Succinic acid: the benefits and harms to the human body

In European countries, popular drug called "Coenzyme Q10" which came to the Russian market. However, not everyone knows that in Russia there is a cheaper analog of this popular Bud, which claims to be able to extend the life and promotes the production of essential amino acids and boost metabolism. Unlike the Western counterpart, the Russian product is much cheaper, but performance is not inferior to. Is succinic acid. The benefits and harms of succinic acid, its effects on the body, nature and much more is covered in this article.

Why take succinic acid

Under conditions of constant stress, sleep deprivation and prolonged working day the human body cannot cope with the load, and there are various failures that lead to depression, frequent colds, dystonia and other troubles. The human body produces essential amino acids, carbohydrates and other important cellular compounds that are the building blocks from which our bodies are made. These compounds are the body gets from proteins, fats and carbohydrates along with food. However, it is not always possible to comply with a balanced regime that would fully meet all the needs. Come to the aid of vitamins and different dietary Supplements, which are designed to support those or other functions.

This Bud is succinic acid. A healthy body on their own every day produces this acid in the Krebs cycle that he needs to provide energy.

The Krebs cycle is a cycle of transformation of citric acid in living cells, participating in the cyclical metabolism of the body. Is used to convert glucose within cells into energy via the mitochondria.

To glucose is turned into energy, the body needs to run a complex metabolic process while consuming succinic acid, the body receives the end product – energy – without extra costs, bypassing the complicated process. That is, the YAK helps glucose go your way.

Simply put, succinic acid necessary for proper cellular respiration, a good metabolism, providing the brain and other organs with the necessary energy. Has a strong antioxidant, antihypoxic action, eliminates toxins, protects the body from the adverse effects of the environment.

Good for the body

Tablets of succinic acid are taken 2-3 times a day during meals, they stimulate the following processes:

  • increase resistance to toxins and improve the functioning of liver and kidneys;
  • provide oxygen to tissues, improve heart function;
  • supply of oxygen in the brain;
  • improve immunity.

Succinic acid is indispensable for people in the city – where enhanced intellectual, emotional, physical load and present various diseases. The need for this product is huge and always relevant, as even a healthy body cannot produce it more than a certain number – about 200 grams per day. All this produced Luggage immediately consumed in the departments most in need of energy metabolism. But often this number of cells is not enough, and then they quickly wear out, are damaged, grow old and die. An additional source of YAK in this respect provide a good service in restoring and rejuvenating cells under various loads.

In areas with radiation, chemical and other pollution, where was the environmental disaster, the use of the YAK becomes vital. It will help to survive under adverse environmental influences and regulate the physiological state of the organism.

The students during the sessions, the elderly people during an influenza pandemic succinic acid will not be superfluous to use of the body.

Applications of succinic acid

The unique properties of succinic acid know and actively use in different countries. Basically it is a composition of various preparations, but in its pure form in other countries not used. YAK, produced in Russia, is no different from that which the body produces. The principle of operation is analogous to the European "Coenzyme Q10," which is 15-20 times more expensive.

In sports

Succinic acid in sports is widely known, as is the main source of accelerated metabolism, which allows you to heal faster damaged after training the muscles and also to reduce the painful unpleasant effect after class. The drug in a sports environment can also be applied in order to utilize the action of lactic acid on the body, which influenced the breakdown of glucose.

A sharp increase of lactic acid in the blood occurs after a long workout, which is important in bodybuilding, where the effect of the training is built on muscle damage through overload, which leads to their growth. After a good workout an increased level of lactic acid in the injured muscle leads to unpleasant pain. Succinic acid copes well with this effect and is widely used in this environment.

During pregnancy

Succinic acid in pregnancy is needed for easier hormonal changes without changes in the immune system, reduces toxicity,smooths out the complications and gives you strength.

Succinic acid strengthens the blood-tissue barrier, protecting the fetus from germs and adverse effects.

For children

Succinic acid children should be given at a lower dosage than adults. The taste of the drug is very similar to citric acid, allowing to make their own drinks with a sour taste. These drinks will be much more useful than the same with citric acid, as citric acid leaches the body of calcium.

You can also add the drug in other dishes, and even completely replace the use of citric acid.

To prevent upset stomach, younger children should be given the drug is strictly on a full, full stomach, drinking it with plenty of water or diluting it. In children during the first years of life the acidity in the stomach is much lower than that of an adult, so you need to give the drug cautiously. Excessive dose may also cause nervousness and bad sleep. In order to avoid such symptoms, you should not give them the drug just before bedtime.

In the cold

Succinic acid in the cold will greatly ease symptoms and shorten the total period of the disease. While not a cure, YAK creates favorable conditions for the organism, allowing it easier and faster to fight the disease. It supplies the body with energy potential that he especially needed in crisis situations.

Activating your own body defenses, succinic acid can be an additional therapy in severe and chronic diseases, it also actively removes toxins from the diseases and drugs. It can be used for a long time.

When losing weight

Succinic acid for weight loss is used to accelerate metabolism and increase energy cells. Acid acts on the body in such a way that when eating that quickly becomes saturated, getting a sufficient amount of energy. Over time, the amount of food decreases and the person begins to feel full on less food intake than before. Thus, the reception of succinic acid for weight loss along with balanced and nutritious meals will serve as a gradual but healthy and safe weight loss will bring the body in tone, displays the toxins. With YAK you can get rid of bad habits such as cigarettes or coffee. Succinic acid reduces withdrawal symptoms and helps to pass the crisis period smoother.

