Birch tar: the benefits and harms for a person

Birch tar has been in use for a long time. Initially, the people were purified, they the body, treated the wound and used as a glue. Now this ingredient is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. Viscous mass with characteristic odor cures inflammatory diseases, and addresses various cosmetic flaws. Birch tar – the benefits and harms, what is more carries this resinous substance.

General characteristics of tar

Birch tar is a very dark, almost black, resinous liquid with a strong specific aroma. Obtained the substance by dry distilled bark. Processing occurs in the absence of oxygen, due to this starts the destruction of wood, with the release of an oily dark brown liquid. Thereafter, the resulting liquid is distilled by fractionation method. In the end, get a medical tar and resinous mass for technical needs.

Composed of birch tar is tar, Cresols, phenolic compounds, benzene, salicylic acid, organic acid and guaiacol. The last substance gives birch tar special characteristics – disinfectant and antiseptic effect.

The use of birch tar

Birch tar can be purchased at any pharmacy, it costs quite inexpensive. There is a sale and a lot of cosmetic products, within which there is this natural substance. The benefits of birch tar, you can designate these points:

  • Accelerates the healing process of damaged skin in the form of wounds of various origins and burns. The birch tar gives the wounds to rot. This oily substance helps to cure boils and fungus of the skin.
  • The accelerated regeneration of cells of the epidermis. Due to the impact of the components that are part of the tar, improved circulation and restoring the body as a whole.
  • Birch tar is included in many ointments, which are used as antiseptics. These creams have found use in surgical and gynecological practice.
  • This medication is able in a short time to cure otitis media, tuberculosis, eczema, lichen, hair loss, sore throats and ulcers. The oily substance helps to remove blackheads and unsightly oily sheen on the skin. It can be used with frostbite and for quick removal of splinters.
  • Birch tar is used in gynecology for the treatment of erosions, inflammatory diseases of the reproductive organs and the complex treatment of infertility. It is often prescribed for mastitis in nursing mothers.
  • Tar can help with allergic rashes, including a persistent diathesis in children.
  • They successfully treat diseases of the urogenital area. It promotes fragmentation and soft stones from kidney.
  • In the course of the studies, the use of birch tar in a number of genetic diseases, due to this substance inhibited the synthesis of DNA.
  • Oily substance helps to prevent cancer of the breast and ovaries. Tar does not give the benign tumors to turn into malignant. It is shown to apply after chemotherapy, for a speedy recovery.
  • Birch resin stabilizes blood pressure, improves heart function and regulates metabolism in the human body.

During an epidemic of smallpox and scurvy birch tar was used in the role of a restorative and therapeutic tools. Sick children dripped into his mouth a number of drops, which was equal to age.

Pharmacy tar soap quickly relieves corns, just plenty of soap the affected area at night and roll up in the morning the corn will not. The same applies to boils, applying the wipes, soapy such a soap, you can prevent surgical intervention.

The damage of birch tar

The harm of tar can only be in rare cases. This is because all the nutrients contained in the birch tar, very concentrated. To minimize the harmful effects on the body, dilute the drug with water or other means, depending on the problem. Harm to the body can be caused by too long use, failure to follow the dosage and if used too concentrated substance.

Often the harmful effects are evident for internal use medications. If birch tar is used topically, the damage from it is unlikely.

Indications for use

Birch tar can be used both topically and inside, it all depends on the ailment that is treated with tar. And also from the method of preparation of medicines.

Internal use

Birch tar is used internally in a number of diseases of different organs and systems:

  • To rinse, in infectious and fungal diseases of the oral cavity.
  • In case of oncological pathologies.
  • In urogenital pathologies.
  • For the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract that are caused by inflammatory processes, as well as for treatment of digestive disorders.
  • Acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory organs – tuberculosis and asthma.
  • Catarrhal disease.
  • Of metabolic disorders in the body.

Birch tar is taken internally with great caution.You should start with minimum amount and to monitor the health, if all goes well, the treatment continues. When deterioration in the health of drug overturned.

