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Benefits and harms of beer yeast in tablets for men, women and children

For a long time been a boom in dietary Supplements. A lot of them wrote, they bought "cars" and used in significant quantities. Now it is become wiser and cautious. The least criticism among this group of compounds are exposed to brewer's yeast. They have a natural nature, you can buy without a prescription, and the use will not cause harm (if you follow the instructions). So what is this yeast, what is the benefit and harm of beer yeast in tablets, what effect you can get from them?

The unique composition of brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast is formed during the multiplication of yeast that occurs in the fermentation process and the fermentation of barley, hops, malt and water. The result is a chemical cocktail that are beneficial to the human body. Buy them today at any pharmacy. Let's see what the benefits and harms of beer yeast in tablets.

How useful brewer's yeast? They are composed of the periodic table (a lot of important elements) with the inclusion of organic compounds:

40% of amino acids and proteins. Without them, an impossible body, because protein builds our body. Especially recommended in the diet of vegetarians to fill these necessary substances:

  • The composition of vitamins is quite extensive. Among them are b vitamins that support the nervous system to "monitor" the condition of the skin, growth of hair and nails. The product is rich in vitamins P and D.
  • The abundance of minerals is important in metabolic processes and the preservation of youth and health. The composition of brewer's tablets, there are macro - and micronutrients.
  • A variety of enzymes speed up chemical reactions in the body. And, therefore, the processes of life.

Since the product is available to everyone, youth and health is in your hands. Especially valuable is the retardation of aging and mental health. Natural product acts as bad as immunostimulant and vitamin Supplement. His help for the body important is the replenishment of nutrients.

30 g of brewer's yeast contains 16 g of protein. Amid the current tight supply the yeast is an important food Supplement, which is approved by most doctors. Moreover, it is suitable for people of all ages.

Yeast is available in two forms:

  • dry yeast can be stored for a long time, has convenient packaging, easy to use (simply remove from the packaging and to drink). They are used inside.
  • natural brewer's yeast for a long time is not stored, are used exclusively externally, the effect is achieved faster because they have an impact on a specific problem (the mask or hair).

Invaluable assistance "brown tablets"

How useful yeast tablets? With regular use, control metabolic processes, participating in protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It is a wonderful antioxidant that fights free radicals, slowing the aging process.

High amounts of chromium which AIDS in the breakdown of glucose is important for diabetics. Daily consumption of yeast and helps to cope with a difficult disease. 10-15 grams of Bud replaces 7-10 insulin units.

He has the ability to support the nervous system, especially with frequent physical and emotional overload. Positively affects the cardiovascular system, pancreas. Maintains the balance of acid-alkaline balance.

In the digestive tract yeast is an indispensable tool:

  • influence the structure of the mucous membranes,
  • reinforce the processes of digestion,
  • prevent constipation,
  • accelerate the withdrawal of the decay products.

Brewer's yeast can have an effect on weight gain or weight loss. But this process is difficult to control, because to a greater extent it relates to the physiological characteristics of man. And different approach, the effect may be different.

At a high level of cholesterol "brown pill" is also able to provide assistance. Moreover, the level of "good cholesterol" increases and the total decreases. When taken regularly, it can be reduced to 10%.

In what diseases are important taking yeast

For healthy and vigorous condition in order to prevent this food Supplement can be recommended to all. But most often brewer's yeast is taken for treatment of the disease in the complex therapy:

  1. When problems with the gastrointestinal tract.
  2. In case of failures in the cardiovascular system.
  3. Various kinds of neuralgia.
  4. In the treatment of diabetes along with other drugs.
  5. In anemia (anemia, iron deficiency) or vitamin a deficiency.
  6. As a remedy for alcohol dependence.
  7. When changes in protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

The use of yeast will not hurt the improper or unbalanced diet, with a strong emotional or physical stress. Use them for the treatment of obesity. Useful after exposure to radiation or harmful chemicals.

As yeast affect weight loss or weight gain

Since the "brown pills" increase the appetite, as with them the exchange processes are faster, we can assume that the weight will start to increase. After all, there is a saying - "it Grows by leaps and bounds".

Of course, if you do not control the amount of food eaten and to throw inall that "bad lies", then weight gain is inevitable. You need to eat often, but small portions. The number and frequency techniques are necessary first of all to adjust:

  • pay special attention to Breakfast: it must be dense,
  • reduce dietary fat, salt and sugar,
  • the amount of alcohol consumed per day of liquid should be 2-3 liters.

Included in the composition of yeast proteins and amino acids are the building blocks to build the tissues of our body. They create muscle mass. When serious physical exertion will increase the number of muscle fibres and hence weight. He will not gain due to the fat layers, and by creating a muscular frame.

Some people need hard physical activity such as exercises with dumbbells or fitness. For sports there are special dietary Supplements with the addition of dry yeast.

Emphasis is placed on significant content of amino acids and protein. While the b vitamins enhance performance. They are available not only in pills but also in powder, in the form of flakes. They can be added to food, make smoothies or take in pill form.

