What happens if you drink iodine effects use inside

Iodine is a vital human component. With a deficiency or excess of iodine in the body there are various pathological processes. In addition, alcohol tincture of iodine is used for treatment of wounds and postoperative sutures in both adults and children. The use of this therapeutic drug is unquestioned, but what happens if you drink iodine? That was the question asked some people who doubt the recipes of traditional medicine.

Variety of iodine-containing drugs

Crystalline iodine is a very dangerous substance that even a short contact with the skin causes severe burns. The pharmaceutical industry produces a variety of iodine-containing products that are used for both outdoor and indoor use. These include:

  • disinfectant liquid – alcohol solutions of 5% and 10% concentration. It is "Efficient", "Iodoform" and the classic iodine;
  • medicines for oral use, potassium and sodium iodide, "Atran", "Idont" and "Enteroseptol";
  • a tool for diagnostic applications "Codognet", it is used in the role of a contrast component for various studies.

The range of medicines on the pharmacy shelves. Literally every year there are new developments. When you select the medication you need to watch the percentage of active ingredients and adhere to the recommendations of a physician.

In some cases, it may be poisoning iodine

All these medicines may be poisonous in some cases. Quite often this happens under these circumstances:

  1. Inside by accident or on purpose used the medication for external use only. This happens inadvertently when the bubble was in accessible for a child place, and he tried iodine. Or in the case of treatment popular recipes of questionable content.
  2. The dose of the drug was significantly exceeded accidentally or for suicidal purposes.
  3. If the treatment is conducted without medical supervision and the dosage was selected on the eye, without taking into account the weight and health features.

Chronic poisoning by iodine can be people whose work is associated with the production, where the technological process involves this substance.

What impact will the use of iodine solution

If by accident or on purpose to drink outer solution of the disinfectant, the consequences will depend on how the body got pure substance. Initially burns occur in the mucosa of the esophagus and stomach, and then, if the amount of drugs was large, start disorders in organs and systems.

Lethal dose for humans is considered only 2 grams of iodine. In terms of crystalline substance!

When iodine vapour is inhaled for a long time, it leads to damage to the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. When the solution gets on the skin in excessive amount, it enters the bloodstream, due to this, there is the intoxication of the whole organism.

What happens if you drink iodine water? Damaging impact is entirely dependent on the concentration of such a solution, if it is small, the harm absolutely is not.

In large amounts this substance has a destructive impact on the protein structure of all cells in the body. In addition to burns of the mucous membranes, the person worried about unbearable pain and swelling. People prone to allergies may develop anaphylaxis or angioedema. If swollen trachea, bronchi and lungs, the person can die from suffocation.

It is important to know that iodine is very rapidly absorbed from the digestive tract into the bloodstream, after which occur the pathological changes in the heart, kidneys and Central nervous system.

Why drink iodine in milk

Among the very young girls and older women common method of emergency call monthly. Someone does it for the purpose of regulation of the cycle, and someone in other ways. Every women have their own reasons, however doctors strongly recommend to use a tool.

If you drink iodine with milk, then monthly, most likely, will begin since iodine influences the thyroid gland and the pituitary gland, which in turn are responsible for production of hormones. Responsibility for such procedures the patient undertakes.

Before you decide to apply this remedy, you should be familiar with possible complications. So, can develop a strong uterine bleeding that requires immediate hospitalization, and in some cases surgical treatment.

Why eating iodine with sugar

Refined sugar and iodine used by people who need to get sick. No matter how it looked funny, but the careless students who don't want to go to school, and adults in need of sick leave, happy to drip the solution onto the sugar, and then eat.

If you drink iodine with sugar, or more to eat iodinated sugar, the body temperature will rise to 38 degrees and above, add to this other signs of intoxication. The doctor arrived on a call, it is difficultto figure out what was the cause of the disease, as no symptoms of cold-related illness or exacerbation of chronic diseases no. The patient receives the coveted sick leave and just a few hours full recovery.

People who use this method of procrastination from work, rarely think of the harm to their health can cause. It can be burned mucosa or severe poisoning, which will require long-term treatment.

Signs of poisoning by iodine supplements

In medical practice this type of intoxication is called iodism. The disease can be acute or chronic. In acute poisoning, when at the same time the body has received a large amount of iodine, there occurs such a state:

  • If the chemical is inhaled for a long time, have a cough, runny nose, watery eyes and excessive salivation. In the mouth there is a persistent taste of metal.
  • If the solution drank, then felt a burning sensation in the esophagus and the stomach.
  • Every person's mouth smells like iodine.
  • Develops an unquenchable thirst that cannot be satisfied.
  • The mucosa of the mouth and tongue are painted in brownish color.
  • May be vomiting with vomit brown or blue if in the stomach starch was food.
  • Severe diarrhea.

In severe cases, swollen the respiratory system, reduces pressure and develops shortness of breath. The man is delirious, completely disrupted urination, urine leaves little visible blood. Possible coma and death due to pulmonary edema.

The person who drank iodine tincture, may be in a state of shock because of severe pain in the esophagus and stomach.

Toxicity iodine in young children

If the kid used the undiluted alcoholic tincture of iodine, or swallowed too much iodine-containing tablets, then it is noticeable staining of the mouth and vomit. The younger children quickly develop all the symptoms of acute poisoning, including suffocation. In this case, you cannot waste a single minute delay can cost the baby health and life. Adults call for an ambulance, and before the arrival of the doctor providing emergency care.


Most often in cases of poisoning by iodine specific treatment is carried out in a hospital. The treatment Protocol usually goes like this:

  1. Give the victim the antidote, which is the sodium thiosulfate. The patient is allowed to drink 5% solution of this drug, carefully rinse the mouth.
  2. Shows the use of forced diuresis.
  3. To eliminate dehydration prescribe intravenous saline and glucose.
  4. In severe cases an antidote is administered intravenously.
  5. If there are severe pain in the abdomen, prescribed painkillers.

Symptomatic treatment. If broken heart, then prescribe maintenance therapy, with significant damage to the lungs prescribed long-term oxygen inhalation. In particularly serious cases can be assigned to hemodialysis.

The consequences of the use of oral iodine

If an adult drank a drop of iodine mixed with water, no consequences will be. Even in the case if iodine-containing drug was used in excessive amount, but the help was immediate, consequences also can not be expected. Persistent health disorders will be only in case if the person went to the hospital and was self-medicating.

If the poisoning iodine supplements, you need to see a doctor. Timely treatment will save the person with full health. If the poisoning is chronic and is associated with the place of work, then you need a complete examination to appoint adequate treatment.