Poisoning with products of burning and smoke first

Annually in the world dies a lot of people who get poisoned by combustion products. This is due to the burning of large areas of forest or peat bogs, and also because of fires in private homes and apartments. In autumn, you can get poisoned by the smoke from the leaves that firing negligent owners. The smoke from the leaves not only pollute the atmosphere but also strongly poisons the human body. Of particular danger causing long smoldering items.

Why herbs smoke

Fires poisonings occur due to the penetration into the body of the smoke through the respiratory system. Acute toxicity provoked two substances contained in the combustion products:

  1. Carbon monoxide.
  2. Hydrogen cyanide.

The presence of cyanide in the smoke is because it is in almost all building materials.

Carbon monoxide takes locks of hemoglobin, due to this impaired oxygen delivery to different organs, occurs oxygen starvation. Cyanide blocks the metabolism in the soft tissues and the supply of oxygen to cells.

The combustion of any materials emit harmful gases that interact with water to form caustic reagents – nitric and sulfuric acid, and ammonia. These compounds cause chemical burns of the membranes of the respiratory system, damage to parts of the bronchi and accumulation of fluid in the lung tissue.

If you extinguish the fire by using fire extinguishers, the air there is highly toxic phosgene gas, which is released during the interaction of hot surfaces with the contents of fire extinguishers.

Is it possible smoke inhalation from a fire

Some people wonder, is it possible smoke inhalation from ordinary fire? Interestingly, the smoke coming from the fire, in the same way hazardous as cigarette smoke. If you have to constantly fire to cook food, in the body every day, comes this volume of resin that fits smoked two packs of cigarettes. Particularly prone to intoxication from smoke pregnant women and children, they are prone to diseases of the respiratory organs. Prolonged exposure to products of combustion on the body of a pregnant woman leads to the birth of a sick child.

If you burn garbage, dry grass or fallen leaves, it carries a great danger to others. The garbage contains a large number of plastic containers, construction waste and dry vegetation, the particles of gasoline or diesel fuel.

Moisture toxic substances contained in the smoke particles combine with moisture and hanging in the air, and then settle in the respiratory tract of a person.

If during the process of cooking burnt meat or fish dish, a poisoning with burning products is due to the mixture of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

When burning plastic, foam, rubber, paint tools, plywood, stand phosgene, cyanide, and dioxin. These combustion products contribute to the early cancer and severe allergic reactions.

Signs of intoxication by the products of combustion

Symptoms of poisoning with burning products are such pathological changes in the body:

  • extreme weakness that grows with every minute;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the head;
  • pain in the temples;
  • redness of the skin on the face and neck;
  • the severity of breathing;
  • palpitations;
  • noise in the ears;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • lethargy and drowsiness;
  • vomiting and fainting.

In cases of poisoning by combustion products, which are in the smoke, the symptoms can manifest themselves in a few hours, but the dangerous phenomenon is growing quickly and pose a threat to life and health.

Toxic gases can irritate the larynx and bronchi that is accompanied by a persistent cough. For days after smoke inhalation affected skin take bluish color begins shortness of breath and edema of the lungs.

If the degree of poisoning by smoke is very heavy, breathing the victim of superficial and severe, cramps quickly, there is a failure of the cardiovascular system. Observed involuntary leakage of urine. Death occurs from paralysis respiratory and cardiac arrest.

With extensive fires in the forest the residents of the adjacent human settlements suffer from common ailments, disorders of the heart and heaviness of breathing, all of this leads to a strong smoke.

In the case of fire detection it is necessary to call the fire Department!

Emergency assistance

The life of the victim from the smoke depends on provided first aid. Immediately call the medical team, and before their arrival carry out activities listed below:

  • The victim is removed or carried to the street, placed on a bench or the ground. Loosen all tight clothing and belt, if necessary, they can break and cut.
  • If the patient is conscious, give him strong sweet tea.
  • To accelerate the removal of toxins give adsorbents, previously dissolved in a small volume of water – APSCO, POLYSORB activated carbon.
  • When the fainting give to smell ammonia, a tampon soaked in this remedy, wipe whiskey.
  • Make sure to clean the mouth and nose, if they noticed vomitthe masses, remove them with a handkerchief.
  • If the person is unconscious, it is placed on a side prevents the tongue.
  • Check pulse in the area of the carotid artery.
  • If breathing and heartbeat are absent, carried out resuscitation.
  • If a person freezes, it is possible to attach the limbs warmer.

Trying to warm the victim, care must be taken, as pain sensitivity of the patient is reduced.


The Protocol further treatment of the victim from the combustion products is determined by the doctor only after a careful examination. After placing the hospital give the patient plenty of breathing pure oxygen, which helps to displace carbon dioxide from the body. If poisoning is too severe then demonstrates the use of hyperbaric chambers with good oxygen pressure.

Is the treatment of the individual symptoms and if necessary, apply:

  1. Hormones.
  2. Antidotes.
  3. Means to improve heart function.
  4. Complexes of vitamins.

The victim is shown at rest, it is required to protect from anxiety and negative emotions.

The prevention of poisoning by combustion products

To avoid poisoning by tobacco smoke will help complete rejection of Smoking and the fight against this addiction amongst family and friends. Do not smoke of cigarettes, hookahs and other devices, which are filled with tobacco.

You need to remember that Smoking is harmful for the smoker and his entourage. Especially smokers need to think about the health of children who breathe cigarette smoke, they have this firmly reduced immunity.

In addition, you must avoid places in which strong smoke. But if I had to be in place, saturated with combustion products, need to know what you are doing in this case for the protection of respiratory organs:

  • use respirators and gas masks;
  • close your mouth and nose a dampened cloth, which will be deposited harmful substances;
  • carry out a quick exit from the zone of smoke.

Leave the area of the smoke have on my knees or on all fours, the smoke rises up, so the bottom of harmful substances less.

Intoxication by the products of combustion can occur in the most ordinary situations, for example, when frying kebabs on the nature. To avoid this, you need to observe basic safety rules that will help to eliminate smoke from getting into the body.