When disturbed metabolism can be obesity or emaciation. In this situation, to restore the balance it will help with drinking the yeast in tablets. Thin people may gain a few pounds and full to reset them.

Anyone who wants to quickly lose weight these pills will not help. Yeast are not a tool for weight loss, they normalize metabolic processes.

Ambulance number one in diseases of the skin

The impact of yeast on the skin in two ways:

  • from the inside, when the digestive tract is cleansed, the skin color becomes better
  • outside: when using face masks.

What effect their use? They clean, nourish, cleanse, tone, increase blood circulation. Have firming and anti-inflammatory properties.

Using special pills with sulfur or zinc for acne that can restore and normalize the function of sebaceous glands. To clean the skin and give it a fresh color will help mask where, in addition to yeast, there may be other components (depending on skin type). There are rules applying masks:

  • Leather pre-steams in a water bath. When the pores open, components of the mask will be better absorbed.
  • The mask is applied immediately after preparation. It cannot be stored because the amount of nutrients significantly reduced (some substances are oxidized in the air).
  • After applying face relax. Mimicry is forbidden because it promotes the formation of wrinkles.

So that the skin can be treated at home without beauty salons and expensive tools.

Use for hair growth

From hair loss and to accelerate the growth of assisted brewer's yeast. The secret of their operation is simple: the universal ratio of the substances, which gives an opportunity to digest and helps in the improvement of the body.

"Brown pill" helps when:

  • hair lose elasticity and become brittle and frail;
  • their growth has slowed or they began to fall;
  • there was dandruff.

In the drugstore you can buy yeast tablets and capsules. BAD with the addition of zinc best effect on the hair. Their condition improves as overall health. To get the result, it is necessary alternately to use external and internal means.

Dosage: 2 tablets before meals three times a day. Natural brewer's yeast is useful as masks. The effect can be seen already after the second application. The treatment continues for 2 weeks and can be used year several times.

Yeast can also be added to shampoo: on the bottle is 3 tablets. Hair will be cleansed, and the hair follicles will receive extra nourishment.

Rules of admission

Take the "brown pills" inside after eating. Based on the dosage specified on packing. The dosage prescribed on the pharmacy package.

How to take if yeast purchased at the brewery (in bulk)? In this case, consider the following guidelines: 2H. L. powder diluted with 1⁄2 tbsp. of water and take once a day. Brewer's yeast is for children from 3 years are used in the amount of 1 hour. L.

Reception in the prevention is carried out in a different way:

  • Adults: 1 g 2-3 times daily;
  • Children after 3 years: 0.25 g 1 times a day.

Duration – a month, repeat the course in 2-3 months.

For external use used in the form of masks and baths. But fast effects will have to be patient and wait a few weeks before you notice the effect of "face".

Yeast is extensively prescribed as a supplements to children after 3 years to increase growth or weight. In adolescence the metabolism, often appear the acne or pimples. They should be advised to drink a course of preparation Nagypal (the main ingredient is brewer's yeast) for hair, nails and skin. It is inexpensive, reviews about it are good.

Contraindications when using the "brown pills"

The overall effect of brewer's yeast for the body without any doubt positive. And given the presence of useful components of natural origin, about side effects and does notthink. But there is a list of contraindications that must be taken into account before you buy this BAV:

  1. Vehicle prohibited people with renal insufficiency or gout.
  2. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are also contraindicated to this drug.
  3. You cannot take the people for certain indications in the menu introduces a limited number of proteins.
  4. Fungal diseases need to consult a doctor, because yeast is also a fungus.
  5. If you have any allergies reduce dosage or stop the intake completely. Possible sensitivity to the individual components contained in the yeast tablet.
  6. In rare cases, reaction of the gastrointestinal tract: bloating, diarrhea, belching and other side symptoms.
  7. Not recommended for people suffering from osteoporosis because it contains a lot of phosphorus. With a significant the pill is necessary to increase the consumption of calcium.

When you purchase please note that you buy the extract or the living fungi. If live yeast is a fungi, they can influence the microflora of the intestine, causing dizbakterioz (there is a destruction necessary for digestion of bacteria).

Brewer's yeast for men may not always be a "good friend". Sometimes male potency is reduced when taking these pills. How can you explain this problem?

When taking supplements in the body gets the nutrients in significant quantities. If this technique is long-lasting decreases production of the substances coming from the outside. They are synthesized in smaller quantities. And when you cancel the "brown pills", the man begins to experience some difficulties.

The use of brewer's yeast for women can also be not 100%. Yeast like fungal organisms can cause fungal diseases. In women, it manifests itself in the form of candidiasis or thrush. After treatment, the fungi remain in the body, but they are already active. With repeated applications of yeast they "Wake up" and the disease resumes.

Thus, the influence of brewer's yeast on the body is undeniable. And the use of more substantial than minor side effects. In our "ill" and environmentally unsound age is difficult to live without supplements that even slightly support the body. Then why not take advantage of cheap natural means, instead of to take expensive chemicals.