Outdoor use

Birch tar is shown for the treatment of external diseases that are characterized by defects of the skin:

  • In case of burns and frostbites, as well as deep splinters.
  • For the treatment of parasitic diseases of the skin.
  • To treat boils and fungal infections of the skin.
  • Dermatitis in children.
  • For the treatment of gangrene, bedsores and trophic ulcers.
  • At hemorrhoids.
  • In gynecological diseases.
  • In complex therapy in the treatment of postpartum mastitis.

The resin is indicated for the treatment of juvenile acne, warts on the skin and severe hair loss. In the latter case, the hair is washed tar shampoo or periodically make masks of tar water.

Contraindications to the use of tar

As with any drug, birch tar has certain contraindications that must be taken into account before treatment. In the instructions for use provided only to such limitations:

  1. Individual intolerance to the components included in the medication.
  2. Eczema in the acute stage.
  3. Malfunction of the kidneys.

This list Supplement pregnant and lactating women, and patients with very sensitive skin. After external application of tar, the skin becomes very sensitive to sunlight, so you need to protect your body with clothing or avoid the sun for several days.

How to drink tar

To the medication to give maximum effect to drink it the right way. Take of tar three times a day for a couple of hours before eating. To treat can you take pure tar, tar water or milk with tar.

To prepare medicated water, you need to take one part of birch tar to eight parts of pure water, the solution infuse for about 2 days in a dark place and take a tablespoon. This tincture helps with respiratory diseases, to relieve inflammation drink it at night for 10 days.

It is possible to prepare therapeutic milk-lye mixture. To do this, take 100 ml of milk, to which is added 20 drops of pure tar. Insist treatment composition for about a day. Drink this mixture for up to 2 months.

Some experts recommend treatment pure tar, although not all doctors approve of this method. This resinous substance is poured on a piece of bread or stir in a teaspoon of pure carrot juice. Treatment is initiated with 1 drop and bring to 30 drops, this treatment monthly.

Before beginning this therapy you should definitely consult with your doctor, in order not to aggravate the disease.

Is it possible to cleanse the body with birch tar

In recent times there are recipes to cleanse the body of toxic substances using resin birch. These recipes are more related to alternative medicine, and physicians are skeptical about it. For reviews of people who have experienced this method myself, nothing but disorders of the digestive system, they have not received. Yes, the cleansing really was, but not quite as we would like. After ingestion of a liquid substance people suffer severe diarrhea, which can lead to dehydration.

With this method of cleansing the people at risk to poisoning birch tar. Do not forget that the substance is very concentrated and contains in its composition many active components. If such a thing has happened, it is necessary to wash out the stomach and drink absorbent products.

If you want to cleanse the body from toxins, it is better to resort to milder means. Not every digestive tract will be able to properly digest resinous substance.

Birch tar in cosmetics

Resinous substance with a strong odor widely used in cosmetology. It is added to various cosmetic products – shampoos, Soaps, facial masks and body scrubs. For external use harm-tar almost never happens.

To strengthen the hair

With persistent hair loss and dandruff it is recommended to use the tar water. The recipe is simple – 2 cups of water take a pound of birch tar and thoroughly mixed. Infuse for about 3 days, the water should appear in the foam and muddy sediment.

After that, the water is filtered through several layers of cheesecloth and pour into a glass jar, store in the cold. Water is rubbed into the scalp a few hours before washing, then wash the hair a mild neutral shampoo. To improve the condition of hair, restore Shine and attractiveness will help mask with tar for hair.

Not only for the beauty and splendor of the hair will use the resin. This substance effectively combats lice. You can buy a ready tar shampoo or do it yourself, adding in baby shampoo with a bit of tar.

For the treatment of psoriasis

For treatment of this disease, is prepared treatment composition of 2% boric acid and birch tar, the substances take in equal shares. RUB the mixture to three times a day to affected skin. You can apply and clean the tar thatcarefully applied exactly to the affected area, after 10 minutes wash off with lukewarm water.

Dermatologists approve of this method, considering it not only safer hormonal ointments, but also more effective. So the use of the resin leads to a stable remission for several years. People who have treated psoriasis with tar, are positive about this method of treatment to achieve noticeable result has been just 3 weeks.

