Child vomits: what to do, how to help your child

Even the most level-headed adults start to panic if your child starts vomiting. This condition may also be accompanied by diarrhea and high fever, and General weakness. Not all parents and grandparents know what to do if child vomits. First you need to set aside a panic, because the experiences will not help, and then to determine the possible cause of the vomiting and to provide baby first aid. Do not forget that in some cases, you may need urgent medical help.

Causes of vomiting

The child may begin to vomit for different reasons. Such reaction of the child occurs when:

  • poisoning of various etiologies – low-grade food products, medicines, toxic plants or chemical compounds;
  • infectious diseases – rotavirus, salmonellosis, botulism and other;
  • an elevated temperature can be single vomiting;
  • strong emotional experiences, for example, when changing group of children;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • diabetes;
  • overeating;
  • the inflammation of the Appendix.

Most often, persistent nausea and vomiting occur in children in case of poisoning stale or low-quality products, and rotavirus. If the child is three years of age and his condition is satisfactory, it is possible to assist at home and watch the baby for a few hours. When retching is very frequent and the patient's condition worsens with each minute, you should immediately call a doctor. Only an experienced doctor will be able to diagnose and prescribe treatment.

The child may be very sick and vomit if the inflammation of the Appendix. In this case, there is an acute pain in the right lower abdomen and fever. While such symptoms cannot be delayed, the patient needs to be hospitalized immediately. To eliminate the cause of vomiting is possible only surgically, no drugs here will not help.

It is possible to help the child at poisoning

If vomiting caused by food poisoning, until the doctor gets the kid to help such actions:

  • To wash out the stomach, if sick child older than 7 years. To do this, give to drink plenty of water, and then pressed against the root of the tongue. Make washing even in the case when the child is retching. The procedure is repeated until then, until the escaping fluid will not completely clean. It is strictly forbidden to wash out the stomach at home the young child. This will lead to rapid dehydration and deterioration.
  • It is convenient to put the child and to provide him with absolute peace. The curtains closed to the sunlight not irritate the eyes.
  • To give any adsorbent to accelerate the removal of toxic substances from the body.
  • Unsolder the baby in small portions, but often enough. You can give water without gas, fruit drinks, broth hips or raisins. Well replenishes lost trace elements drug regidron, but many children begin to tear again as soon as you take the first mouthful. If the child cannot swallow the solution regidrona, not worth it to make, an excellent substitute will be a strong decoction of rice with raisins.
  • After each attack of vomiting the baby is given to rinse the mouth and throat to gastric juice is not eroded mucous membranes.

If you have a high fever, it is possible to give your child the medicine based on paracetamol. To normalize the temperature, use the medicines in tablets, such as syrups and effervescent tablets contain fragrances and dyes, not good for an irritable stomach.

If vomiting is not caused by poisoning

When a child is strong rips, not because of poisoning, and for other reasons, assistance is provided depending on the situation.

  • If retching triggered by overeating, you need to ensure your child's complete peace and continue to give him portions based on age. Before the normalization of from the diet removes oily and heavy foods.
  • When the disorder is triggered by the change team, then you need to talk to a tutor or teacher that the child the first time paid more attention. Usually this is enough to ensure their child went to daycare or school with pleasure.
  • Retching due to chronic diseases occur in the period of exacerbation. Usually it happens in autumn and spring, when the body is weakened. This can be avoided if you undergo preventive treatment, which agreed with the doctor.
  • If vomiting occurred due to infectious diseases, it is necessary to show the child the doctor-infectious disease doctor who will prescribe a number of tests and based on the results, prescribe an effective treatment.
  • If vomiting and temperature are accompanied by severe pain in the right abdomen, may be suspected appendicitis. Urgently call the ambulance or take baby on their own to the nearest health facility. Procrastination can threaten peritonitis.

What not to do with vomiting

In order not to aggravate the situation at the retching of the child:

  • do not force the baby to eat;
  • do not give any drugs, in addition to adsorbents and antipyretics;
  • do not give your child soda or milk;
  • do not leave your baby even for a few minutes, he needs to be supervised by an adult;
  • do not self-medicate and don't let nodoctor appointments antibiotics.

In addition, it is impossible to prevent a strong rise in temperature in young children, as there may be convulsions. If the medicine helps bad feet and handles wipe with cotton cloth, which is soaked in cool water.

If the child's condition is not improving after a couple of hours or a sick child nedostigli three years of age, you must immediately call a doctor.

Some parents at the first retching the child begin in a panic phoning relatives and find out what could cause such a condition. Doing this is not necessary, since the use of such information whatsoever. All people are individual and the cause of vomiting can be quite different. The correct diagnosis can put only a doctor after examination.