Sodium fluoride and fluoride in toothpaste: benefits and harms

That calcium strengthens the teeth, known to all. It is found in many toothpastes designed to treat and prevent tooth decay. Second in importance are the compounds of fluorine involved in the formation of tooth enamel. Recently, scientists started talking about the danger of using toothpastes with this chemical. In this regard, manufacturers began to produce toothpaste without fluoride but with a high content of calcium and different supplements. On the shelves of pharmacies and stores you can often see the brand of toiletries is available in two types. On one of the packages emblazoned inscription "Without fluoride!". Not surprisingly, most buyers are lost when selected. The benefits and dangers of fluoride in toothpaste depend on the frequency of their use and status of human teeth.

Distinctive features

Fluorine belongs to the active non-metals and strong oxidants, easily entering into various chemical reactions. The natural state of the halogen – yellowish gas with a specific smell. Sodium fluoride is an inorganic compound which is contained in toothpastes. In nature, this substance is rare, so it is synthesized in large quantities for the production of hygienic and medical means. The use of fluoride lies in its chemical activity, the presence of inorganic compounds helps to form ftorapatita. These substances in combination with calcium ions forms the basis of bone tissue.

The composition of toothpastes include not only compounds of sodium, but also other useful minerals, resulting from the chemical reactions with fluorine. They possess similar properties, have the same effect on the human body. The difference is only one – sodium fluoride is better absorbed by the tooth enamel, which some experts attribute to his shortcomings.

Inorganic compounds of fluorine contained in drinking water. Their concentration varies depending on the region of residence of the person. In some areas there is insufficient content of fluorides, so pediatricians recommend that young children additional pills with this compound. It helps the proper formation of bones and teeth.

The dangers of fluoride lies in its irrational use. As the chemical compound found in toothpastes and is often mentioned in television advertising, most people find it extremely useful. But it's not. Fluoride is a very toxic substance, it is considerably dangerous for the human body than many of the heavy metals.

In the ordinary tube of toothpaste it contains about 3 g. If you select a hygienic fluorine compound and be administered parenterally, most people will experience severe poisoning, and young children in mortal danger.

Assessing the benefits of fluoride, the scientists say its high bactericidal properties. Microorganisms actively multiply in nutrient media with a high content of:

  • glucose;
  • sucrose;
  • fructose;
  • milk sugar;
  • of complex carbohydrates.

These substances in significant concentrations penetrate into the oral cavity of the person together with food. In the course of their life bacteria secrete toxic substances that dissolve tooth enamel and cause tooth decay. This is where the use of fluoride – it kills harmful germs, prevents them from multiplying, prevents the demineralization of tooth enamel. At the same time the connection of the harm – the toxic action affects the mucous membranes, gums and tongue. Do I need a fluoride specific person, must solve the attending physician.

About the benefits of toothpastes with fluoride

Sodium fluoride in toothpaste is not only used for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. After conducting some research experts have proven that a chemical compound has beneficial effects on the salivary glands. Increases their functional activity, which increases the antibacterial effect of toothpaste. Human saliva contains antimicrobial substances that prevent the destruction of tooth enamel, eliminates inflammatory processes in the soft and hard tissues. What else is the use of fluoride for the human body:

  • Toothpaste with fluoride when used regularly, helps strengthen enamel, promotes its mineralization, and better assimilation of calcium. In the course of a chemical reaction form a complex compound, which can not damage the carious microorganisms;
  • Sodium fluoride prevents the sticking of microparticles, which is the basis of Tartar. In the human saliva contains anions of phosphorus, which after penetration into the tooth enamel, it is additional strengthening.

Due to its chemical activity of fluorine is involved in metabolic processes. Even a microscopic dose of the substance normalizes metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins. This property is beneficial to the body of the unborn baby. Studies have shown that the use of toothpaste with fluoride during pregnancy leads to a decrease in the depth of the furrows on the surface of children's teeth. It is in these areas are localized carious damage.

The dangers of toothpaste with fluoride

When choosing hygiene products should take into account that a certain amount of fluorine enters the human body productspower. Toothpaste with fluoride is not recommended for inhabitants of regions with high fluoride content in tap water. Excessive concentration can cause substantial damage to almost all systems of human life:

  • Fluoride refers to the toxic poisons that damage the brain cells. Its significant content in the body leads to malfunction of the Central nervous system, especially in babies. Excess fluoride is dangerous – it provokes a decrease in learning ability, speech disorder. Children begin to lag behind in mental development compared to their peers.
  • If in food, tap water or toothpastes contains a significant concentration of fluorine, the hormonal changes of a person. The accumulation of chemically active compounds in the endocrine glands is disturbed the production of thyroid hormones, and testosterone is reduced. These biologically active substances influence the function of the reproductive system. Therefore, their imbalance in the body can cause infertility and endocrine diseases.
  • Studies, in which scientists are trying to determine the Carcinogenicity of fluoride. High toxicity substances may be provoking the formation of benign and malignant tumors factor.

Under the action of fluoride in the bone tissue there is an imbalance of organic and inorganic compounds. Increases bone fragility that is often the cause of fractures and sprains.

The risk of toothpaste is also in the development of fluorosis in the accumulation of fluoride in bone tissue. In humans, the pathological process develops directly to enamel and gum tissue. The external manifestation of the disease is the formation of large dark spots on the surface of teeth. The dangers of fluoride in toothpaste for the residents of some regions is proven by experts.

The benefits and harms of commonly used fluorides

The vast majority of cases, the harm of these substances is greatly exaggerated, but the real benefit proven long time ago. It is difficult to imagine a situation in which the human body has penetrated dose of fluoride was the cause of extensive intoxication. This is only possible in industrial plants where sodium fluoride is used as a raw material or catalyst. Toothpaste includes a variety of fluoride:

  • Monoftorfosfat now losing out. To tooth enamel has accumulated a sufficient amount of fluoride, a person will have to carry out hygienic procedure, since the free anions of halogen are released immediately.
  • Sodium fluoride decomposes much faster in the aquatic environment, so often used in the manufacture of pastes. They are very popular among people who brush their teeth several times a day, but a short time.
  • Aminophthalide manufacturers have only recently begun to include in toothpastes because of the proven use to form a thin protective film. She remains long in the mouth and releases anions gradually. This allows the use of such pastes in as a preventive measure.

Experts suggest before buying toothpaste to determine its benefit or harm in the presence of fluoride. Important to its concentration – it should not exceed the quantitative indicators of the other ingredients. Sodium fluoride for children under 5 years of junk – it is better to brush your teeth with toothpaste with calcium. Babies are not fully formed skills to perform this difficult procedure, and they can swallow a sweet aromatic blend accidentally or on purpose.

Before you purchase hygiene products, you need to consult with a dentist. He will report on the fluoride content in drinking water. When this region is characterized by the presence of large amounts of fluoride, it makes sense to buy the regular paste. We should not forget the most important rule when brushing your teeth – the number of hygiene must be of a large pea.