Poisoning by "Domestos", "White" and their pairs

Part of the most popular detergents, "White" and "Domestos", including bleach. This chemical is capable of killing most microorganisms that are on a variety of surfaces. Ingesting chlorine causes severe poisoning, which can lead to death. This article describes poisoning "Domestos" and "White", its causes and symptoms, and methods of first aid and components of its treatment and prevention.

The causes and mechanisms of development of poisoning

The basis of the "White" and "Domestos" is bleach. It is widely used in the home for whitening clothes and carrying out wet cleaning. These solutions are sold in sealed plastic packaging and packaging rules for safe use. In most cases, the poisoning is "White" and "Domestos" develops as a result of non-compliance with recommendations for their safe use.

The causes of poisoning these chemical solutions:

  • use cleaning solutions in an unventilated room. At the same time developing the poisoning of the "Device" and "White". Chlorine is a volatile substance. In open space it evaporates. When you work with him in the confined space of persons poisoned due to the inhalation of the fumes;
  • ingestion of these solutions can be observed in young children, people with unhealthy psyche;
  • contact with skin or mucous membranes data of detergents leads to the development of strong chemical burn.

Clinically manifested as poisoning solutions with bleach

The symptoms of poisoning by "White" and "Domestos" do not differ from each other. In fact, it is the same cleaning solutions. Clinical manifestations depend on the concentration of chlorine in them and from the amount of alcohol consumed.

In cases of poisoning by "Domestos" symptoms develop quickly for the first 30 minutes after ingestion of detergent inside. If it gets on the skin or mucous membranes, clinical symptoms develop immediately.

Please note that the poisoning of the "White" or "Device" can more quickly clinically manifest. Inhalation of chlorine fumes of poisonous substances into the blood stream through the lungs and poison the whole body in a short period of time.

In case of poisoning by "White" the symptoms and clinical signs consist of:

  • watery eyes and dry cough, burning sensation and sore throat;
  • headache, severe dizziness;
  • unpleasant chlorine taste in the mouth;
  • burning sensation along the esophagus;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • pain in region of stomach, intestines;
  • breathing disorders;
  • pallor of the skin;
  • fast pulse;
  • seizures (like an epileptic seizure);
  • disturbances of consciousness, possible development of a deep comatose state.

If chlorine got on mucous membranes or skin in contact with him, red spots, burn bubbles. The patient complains of severe pain and burning sensation.

First aid for chlorine poisoning

What to do in case of poisoning and intoxication "White" or "Domestos"? The first step is to stop contact with this substance. If the injured person is in the room with the contaminated air chlorine, it should withdraw to fresh air. When ingested chlorine on the skin or mucous membranes, they need to be rinsed under running water for 15-20 minutes.

Then, you should immediately call the ambulance. If you poisoned a few people, don't forget to mention this when you call the medics.

If the patient is poisoned with chlorine vapor, give him to drink water or sweet tea.

Please note that the use of chlorine solutions inside do not induce vomiting or try to wash your own stomach. These actions can increase the damage to the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus.

The loss of a human consciousness put him on his side. In this position the risk of aspiration of vomit and the tongue are minimal. Before the arrival of the ambulance control, the presence of his breathing and pulse. When they stop, start to carry out indirect massage of heart.

Medical care and treatment

Physicians have arrived on a call, will be given first aid to the poisoned person. First and foremost, they will check his breathing, pulse, blood pressure and saturation (saturation of oxygen). Tell them details about the incident, list the first symptoms, the volume rendered first aid. If the victim hurts some accompanying pathologies, is something allergic or take medication continuously, it is necessary to tell the doctor.

First aid consists of:

  • gastric lavage through the probe;
  • intravenous corticosteroids;
  • droppers with solutions to reduce toxicity and maintain water and electrolyte balance;
  • drugs for stabilization of respiration and the cardiovascular system.

In case of poisoning by chlorine cleaning solutions patients hospitalityat in Toxicological Department. In the case of severe condition, they undergo treatment in conditions of intensive therapy. In parallel with the treatment of their examination, aimed at identifying complications. Whenoral use of chlorine requires a gastroscopy, which evaluates the condition of the walls of the esophagus, stomach, revealed a damage of blood vessels, ulcers, bleeding.

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the patient and the extent of damage to his internal organs. Most often suffer kidney and liver. When severe toxic damage and severe intoxication is hemodialysis.

Remember that the prognosis for life depends on timely access to medical care. The longer intoxicated man trying to cope with poisoning yourself, the harder it is then the doctors to help him, to carry out an effective treatment.

Prevention of poisoning

To avoid poisoning "Domestos" or "White" is easy. Prevention is much easier the treatment of this intoxication state. Below, we have gathered for you the recommendations that will help you avoid poisoning solutions on the basis of chlorine.

  • Carefully read instructions and recommendations for the use of these detergents, which are specified on packing.
  • Keep "White" and "Domestos" where they are not able to find the child. Kids love to pull in your mouth and taste it.
  • When working with solutions of bleach open the Windows wide open. Ventilate until the odor of detergents.
  • Try to work in thick rubber gloves. In contact with chlorine solution on the skin or mucous membranes, immediately flush skin with running water for at least 15 minutes.

Poisoning by "Domestos" and "White" most often develop due to neglect on their use at home. Treatment of this pathological condition should be in a hospital. The appearance of the first clinical signs, you need to seek medical help. Self-medication can cause severe conditions and even death.