Is it harmful sports nutrition for the human body

Almost all athletes use the products of the so-called sports nutrition that help to make the body more resilient to physical stress. Some athletes, gaining muscle mass you need refuse special power, believing that it is harmful. In fact, many supplements are no danger and merely complement the diet. It is understood that during active physical activity is hard to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. To understand harmful if sports nutrition, you need to understand what it represents.

Why the need for supplements

If you have a question, why do you need sports nutrition, so the person has the choice to buy or not to buy the coveted bottles of supplements. Most often this question is asked by beginners who are uneducated in this matter. These people visit the gym and active in sports, but not so strong as professional athletes can't achieve. And the thing that the pros use a variety of supplements that help gain muscle mass and keep the body in shape.

The replenishment of nutrients

Before you start going to the gym, many people lead a fairly sedentary life and not holding anything heavier than a book. With increased physical activity, the body requires much more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is their deficiency in the body leads to the fact that muscle mass is not reached or as needed body fat is not burned properly.

During exercise the person is sweating heavily and the sweat from the body removes not only toxins, but also nutrients – salts and electrolytes. In the end, efficiency is reduced, a person becomes weak and lethargic.

Without external support, the body will be very hard to cope with stress, which can lead to malfunctions of important systems. For full coverage of the deficiency of nutrients and use of sports supplements.

The desired result is achieved faster

Athlete in a shorter time can achieve the desired result, regularly taking the supplements. According to studies, the average time for pumping up muscle mass without the use of additives is about 5 years. And athletes who consume sports nutrition products, this time is reduced by half.

High nutritional value

No matter how the diet was not balanced, it is always present harmful and unnecessary components. In chicken – it hides in the meat – a layer of fat and egg – yolk. According to doctors, such substances athletes are not really needed, but they will not escape. However, you can cut the skin and fat, as well as to cook eggs from a single protein. But when you consider that the athlete on the day you need to eat about 15 proteins, one can understand how hard it is.

In sports nutrition products balanced composition of all necessary athlete substances. There are also fats with carbohydrates, but not in such concentration as in natural food.

Sports supplements are nothing like concentrated food, which is freed from harmful components.

The way not to break the diet

Quite often in everyday life, a person has no possibility to eat while at work or on a trip. For assistance, again, come sports nutrition. You can not hesitate to open a bottle of concentrated drink and satisfy your hunger.

Will help supplements and those people who are trying to lose weight. It is no secret that in the evening very hungry, and the usual Apple or Cup of yogurt can not always help satisfy hunger. In this case, it is sufficient to take a casein protein to make a nutritional drink and drink. In this case, after a few minutes will be a feeling of satiety and at the same time, fat deposits will not appear.

Sometimes sports nutrition recommended by doctors during the recovery period after a serious illness. At this time the appetite is still broken, so people can not eat enough food to fill their needs.

Method to increase the replacement reserve

During active workouts at the gym often injured muscle. Sports nutrition helps to provide the body with a kind of building materials for the rapid regeneration of damaged fibers.

Thanks sports nutrition workout becomes more efficient and the athlete is recovering quickly after them.

What kind of sports nutrition harmful

From sports nutrition can be harmful, but this applies only to hormonal drugs. To hormonal remedies include steroids. These supplements can be used only on the recommendation of a physician and only in the dosage which he prescribed.

Many athletes do not respect the recommended dose, hoping for a quick increase in muscle mass. It leads to different health disorders, mainly of endocrine nature. Very often athletes who consistently exceed the dosage of steroids complain of problems with sexual life.

You need to understand that the use of anabolic steroids is only an artificial sex hormones. If the human body comesexcessive amounts of such substances, the body reduces production of its own hormones.

It should be noted that some athletes take steroids in large amounts, and it does not affect their health. And sometimes you meet people that taking even the recommended dose suffer from weight side effects.

Every body is different, so the use of various supplements requires a special approach.

How supplements affect the body

The use of sports nutrition is much higher than the harm from him. Useful products include these substances:

  • protein;
  • amino acids;
  • gainer;
  • vitamins;
  • macronutrients;
  • trace elements.

Protein complexes and amino acids are used by athletes for muscle growth. Gainer is a kind of energy, although it helps to increase overall body mass, because it is very nutritious. Understand the benefits and harms of sports nutrition can be, analyzing all food additives.

  • Protein is nothing like a protein. This substance is found in many foods. Its a lot of dairy products, meat, eggs, is the protein in baked goods. A natural analogue of the protein is a milk powder but there is no optimal mineral complex, as in sports nutrition.
  • A weight gainer is protein mass, but it is enriched with carbohydrates;
  • Cocktail of complex proteins and carbohydrates. Help you quickly build muscle and effectively restore the strength of an athlete after training.
  • Different amino acids serve as the building blocks of muscles.
  • Fat burners. Help to quickly get rid of excess fat deposits without harm to health.
  • Cocktails-energy. Increase stamina of the person. This sports nutrition recommended to be used during training.
  • Complexes of vitamins and minerals. Increase vitality of body and tone it;
  • Creatine is a carboxylic acid, which improves metabolic processes in muscles and nervous cells, is present in meat and milk. Some athletes refuse such supplements, considering it harmful. But this is just speculation. If the athlete eats meat and refuses to take creatine, no logic here. It is understood that in a liter of whole milk contains only 0.1 grams of creatine and a kilo of beef such substances are only a few grams. If an athlete in large quantities will consume milk and meat, and then wash down food with water, it will soon disrupt the liver and kidneys.

It is very important to take creatine only in the recommended dosage and not exceed it, otherwise can be side effects.

The chemical name of creatine is creatine monohydrate. Some athletes consider this Supplement is extremely dangerous and try not to eat. According to experienced athletes, creatine hazard cannot compare to steroids, so the risk here is more far-fetched.

If the creatine does not apply to steroids, then you can make a logical conclusion that this is not a hormone. But, despite the fact that the substance is not related to hormonal remedies, make it too long is impossible. This is due to the fact that gradually developing addictive, and the body stops producing its own creatine. So take this sports Supplement short courses and be sure to take a break.

Some experts believe the keratin are completely harmless. If it is taken in reasonable doses, others claim that this substance gives a noticeable strain on the kidneys and liver. If the athlete has chronic kidney disease or the liver, it is better not to risk your health and on receiving such a sports nutrition to give.

The consumption of keratin endurance athlete improved significantly and he is less tired. Due to this Supplement you can make the workout more intense and effective. In addition, keratin helps to recover faster after intense exercise. The athletes do not very sore muscles and joints.

The action of keratin is very similar to steroids, but this substance fewer side effects, contraindications and harm from him to the body less.

Beginners should not immediately start taking keratin. During the year own stocks of keratin in the body enough to recover quickly after workouts.

Apparently, sports nutrition is not as dangerous as I think many people who do not even understand what it is. But abuse of sports supplements is not necessary, all should be the measure.