Fungus treatment

If fungal disease of the nails is not running, then you can try soap therapeutic bath with tar. In boiling water dissolve the shavings of soap and birch tar in equal amounts after the water cooled a bit and hover in her legs and arms. The skin then wipe dry and put on nail spot clean tar or ointment Vishnevsky.

You can recover from fungus and other means. Dissolve in a small volume of water, a shaving soap with lye and ordinary baking soda, the resulting composition is thoroughly rubbed into the skin and between the toes at night, for the best effect of the treated areas to wrap. This procedure is repeated until then, until you grow a new nail.

For the treatment of acne

Not only teenagers suffer from acne. Meet adults who worked long and hard trying to get rid of this problem. The reasons for having a purulent rash, different. Most often it is increased oiliness of the skin and hormonal imbalance. Although acne can be a result of diseases of the digestive system.

To get rid of acne, it is necessary, periodically, to apply to the skin mask. To do this, mix equal parts of birch tar, olive oil and honey. It is recommended to wash frequently with warm water and tar soap, and then apply a spot-concentrated tar from the bottle for 10-15 minutes. Then applied a light moisturizer.

Not all people who tried this way to get rid of the pimples, leave rave reviews. Most often the skin becomes dry and flaky. Beauticians recommend the use of a more lenient remedy, when just 1 ml of tar is added to water for washing or any lotion.

For the treatment of wounds and ulcers

Affected areas can point to lubricate the concentrated composition or to use the pharmacy ointment, which is composed of birch resin. After application of the medicine on the wound impose a gauze bandage. It is better to perform these procedures on all night.

It should be remembered that birch tar quite bold, therefore, in contact with clothing or bedding can remain tough stains. The treated part of the skin well-closed with a bandage or other cotton fabric.

Birch tar in medicine

In the pharmacy network can be found not only tar in its pure form, but also different ointments based on it. This unpleasant-smelling substance is able to help with a number of serious diseases.

In diseases of the liver

The resin is useful for the liver cells for cirrhosis. This chronic disease is difficult therapy. Cirrhosis provokes transferred early hepatitis, malnutrition, alcohol dependence, parasitic defeat of the body and toxic poisoning.

To cure this ailment, you need in a tablespoon of fat sour cream add a drop of tar, eat the resulting composition and to have a snack with a spoon of honey. Therapy for 20 days. Start taking with one drop, and every day add one. Reaching 10 drops, start counting in the opposite direction. Then make a week break and if necessary repeat the course. At the time of treatment change the water to a decoction of oats.

If health has become worse or there was an allergic rash, then you need to stop treatment.


Birch tar is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, especially if it is accompanied by bleeding. This natural substance helps to restore the tissues, reduces the fragility and permeability of blood vessels, reduces or stops the bleeding. To treat hemorrhoids used therapeutic baths. In a bowl pour a good hot water and add a few tablespoons of birch tar, most often based on 2 liters of water – 1 tablespoon, then water seated patient.

Another common method of treatment of hemorrhoids. Take a small metal basin. Put in heated oven red brick, which drip to 10 drops of tar. Capacity covered with a wooden lid, in which is cut a small hole. Then there seated patient.

If during the procedure the person feels severe burning, you need to stop warming and let it cool down a brick. After reaching a comfortable temperature, you can continue.

Could it be overdose

In the treatment of any drug can be overdosed, not the exception, and birch tar. It is composed of different substances, some of them are carcinogens. When applied topically overdose is completely excluded, no evidence that the substance is absorbed through the skin. Intoxication is possible only if the internal use of this tool.

Many doctors are skeptical about the recipes, where the tar is inside. Truth in this. Very often people do notobserve the prescribed dosage and get a strong poison, after which you will have to treat not only the primary disease, but the consequences of intoxication in such cases, reduced benefits and harms of birch tar is notable. To be poisoned by the tar, each person may need their own dose, it all depends on weight, age and genetic characteristics of the organism.

You should not experiment with treatment of children! For this age group tar can only be applied locally and after consultation with the pediatrician or a dermatologist.

Birch tar is a proven remedy. It helps in the fight even with severe chronic diseases. When applied topically has almost no contraindications and side effects. This medicine is completely natural and permitted to treat all groups of patients.