Is it harmful hair extension

Thanks to innovative technology, any woman can become the owner of long and attractive hair in just a couple of hours. Methods of building allow to create unique hairstyles and images. To grow long tresses, of course, possible and in a natural way, but it will take more than one year, and irresistible want to be here and now. In constant pursuit of fashion trends and beauty many girls do not even think, and it harmful the hair extensions and how this procedure can affect the condition of your hair and overall health in General.

The effect of this treatment on your hair

Before you can increase hair, you must learn about this procedure. It is worth noting that there are several types of extensions, but they all refer to hot or cold technology. Hot technology is considered to be more harmful, it is very harmful to the natural curls. This is because the strands are attached to hair with a special molten resin. But this technology has a distinct advantage, as elongated in this way the hair look more natural and attractive.

In a cold way thermal effects on the hair, no strands are attached with a special mounting system. In this way the hair appearance not so beautiful and natural, but harm from the procedure much less. You need to remember that any lengthening, even with the most innovative ways is always stressful for the hair. Hairs can not withstand excessive weight and begin to fall out beams. Very often this leads to the fact that its strands become rare and split.

Hair extensions is recommended only professionals who have received special training.


The procedure of hair extensions are deemed to have been harmful, so there are certain contraindications. Restrictions are the following States:

  • abundant hair loss;
  • hypersensitivity of the skin;
  • the use of hormonal drugs;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • some chronic diseases, especially liver and kidney;
  • intolerance to the components, which are used when building;
  • the tendency to allergic reactions.

It is worth considering that extensions curls will constantly act on the roots of the natural hair. Due to this, your own hair will become dull, unhealthy and tips greatly postcode.

Not recommended for the procedure pregnant women and nursing, in this period too altered hormonal profile that is often manifested by hair loss.


The procedure of building has several advantages that make it popular among women of different ages:

  • Just a few hours the woman has beautiful long hairthat you can only dream of. For sprouting natural curls usually required long years of waiting.
  • Women become confident, because long and thick hair gives a special charm and appeal.
  • According to statistics, men are increasingly turning their attention to ladies with long hair, so will not lack for attention of the opposite sex.

Long curls at all times was considered fashionable, and now modern women sometimes want to radically change your style. In this case, can help increase.

The advantages can be attributed to the psychological side. Women easily come out of a prolonged depression, changing its image.


Deficiencies in the procedure increase very much, so, before you decide to modify the image, you need to think carefully. The disadvantages include the following factors:

  • After certain types of of increasing the women can not relax in the sauna and steam bath, and swim in the pool, sea and other water bodies.
  • All the methods of extensions are quite expensive, thus it is not necessary to forget that for an attractive appearance of hair once a month to do a special correction, but it is also a pleasure not cheap.
  • Some women after the building begin to understand that the extra accessories on the head is quite uncomfortable and unpleasant.
  • For the beauty of your curls need special care, to wash my hair only in the upright position.

In addition, many women, in an attempt to save money, choose cheap types of extensions, which look very unsightly. If you want to change your hairstyle. It is better to resort to hardware extensions, but the prices for these services is very high.

Before visiting the salon, it is advisable to ask feedback from women who have done hair extensions.

How harmful Perm

In recent years, more and more women resort to the procedure of tape hair extensions. This technique is quite fast and quite painless, except that it distinguishes the relative safety for natural curls. But do not forget that if the procedure is poor, then the capacity is better to forget.

A good master is usually first lookson the condition of the hair client and determines whether to carry out the procedure, without harm to the natural strands, or it should be abandoned. Thinning hair may not withstand the additional strands and a few days break. Technology tape capacity limits the use of masks and balms, in addition, these locks do not allow much complex hairstyle.

Very often, after hair extensions have to do a short cut as the strands are very spoiled.

How harmful capsule extensions

No less popular was the technology of the capsule building, which, despite the prevalence, is considered to be very harmful. The damage is due to the fact that the strands are fastened with special capsules, which are pre-heated to a high temperature. Capsule method allows you to do more natural hair, which is not only long, but thick. However, when mounting the capsules own hair too spoiled.

For reviews of girls who have decided to increase hair capsule method, after this method, curls can be curled, to make even the most complicated hairstyles, but this method of lengthening curls absolutely not suitable if there is a predisposition to allergies. In addition, some women notice that often when you wear these curls, they are out of the General mass of hair. Whereby the head is formed unkempt appearance. Capsule method requires adjustment at least once a month, and this means that every month the hair is subjected to regular stress.

If you are going to do in the cabin of the capsule extensions, you have to be ready to sit for 3-4 hours. That's how much time in average it takes from the master on the mount of curls. This procedure is very expensive, so it may be not everyone.

Before you decide on the capsule extensions, you need to carefully examine all the advantages and disadvantages of this procedure.

Rules of care of beauty of your hair

So after building the locks was not of regret, must carefully monitor their hair:

  • Before shampooing carefully untangle the strands with your hands or using a special comb, it should be done carefully and slowly.
  • Not to spoil the capsule, use a comb with rounded tips.
  • For good washing of the head need to buy a special shampoo that was designed specifically for such hair.
  • After washing do not apply balms and masks, as they hair will look matted and unkempt.
  • Wash hair only in the upright position in the shower;
  • Hair do not comb until completely dry, if you ignore this rule, it is possible to tear out locks of hair.
  • If the styling is used a varnish or foam, they are applied with the middle of the head.
  • Not to deform the capsule when styling with a Curling iron, you need to retreat from the roots of not less than 10 cm.

Efficiently hair extensions sometimes difficult to distinguish from the natural strands of hair. Due to such innovative solutions, each lady will try on long hair without the years to the industry. But do not forget that this procedure is harmful for your hair.