With hangover

Taking the YAK before drinking alcohol, is training the body to negative influences of alcohol. After this ingestion, intoxication comes faster, comes the sobering and hangover becomes smoother and is faster.

Method and dose of application of succinic acid

The use of the YAK should be moderate. We must not forget that it's not a cure and should not see the amber acid is a panacea for all ills. This is an extremely beneficial component for our body, content body is never enough, and he'll thank us for the additional delivery.

Being an acid, it can irritate the stomach, it is necessary to take into account when taking the drug. Best taken on a full stomach. The manufacturer recommends to take with food as bad.

Adult dosage contains the blister and the recommended amount of 2 tablets 2 times a day. However, the dose can be increased if there is a malaise, fatigue or other situations. When taking 3-5 pills a day in an amount of 0.1 g of active substance it is possible to notice a significant improvement in the condition after a few days of regular use. The course of the drug is 1 month.

Dose YAK children should be reduced 2-3 times, you should add the drug to foods in small amounts, as well as in drinks, fruit drinks, water we drink, the child.

Side effects, contraindications and overdose

Even the most harmless tool has its contraindications. They have succinic acid. Although succinic acid for a person very useful, one should be careful with its application, if you have the following diseases:

  • glaucoma;
  • angina;
  • toxicosis on late terms of pregnancy;
  • gastritis or stomach ulcer;
  • ischemia of the heart muscle.

Contraindications are mainly due to the effects that the YAK gives the body: as, in fact, a natural energy, it can provoke an increase in heart rate if taken at once some tablets. Side effects are also possible in the case of a high acidity and inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract, as succinic acid can enhance the unstable level of gastric juice the risk and influence the inflammation of the walls of the stomach and 12 duodenal ulcer. Allergic reactions are possible.

Overdose does not cause serious symptoms, however, may experience sleep disturbance and insomnia.

The use of succinic acid in other areas

Being a natural component found in many living organisms, the use of UC will not bring any harm to the environment, as it is absolutely harmless, cannot contaminate the soil or become a source of intoxication.

For the beauty of hands andnail

There are many masks on the basis of succinic acid, which will whiten your nails and make your hands soft and gentle. Here is one recipe: mix a spoon of the crushed tablet with a tablespoon of honey, apply on skin, leave for 10 minutes, then rinse with water. Bath for nails: dissolve the crushed tablet in a glass of warm water, placed in a bath solution fingers for 10 min.

For plants

Succinic acid increases the vitality of plants increases their harvest. You can water the plants, dissolved in 5 litres 1 tablet, soak the seeds, spray the leaves. To get a stable and visible effect of this enrichment stuff you need to start using it as early as possible – preferably already at the stage of young sprouts.

The principle of action of succinic acid on plants is the enrichment of the soil, its purification from harmful and toxic substances. Therefore, it is helpful to water the soil intended for planting, well in advance. Such treatment of the soil and when watering already planted plants, an effect of the stability of flora to drought, cold, excessive or insufficient moisture, low light and other adverse factors. While using YAK together with fertilizers, the properties of the latter are amplified, and facilitates better absorption of minerals and nutrients. All this leads to the maturation of strong and healthy plants with high productivity, which is increased by several tens of percent. Ready fruits contain more amount of vitamin C.

There is in the sale, a separate form succinic acid in powder form designed specifically for use in crop production. But you can use the tablet form – dissolving required quantity in warm water and then mixing the resulting solution with cold.

For animals

As for the human body, the properties of succinic acid to animals have the most positive value, not a danger, but rather are only benefits. Puppies and adult dogs, kittens and cats tool enables you to grow stronger, to be ill less often and develop better. It is possible to enrich the feed of Chicks and other Chicks with YAK, add it to food and water adult birds. Dosage is calculated from 0.03 g active ingredient per kg of body weight. In industrial scale livestock succinic acid will reduce illness and partially or completely replace the antibiotics.


Succinic acid is able to strengthen the weakened body, to become an assistant in the fight against infections and chronic diseases, stimulates the immune system, allows you to resist infection during a pandemic flu. Real salvation for the body, is an additional source produced by the body of succinic acid. Synthetic analogue manufactured in Russia is about 20 rubles. for 10 pills and has no fundamental differences with natural amber acid.

On the principle of action on the body at the intracellular level identical "Coenzyme Q10", which made the European scholars and is used worldwide to extend life expectancy, improve metabolism, provide cell respiration, improve the regeneration and rejuvenation effect. Actively used in the sports environment as metabolism safe for health of the drug and mild stimulant.

Improves the heart muscle, has a beneficial effect on blood vessels and blood composition, reduces the contents of cholesterol in the blood, nourishes the tissues of the body with oxygen – primarily the lungs, bronchi, what makes the YAK a good tool in the fight, including diseases of the bronchi and pneumonia.

Converted in the blood into energy – a source of vitality for all processes. Helps the body in the vitamin deficiency, disease, stress, sleep deprivation and General adverse conditions. Relieves tension, fights depression, improves mental function and attention. A positive effect on memory and reaction. Used in cosmetics as effective means for improvement of the skin of the face, hands, nails. The necessary plants and animals.