Oil celandine: properties and usage instructions

Celandine is considered to be a poisonous plant. Therefore, in the official Pharmacopoeia it is almost never used. Despite this, experts do not deny its curative properties. Most used oil of celandine. This tool can be bought at a pharmacy or to make yourself. Enough to remember a few basic rules.

Properties of oil of celandine

Oil celandine is popular thanks to the wide range of useful properties. The composition of this tool include the following materials:

  • ascorbic acid.
  • alkaloids: sanguinarine, chelidonine, homochelidonine, chelerythrine and others.
  • carotene.
  • the saponins.
  • acids: malic, citric, succinic.
  • flavonoids.

It is due to the large amount of alkaloids celandine has an unpleasant smell and bitter taste. With such alkaloids as chelidonine sanguinarine and have properties similar to morphine.

The essential oil of celandine has the following useful properties:

  • antimicrobial;
  • regenerating;
  • anesthetic;
  • antifungal;
  • anti-allergic;
  • wound healing;
  • antipruritic;
  • emollient.

Often the oil of celandine is credited with cleansing and bleaching properties. It's probably just a publicity stunt manufacturers of cosmetic products with this component. Any oil can have a cleansing effect. Whitening properties is also a myth, as the agent has keratolytic action.

Harvesting plants

In order to prepare the oil infusion at home, you need to gather raw materials. This can be done only in dry weather. It is best to pick plants that grow in the ecologically clean area. The greatest healing effect will have the raw material, harvested at the beginning of flowering, which is in may.

Juice of celandine are poisonous. His prolonged contact with skin may cause burns. Therefore, to harvest the plants need gloves. Do not use for cutting metal objects.

Oil can be prepared from fresh or dried celandine. Drying of plants should be carried out in a dark, well-ventilated area. It should not contact with other herbs.

Billet celandine – a hard and painstaking work. If you are not able to spend, better buy ready-made oil at the pharmacy. Each package included detailed instructions for use.


The highest concentration of nutrients in plant roots. However, for the production of oil fit only the upper leaves of young plants. As a basis for such tools will fit any vegetable oil. If you want to apply it to the skin, it is better to give preference to almond, olive or peach. If you decide to cook product based on sunflower oil it must be unrefined. Before cooking it must be warmed in a water bath for half an hour. It is applied only in the form of heat.

There are two basic ways of cooking drugs:

  1. On the basis of dried material.
  2. Fresh celandine.

To the resulting composition were kept longer, it should be as less as possible air bubbles. Mix tool the best of all with a wooden spoon.

Recipe based on dry raw material

For preparing such a composition will need 250 grams of dried celandine and half a liter of oil. The sequence of actions is the following:

  1. Complete raw material glass bowl. You can use all parts of the plant except the roots.
  2. Pour the selected oil. Moreover, its level must exceed the level of the grass a couple of inches.
  3. Warm up the part within an hour using water bath.
  4. Put the tool into the darkness to draw. At the same time every day it will need to be warmed in a water bath.
  5. Three weeks later need to be filtered and it will be ready for use.

Store the resulting product in the fridge. If it will be stored in containers made of dark glass, it will not lose its properties over the years.

Recipe from the fresh leaves

To make a therapeutic composition can be from freshly picked plants. 750 grams of raw material will need half a liter of oil. Procedure prepare the following:

  1. The upper leaves of the plants a good rinse in running water, dry thoroughly and chop. Better to grind them with a mortar and pestle.
  2. Put the prepared base in a glass bowl. It is desirable that the glass was dark.
  3. Pour the herb oil so that it was completely recessed. Don't forget to warm it in a water bath.
  4. This means you need to insist for two weeks in the dark. Periodically, it is recommended to warm it in a water bath. So celandine will be more willing to give useful substances.

Left to filter tool and you can begin using it. In this case always follow the instructions and don't use makeup too often.


