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Whether creatine is harmful to human health, an overdose of creatine

Who doesn't dream about the beautiful embossed body? Athletes fanatics can hone their muscles for hours, but this is not enough to achieve the goal. In order to workout give fast results, bodybuilders are turning to various food additives, among which are creatine. Is an amino acid that is synthesized from arginine, glycine and methionine, and participates in energy metabolism of nerve and muscle cells. Creatine harmful for health and what is its benefit?

Enzymes that are involved in the synthesis of creatine, are produced by the pancreas, liver and kidneys. Then the substance gets into the muscle through the circulatory system and accumulates there. Less significant amounts of creatine can be detected in cardiac muscle, the scrotum and the human brain.

The dangers of creatine for human health

In pursuit of a beautiful body, athletes inject the creatine into your diet as a nutritional Supplement. The thing is that, regularly entering the body, this ingredient promotes muscle growth and speeds up this process. This substance acts as a buffer lactic acid, helping the muscle recover faster after exercise. What is creatine harmful for health and is it so dangerous?

  1. Creatine retains fluid. As the number of muscle cells constantly multiply, the body is under additional load, so urea is produced in smaller amounts. The functionality of the kidneys is suppressed a bit and there is a risk of appearance of edema in the extremities. However, the occurrence of edema is not detected is due to the fact that water retention is negligible. Diuretics are incompatible with the food additive, and if the bodybuilder is too concerned about their health due to inadequate output of fluids, it is best to stop taking this remedy.
  2. Dehydration. Active growth of muscle mass requires admission of additional liquid, so the water balance can be broken. This is a natural process because the body adapts to the new regime. If physical activity continues, then worry generally about. Enough to drink water constantly throughout the day. Regarding the use of creatine during the period of increased load or during drying, heavy cardio, then health is really possible to harm. So adding a Supplement can be following the usual sport mode.
  3. Among the side effects of taking this substance, you can allocate some unpleasant reactions. Early admission it is possible to observe frequent dyspepsia: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, crampy abdominal pain. Manufacturers claim that this is normal phenomenon, especially in the beginning of supplementation, but such a thing as idiosyncrasy, has not been canceled. When you see these symptoms better some time to listen to your body, and if such reactions continue to emerge, it says only one thing – you need to stop taking this money.
  4. Skin rashes. Such harm creatine is often able to put the female half of the population. All because of active production of hormones during the of dietary Supplement. The fact that muscle growth is accompanied by increased release of the male hormones Androstenedione and testosterone. That is why a strong half of the population of the planet has a more developed musculature – these hormones from its representatives stand out more actively. In women, however, their excess can cause an imbalance that usually affects the skin condition. Men are also prone to acne while taking supplements, but this happens rarely.
  5. Increase muscle mass under the action of creatine is due to the hypertrophy of the muscles. It is believed that it is because of this ability steroid drugs adversely affect the heart. During the drug, some have complained about the faults in his work and the appearance of respiratory arrhythmia. An overdose of creatine threatens manifestation of arterial fibrillation and it is dangerous because the heart rate gets off, but on even can form scars. Upon detection of such reactions taking creatine you need to stop or reduce the dose to 5 grams per day. The emergence of such symptoms more associated with lack of fluid and blood clots as a result.

Benefits of creatine

So harmful if creatine really? Opinions were divided, some say creatine is like poison, while others attribute to him implausible healing power. However, the use of such substances for the health too, and it is this:

  • regular intake lowers cholesterol;
  • the use of food additives allows the muscles to recover quickly after active growth and physical activity;
  • it is used to treat atrophy and weakness of the muscular corset;
  • creatine has anti-inflammatory effect in various inflammations;
  • the result of taking the substance quickly increases muscle mass.

The peculiarities of using the Supplement

Constantly apply this stuff is impossible, because the body quickly gets used to the intake of the next dose and stops producing creatine naturally. Thus, the dangers of creatine for health that is developing a strong relationship, because if you stop taking, developmentamino acids will resume immediately, and the muscle mass will decrease.

Teenagers involved in sports, you can not use this Supplement because their body is not yet formed and is in the growth stage. Taking creatine in this case may result in problems in the heart muscle and hormonal disruptions.

The truth is hidden in the fact that manufacturers understate the importance of individual intolerance and is silent about the possible side effects of the drug.

You should not rely on laudatory reviews about creatine before you start taking, you must weigh the pros and cons yourself. Perhaps we should think about what shape a beautiful muscle enough to eat right, sleep well and engage in the hall, and to introduce any harmful additives – minor matters.