aid and treatment during its development.

The description of the drug

Melaxen is available in a pill form. Its active substance, melatonin, regulates circadian rhythm and improves sleep. In the body it is produced by the pineal gland. In the elderly melatonin is not produced in sufficient volume, and its lack causes sleep disorders.

Melatonin will be administered to people older than 55 years with primary insomnia and impaired quality and duration of sleep.

The decision on admission is taken melaksana the attending physician, after establishing the cause of sleep disorders.

Treatment melaksana most often assigned for 2-3 weeks. For greatest efficiency it is recommended to take after dinner, 1-2 hours before bedtime. The duration of treatment may increase your doctor depending on the response of the patient to the therapy.

The following are contraindications to the medication.

  • Pregnancy and feeding the child breast milk.
  • Individual intolerance and allergic to the drug or its components.
  • Congenital lactose intolerance.
  • Acute or chronic hepatic insufficiency, cirrhosis.
  • Any autoimmune disease.
  • Treatment of hormonal drugs.
  • Broken functionality, kidney failure.
  • The children's age.

In the pharmacies you can find analogues of the drug: melapur, melatonin melaton. All of these drugs may vary from melaksana dosage and route of administration.

Causes of overdose

An overdose of the drug may develop in people wanting to enhance the hypnotic effect. The fact that melaxen begins to act immediately after the first dose. Gradually accumulate in the body, it normalizes biological rhythms of the person and thereby restores sleep. Use it in large dose will not make the process of falling asleep, and may cause acute intoxication.

Also poisoning can develop in a child who decided to try found at home pills melaksana. This drug, like other medicines, must be stored in places inaccessible to children.

Clinical signs of poisoning

In the world until now there was not a single case of acute, fatal overdose after ingestion of a large amount melaxen, consequently, the lethal dose of this drug is not known.

When you use it in big doses can appear the following symptoms:

  • headache and severe dizziness. These symptoms develop due to a sudden drop in blood pressure;
  • increased drowsiness, weakness, lethargy;
  • disturbed fine motor skills and coordination. Person can bring from side to side when walking;
  • bradycardia – slow heartbeat;
  • a good night's sleep, which in the case of acute intoxication can escalate into a coma.

First aid and treatment

In the case of the above symptoms should call an ambulance. Before arrival of physicians try to bring the body of the patient remains of consumed pills.

In order to wash out the stomach at home, you should gulp drink several glasses of water and trigger a gag attack. Such a procedure should not be performed in patients who are asleep or lost consciousness.

After cleansing the stomach give a poisoned person drink sorbents, for example, enterosgel or activated carbon. Then give him drink sweet tea or plain water.

Medics arrived on the call, assess the patient's condition. If necessary, they will be hospitalized in the nearest poison control Department. Treatment of poisoning is directed at the elimination of the drug from the body and regulation of blood pressure and pulse.

Side effects of the drug

Melaksana when used in the correct dosage can develop side effects from the medication. These include:

  • feelings of anxiety, irritability of the patient. He can fall into a depressive or apathetic condition;
  • redness (hyperemia) of the skin;
  • sleep disturbance, early morning rise;
  • violation of the liver, yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • intestinal colic and excessive gas formation, flatulence;
  • the development of chronic renal failure;
  • blurred vision;
  • increase sexual desire, libido;
  • weight gain;
  • allergic reaction.

If you notice a worsening of their well-being on the background of treatment with melaxen, you should immediately stop taking this drug. Typically, adverse reactions are alone for days after stopping medication.

In rare cases, this medication can cause severe allergic reaction. It manifests itself in the form of urticaria or angioedema. Urticaria is manifested itchy rash on the body. With the development of angioedema angioedema on the background of the rashthere is swelling of the face, neck, wet cough.

Remember, with the development of acute allergies need to call an ambulance. Before arrival of physicians can give the patient to drink an antihistamine, e.g. loratadine, Suprastinum or diazolinum.

Melaxen relates to hormonal sedative drugs. Its active ingredient, melatonin, is responsible for the regulation of biological rhythms and almost ceases to be produced in the body. The drug helps older people to improve sleep and eliminate insomnia. Receiving it in large doses can lead to overdose. In its development it is necessary to call an ambulance. Use of the drug melaxen need only as directed by your healthcare doctor.