Titanium dioxide: harmful for the human body

Titanium white, or titanium dioxide, is used in the production of chemical compounds and food products. They are worth marking E171, that speaks about presence of this substance of white color, odorless. Thanks to this additive, products have perfect white. The dye is considered safe, so it is included in baby products. How really harmless it matter?

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Try to understand harmful titanium dioxide - a food additive that is derived from natural compounds. In the food industry since 1994, as a white dye. It is a pure substance with a small amount of impurities that improves the quality of the product.

Titanium dioxide has the following properties:

  1. The ability to bleach food.
  2. Chemical resistance.
  3. Low toxicity.
  4. Resistance to moisture and air.
  5. The lack of smell and taste.

The main role of food additives – whitening product, which gives it an attractive appearance. Many products have a gray tint: flour, fish products, chewing gum and others. Due to E171, they have a perfectly white color that makes them look beautiful, increasing the level of sales.

The application of this connection

Initially, titanium was a component of various colors. Today in this as they have not lost their role. In all countries they serve as a filler varnishes and paints. In food industry food additive was used much later at number E171 who tint:

  • crab sticks and some seafood, fish products;
  • dry mixture for children;
  • a quick Breakfast;
  • candy and white chocolate;
  • milk;
  • chewing gum;
  • vegetable canned food;
  • specialty product.

Even the dye used to lighten the flour in the mass production of dumplings. The amount depends on the required whiteness of the test. The desired amount of dye introduced into the flour and mix it evenly, getting the necessary color.

It is used in the manufacture of ice cream, yogurt, kefir, sour cream and many other products, which are white. If you buy a product white color, then 90% of it contains this component.

The cost of titanium dioxide is relatively small, and therefore its use is economically, as well as the price of the product in which it is used does not increase.

The desired dye and in cosmetics, where it gives the cream a white color. He has such a quality as the opacity, therefore, is widely used in sun creams. This is one of the most effective components that reflect UV rays that have a negative effect on the skin.

You think we have exaggerated the danger of food additives

Since the titanium dioxide is included in a variety of consumer products, the researchers conducted a study on how it affects the human body. Initially the conversations were about what the connection is absolutely harmless.

Scientists at the University of California in Los Angeles made experiments on mice and found that the particles of food additives cause negative changes at the genetic level. Nanoparticles of titanium dioxide can damage chromosomes that affects heredity. It was discovered and damage cells, which begins the inflammatory process. And this is leading to the development of malignant tumors.

The dye is not excreted through the skin, accumulate in the body. The nanoparticles are deposited in a particular place: having a small size, they move throughout the body, entering cells and affecting their work. This process applies the term "oxidative stress" that damages cells. Dangerous small particles, because the titanium is chemically inert (inactive). The substance causes harm at the cellular level, which is especially dangerous.

Research in this area continued until the danger of cancer and genetic changes face only to employees of the enterprises are in constant contact with this substance. But this study gives cause for concern, given that the connection is used in baby food, affects the growing body.

Titanium dioxide is today an indispensable connection. This is the only bleach paper, plastic, paints, food, toothpaste, cosmetics. The annual production of 2 million tons of connections. The dye enters the human body when breathing, but not through the skin.

There is no consensus on the dangers or benefits of this nutritional Supplement. Its harm is not completely proven, but safety is in question. After the first study, he identified in the list of permitted food additives.

Buying products in white, we are not able to choose, because the alternatives to bleached dye of means of consumption just yet. But if the titanium dioxide is really dangerous, it is better to buy ugly products of a grey color than have a range of diseases caused by this substance.