Dichlorvos poisoning: symptoms and treatment

Different means for combating harmful insects is firmly established in customary use. Some of them are used on the plot and other flats and houses to exterminate cockroaches and cockroaches. The most common means for many years remained dichlorvos, which has found its application in many areas. Despite this popularity, many consumers do not know what lies behind the familiar name and can be poisoned with dichlorvos.

The advantages and disadvantages of dichlorvos

Dichlorvos is a widely used insecticide used to combat insects. It refers to a form of organophosphorus derivatives and has many advantages, as listed below.

  • Instantly kills all kinds of insects and mites.
  • Poisoning insects occurs by ingestion of their food with the toxin, inhalation of small particles or by direct application to the insect.
  • Refers to low-toxic products for Pets and humans.
  • Almost completely cleaved, and does not pose a threat to the environment.
  • The drug is not toxic to all species, has delayed action for up to three days, therefore, suitable for the destruction of all parasites.

But along with the merits of dichlorvos many shortcomings, compared to modern insecticides. These include:

  • the necessity of prolonged exposure of the room after treatment, and less prolonged ventilation to eliminate unpleasant odor;
  • if inhaled dichlorvos, there are specific signs of poisoning that are associated with disorders of the Central nervous system;
  • in the treated insect room, which is usually tightly closed, breathe can be very fast. And in case of accidental ingestion may occur death, because the lethal dose of organophosphorus compounds is only about one gram.

Dichlorvos as a pesticide has long been banned in many post-Soviet States.

All funds under the name of "Dichlorvos" which are now on the shelves of specialty stores, containing permethrin or its compounds. The usual name brand manufacturers add different derived – super, neo, echo.

The dangers of dichlorvos for humans

Absolutely all the cans of aerosol and the name of "Dichlorvos" on the market of pesticides, contain pyrethroide. These substances lead insects to paralysis and subsequent death just a few hours after treatment of the infected premises. Toxic effect on humans and warm-blooded animals is minimal, belongs to the third class of danger. Once in the human body, piretroid are metabolized by the liver to safe substances. This means one thing – poisoning with dichlorvos could be, though unlikely.

A strong accumulation of toxins happens if a person violates the manufacturer's instructions for use or remain in the treated area. Under such circumstances the swelling of all mucous membranes, developing vasospasm, which is accompanied by severe headache. Further, the poison is absorbed into the bloodstream and decomposes the cells of the liver. People who tend to be allergic reactions, may experience bouts of suffocation, and also rashes on the skin.

Symptoms of poisoning with dichlorvos

Symptoms of poisoning with dichlorvos in humans are quite diverse and depend on the amount of substance that was ingested. A particular danger dichlorvos is responsible for people prone to allergies, small children and small Pets, such as cats. Symptoms of poisoning with dichlorvos are as follows:

  • burning and tingling on the skin;
  • Allergy symptoms are skin erythema, swelling and itching;
  • headache;
  • the defeat of the respiratory tract, which manifests itself by a continual cough;
  • nausea and uncontrollable vomiting;
  • the appearance of cold;
  • loss of coordination;
  • hyperthermia up to high levels.

If the poison gets into your eyes, there is a lesion of the mucosa, accompanied by lacrimation and conjunctivitis. To clarify the symptoms and treatment that would be needed to the victim, an urgent need to go to the doctor.

Stage of poisoning with dichlorvos

In medical practice, poisoning with dichlorvos is divided into three stages, which differ in the severity of:

  1. Stage of excitement – after being hit by a poison in the body the patient experiences an unprecedented surge of strength, poor control of their movements. Dizziness and headache, increased sweating and salivation, which can drip out of your mouth. Pupils are a little narrow and blood pressure rises.
  2. Stage poor coordination – worse overall health, blurred visual images, difficulty breathing. The flow of saliva increases even more, and she continuously flowing stream. Frequent urge to the toilet, can be a pain in the anus. Develop seizures, the patient limbs involuntarily shaking. The patient falls into a state of stupor, if not to render timely aid, he falls into a coma. Can begin pulmonary edema, which leads to death.
  3. Stage of paralysis, the patient loses consciousness, all reflexes disappear, the muscles become paralyzed, breathing is inhibited. Deathcan occur within hours after severe intoxication.

In children, symptoms of poisoning occur more rapidly and the overall condition is heavier than in adults, so doctors need to call immediately!

Emergency care

First aid in case of poisoning with dichlorvos is to conduct a series of medical measures, aimed at alleviating the condition of the victim. If the man had inhaled a toxic substance, it must quickly put on the street. Then remove the affected clothing and replace it with clean. All exposed areas of the body and hair well wash a large volume of water with baby soap. After that, the patient is placed in bed and provide complete rest.

What if the poisoning occurred through contact with dichlorvos in the stomach? Here first aid is another.

  • The stomach is washed by a large volume of water. To do this, preferably in hospital, to perform a lavage through a tube of large diameter.

You need to remember that trying to induce vomiting in case of poisoning with dichlorvos is impossible! This can lead to damage of the esophagus.

  • Give any adsorbents that are at hand.
  • In an hour after receiving the adsorbent give the patient a saline laxative. In addition, the victim can make an enema with milk and honey, water.

To the toxins as quickly as possible removed from the body, it is necessary to give the victim a lot of drinking. It can be herbal teas, jelly, or just mineral water without gas. A special role in accelerating the healing process plays a light diet. After poisoning you should only eat light and well digestible food. Start with the viscous cereals, then gradually add meat and dairy dishes. For the prompt rehabilitation doctors recommend yogurt, which is well restores the gastrointestinal tract.

Tactics of treatment of poisoning with dichlorvos

In case of poisoning with dichlorvos specific treatment is not necessary. All you have to do is to wash off the pesticides from the skin and give an antihistamine. Suitable such drugs as loratadine, suprastin or tavegil. Damaged skin lubricated with a special ointment with anti-allergic effect.

If poisoning with dichlorvos occurred in an infant, you have to call a doctor for assistance and appointment of adequate treatment.

Prevention of poisoning with dichlorvos

To protect yourself and your loved ones from serious conditions that cause the pesticides, you need to follow some logical rules, as listed below.

  • Treatment areas can be performed only in the absence of children, Pets and extra people.
  • You must use personal protective equipment – respirator, gloves. When working with toxic substances, the skin should be as closed clothes after handling wash thoroughly.
  • Store chemicals out of reach of children. It would be better if the basement or the top shelf in the pantry.
  • You can not buy insecticides in random places – it could be a fake with dangerous contents inside.
  • After a battle with insects in a residential area, it must be well ventilated, and clean all surfaces.
  • People with a tendency to allergies must not work on the insect – this will lead to serious consequences.

Without the means of combating harmful insects it is hard to imagine the life of modern man. Without processing plants impossible to raise a normal crop, and if the parasites settled in the house, there is a threat of disease to all the family. Specific poisons can do no harm, if used in accordance with the instructions and be careful. But if accidental poisoning has occurred, you need to quickly render aid to the victim.