Vomiting in a child at night during sleep: causes, treatment

Vomiting, the child always very worried parents. After all, the baby before slept and did not show any concern. Before taking any action, you need to determine what this condition could be caused. When, in addition to nausea and vomiting, watery diarrhea starts and the body temperature rises, then the reason most likely lies in the intestinal infection. But there are a number of other States, when there is only vomiting and other symptoms.

Causes night vomiting

Causes of nighttime vomiting in children abound, it is difficult to immediately determine what triggered the condition. The appearance of gagging during sleep should immediately perform what I had a baby shortly before bedtime. Perhaps the diet was a new product that could cause an allergic reaction and the body tried to get rid of foreign substances. If retching the child during sleep are not accompanied by fever, then the causes include:

  • In the digestive tract is a foreign body. It is typical for young children who are in the process of the game often take small parts in his mouth.
  • Catarrhal disease with profuse secretion of mucus, which runs down the back wall of the throat and causes nausea and vomiting.
  • Exhaustion or stressful day. Parents need to remember how the baby spent his day.
  • Inflammation of the appendicitis. This condition is accompanied by a rise in temperature, lethargy and extreme pain in the abdomen.
  • The kid ate night oily and junk food. It can be smoked, fried cakes with fat cream, chips or soda. All of these products it is advisable to include in the diet of young children, and chips with sodas generally unwanted children at any age.

If the cause of the vomiting was poisoning, usually raises the content of acetone in the body. To determine how this figure exceeds the norm by using test strips that should be in every home medicine Cabinet.

If vomiting occurs in a child, which is accompanied by pain in the abdomen, may be suspected appendicitis. The kid in this case, lethargic, pale and very anxious. If you are experiencing this condition, you should immediately call an ambulance.

What can be done to the parents

Many parents are lost as soon as the baby starts to tear, and don't know what they can do. Do not panic, all actions must be clear and calm. If vomiting in a child of the night occurred without raising the temperature, the sequence of actions should be:

  1. Settle the child, wash and, if necessary, change it. Replace bedding.
  2. Give a good rinse mouth with clean water.
  3. Offer a drink. Water was given in small portions but often.
  4. Measure the temperature.
  5. When re-emerging the urge to give adsorbents and watch the baby.

When there is an increase in temperature over 38.5 degrees, it is necessary to give antipyretic tablets. It is best to give paracetamol, but it's perfect and ibuprofen.

Occasional vomiting in a child in the night tells of overwork or overeating. Often after this incident the child quietly falls asleep. If vomiting was a regular character, then after each attack baby give rinse mouth, then give tablespoon of water. If vomiting caused by the rotavirus or poisoning, the first hour impulses occur every 15-20 minutes, then gradually subside.

In water for otpevanie child can add a little honey and a few drops of lemon juice. This drink not only enhances the performance but also delivers in a weakened the body with useful trace elements.

What to pay attention

If vomiting the child had before sleep or at night, the child needed comfort, to change and wash. Kids Spruance afraid of this unpleasant phenomenon and can start to cry strongly. Parents need all the time is near, it is unacceptable to leave one toddler even for a few minutes.

The infant held in the arms with a slight slope. Older kids lie down on the flank to avoid zahlebyvayas vomit.

During vomiting, it is necessary to avoid dehydration, which in children occurs fairly quickly. You need to remember that the smaller the weight of the baby, the more dangerous for him such a state.

What not to do

When vomiting was only once in the evening or at night, it is possible to assist any child and put him to bed. At the same time:

  • not to self-medicate and give the little child any drugs except sorbents and antipyretics;
  • not to leave the baby even for a few minutes without adult supervision;
  • do not unsolder toddler milk products or juices;
  • do not give the baby to bed in anticipation of the next attack of vomiting.

If vomiting occurred only once in the night then you should not worry and to observe the patient until the morning. When the condition is steadily worsening by the minute, not worth the risk, to treat the baby should be exclusively a doctor.

It is strictly forbidden to do a gastric lavage to the young child at home! Nothing but harm will not bring.

What to do in the morning

Sometimesit so happens that the baby in the night, threw up once in the morning and couldn't remember it. In this case, parents should provide the baby with sufficient amount of drinking and a couple of days to stick to the diet. You can give these dishes:

  • vegetable soup on the second chicken broth;
  • cereal gruel-buckwheat, oatmeal or rice;
  • mashed potatoes;
  • chicken meatballs for a couple;
  • croutons of bread;
  • banana and applesauce.

Infants continue to breastfeed on demand but the next couple of days not administered in the diet of new foods. As a drink well suited to fruit jellies, which have a shielding effect. If on the night of the incident do not like about two days, can not survive, the cause of vomiting was not serious.

When baby is still worried about the constant nausea is cutting pain in the stomach, it is necessary to consult a doctor. It is possible in the digestive tract is a foreign body, which should be removed.

Retching at night though there are times in every child. The cause often becomes the use of harmful products. To such a trouble happens, the diet of the child should consist only of natural and healthy products.