If you use the tool externally and strictly according to instructions, nocontraindications to him there. Oil celandine in exceptional cases, it may provoke the development of severe allergic reaction due to increased sensitivity of the person.

Unlike juice oil of this plant is allowed to be used for the treatment of children. But use it with caution in small portions.

Used to eliminate skin problems

Cosmetic oil of celandine is used to correct many skin problems. The first time the problem could get worse. This is a normal reaction of the body. But if to continue treatment, then after some time the skin will become smooth and healthy. The tool is used for the following purposes:

  1. Acne. Put on the defective area of skin and hold for about 15 minutes. After that, the remaining drops can be washed.
  2. Withering of the skin. This facial will help to fight first signs of aging. Simply add three drops of oil to 10 grams of the usual face cream and daily to use it.
  3. Psoriasis. For the treatment of this serious disease is necessary to use the ointment. Dissolve 5 grams of beeswax. Enter 5 grams of lanolin and 10 drops of oil of celandine. Mix well the components. Such a composition should be rubbed into affected areas before bedtime.
  4. Excessive dryness of the skin. To eliminate such a defect can be recommended the use of masks. For its preparation mix a spoon of chamomile, lavender and Linden. Pour a small amount of boiling water. The result is to form a slurry. Steep for 10 minutes. Enter in a mixture of 10 drops of oil of celandine. Prepared means apply to clean skin. Remember that the area around the eyes to apply such a mask is prohibited. Leave for 20 minutes. After that you should wash with warm water.
  5. Corns, warts, papillomas. To solve this problem by lubricating the defects with a little oil. Terapy is carried out to cure.

Cosmetics based on such component has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. It gives the skin a healthy appearance and regain freshness.

Treatment of fungal infections

Oil celandine becomes an effective tool in the fight against fungal diseases. Greater efficiency in such cases has a tool purchased at a pharmacy, but it's perfect and that you have prepared yourself. The application looks like the following:

  1. It is first necessary to steam feet. To do this, use hot bath with the addition of baking soda and salt. You can add a few drops of lemon juice, which softens well the skin.
  2. Treat your nails and fingers with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide. Try as far as possible to trimming nails.
  3. Treat oil of celandine on the affected nails. Leave for 20 minutes.
  4. The remains not absorbed means blot with a paper towel.

Such sessions should be repeated daily until the final cure. Oil may be applied and other methods. Wet it the cloth, apply to injured area and wrap with plastic wrap. Remove the wrap after three hours. To make it better in the morning. At night you need to lubricate the nails with iodine.

For fungus treatment you can use and multicomponent home remedies. Among the most popular recipes are:

  1. Mix 10 grams of propolis with the same amount of oil. Stir the mixture in 100 ml of alcohol. Structure must withstand up to the moment when propolis is completely dissolved. Then they RUB the affected areas and wrap with a bandage. The next day the procedure is repeated.
  2. Mix equal amounts of celandine oil and tea tree. Dampen a cloth in it and apply to the affected areas. Then wrap with foil and wait at least three hours.

These funds will help to deal with fungal diseases in early stages. In advanced cases, without the use of specialized drugs to do unlikely.

Hair mask

Oil celandine is often used to maintain the beauty and health of your hair. Thus as the base oil is better to use a burdock. In this case, the tool will have a stunning effect. Such treatment is especially useful for those who suffer from seborrhea or other skin problems head.

Apply hair oil in the following way:

  1. Heat the medium in a water bath so that it is warm but not hot.
  2. Neat massage the composition into the scalp. Try to apply it evenly.
  3. Wear a cap made of polyethylene or wrap the head with tape. Wrap the top with a towel. This will allow you to retain heat and increase the effect.
  4. Two hours later, you can wash the head using the usual shampoo.

Such procedures can be carried out once a week. After the hair will become silky, and all diseases of the scalp recede.

Oil celandine is a simple and effective remedy for many diseases. If you follow all the rules of its application, the effect is stunning.