Sore stomach after alcohol: how to treat what to do

Alcohol has a negative effect on absolutely all the internal organs, circulatory system, liver, kidney, but mostly it has a negative effect on the stomach. Why stomach aches after alcohol? This question torments many, here you will find all the answers.

Ethanol acts as a strong toxin on our body and in the systematic use of harmful not only to the stomach, but all organs. Any alcoholic beverage can cause metabolic disorders and damage to organs. Stomach pain after alcohol is due to the fact that the stomach alcohol is the greatest time and destroys its shell.

The stomach begins to secrete huge amounts of mucus, and alcohol at the time, burns and atrophy of its walls. Each person who systematically drinks, there is the so called burn of the esophagus and stomach wall. In the future this may give the appearance of acute gastritis or even worse ulcers. Ulcers will be sick from any dose of alcohol.

What to do when stomach pain

The alcohol softens the pain, if you start an acute pain immediately after drinking is clearly a serious problem in the body. You must immediately consult a doctor. At home, you can take a number of measures.

  • Take activated charcoal at the rate of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight, if you feel nausea and weakness.
  • If you already had problems with the stomach or you have the diagnosis "ulcer", is required to immediately contact the doctor or call an ambulance. Also bloody vomiting cure at home does not work, you should immediately call an ambulance.
  • Try to self-induce vomiting to empty the stomach.

Mostly stomach aches after drinking, when the alcohol has ceased to numb the pain. In this case, to drink alcohol in any dose is not permissible. Of course, you will be able to briefly numb the pain, but it will entail consequences in the form of ulcers or chronic gastritis. The alcohol will dissolve your shell of the stomach, and after the next drinking get on the net unprotected stomach wall.

How to get rid of stomach pain

You need to understand that to get rid of pain will not be enough, it only briefly will save you, but will not save the stomach. To restore the stomach is not easy, it is a very long process and it is best to consult a doctor. To alleviate pain you need to completely give up alcohol even from weak (beer, wine). It will only razgorodit of the stomach wall.

There are pills that will help you to numb the pain, there are also traditional methods, but to fully restore your stomach, you'll need diet and no alcohol. Self-cure the stomach wall is possible if you follow all the rules.

Traditional treatments of the stomach

How to treat stomach? This will help you a ripe plum, it slightly dulls the pain. Warm tea made from the leaves of the currant(only warm from the hot will be even worse) or of chamomile infusion, the recipe of which can easily be found. You just need to infuse tea bag in a Cup of boiling water, use only warm. 25 ml water one tablespoon chamomile. There are also many recipes that are easy to find on the Internet, using them and maintaining diet of the stomach wall can be restored, but it should be understood that further drinking would entail another pain in the stomach. Diet is to avoid all fried, spicy, salty and hot food. About three weeks into your diet has to include only the heated and grated products.

The consequences from alcohol

The consequences can be very different, up to chronic gastritis or ulcers. Ulcer or gastritis is best treated in the hospital with an ulcer you probably put in the hospital and prescribe a diet to restore the stomach.

Gastritis – at the initial stage it is quite possible to cure yourself. But you need to understand that alcoholic gastritis is not just abdominal pain, it is different from the usual. What distinguishes alcoholic gastritis? First of all, after a vodka or stronger alcohol drinks in the morning there will be a strong hangover.

Alcoholic gastritis at the initial stage only destroys the protective sheath of the stomach. In order to re-restore requires:

  • quit drinking and Smoking during the treatment, and it is not recommended to begin immediately after recovery;
  • to avoid stress, it is the cause of the destruction of the immune system and prevent the treatment;
  • to adhere fully to the diet.

These tips will help you detox at the initial stage of gastritis, but if you have more serious diseases such as chronic gastritis or ulcer, you must consult a doctor. He will prescribe you an accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Stopped stomach

The systematic use of alcoholic beverages may lead to more serious problems, up to stopping of the stomach. If you feel heaviness in the stomach, loss of appetite or bad, frequent belching, it is called stop the stomach. Stomach may stop due to many reasons such as:

  • a wrong diet. You should stick to the correct order of the day, pleasant for the stomach diet, and most importantly, time to eat. You need to eat three times a day, for Breakfast, lunch and dinner. You need to allocate time for this to eat in peace, slowly, carefully chewing. Then nostomach issues will not arise;
  • eating does not have to mean overeating, portions should be standard and after taking you should feel a slight malnutrition. This is due to the fact that not all the food immediately enters the stomach, but after 10-15 minutes you will feel ate their fill;
  • it is not recommended to wash down the food, it will complicate the process the stomach, especially if consumed with hot drinks. The optimal time after which you can drink, about 30 minutes;
  • to eat properly, to eliminate overly spicy, smoked and fried foods. It has a heavy impact on your stomach.


In order to solve the problem by yourself, you need to know what we're dealing with, let's consider what symptoms when stopping of the stomach:

  • very strong bloating, sharp pain, heaviness in any meal;
  • bad breath, constant belching and heartburn;
  • frequent nausea, blending smoothly into vomiting;
  • loss of appetite, feeling of fullness after every bit of food, even the smallest;
  • dizziness, cold sweat, loss of weight and increased acidity in the stomach.

Many of the symptoms characteristic of various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The main symptoms is pressure, heaviness and bloating.

It is not recommended to decide such a problem as you can't be sure what your trouble is. And in a particularly acute form, the disease can and does break the wall of the stomach, cause chronic gastritis or ulcer.

Stop stomach hazardous to health, so consult a doctor will be the best out of the situation. But there are ways to solve the problem at home.

How to solve the problem

What to do if stomach is not working? This is the question many are asking after the collision with the problem. The treatment of this disease can lead to more serious complications, so it must be addressed promptly. Here are a couple of ways that will improve the situation.

  1. Many suffer this disease because of their lifestyle. We sit at work, at home, on vacation. A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main causes of this disease. First of all, to recover, you need a little exercise. To run in the mornings or go for a walk at least around 30 minutes a day must be spent in the fresh air.
  2. Also one of the main factors of the disease – a dream. Your sleep should last at least eight hours to go to sleep before 12 at night. As from midnight to morning are hormones responsible for metabolism. Due to lack of sleep or daytime sleep metabolism can suffer greatly, and there will be even more severe diseases of the stomach.
  3. You can even need to consume some medication, you can ask the doctor or pharmacy. The safe is activated charcoal once a day. To take it one tablet on 10 kg of weight.
  4. For the full body cleansing you can drink a special medicinal mineral water. It is useful and a good help to the intestinal tract. This will help normalize the condition of your stomach.
  5. Cause stomach problems can highly, sweet and alcoholic beverages. From them it is better to refuse.
  6. Immediately after exercise to eat is not recommended, and you can't smoke before eating.
  7. Required to follow a diet, and if you think that the food is slow, better to split it into smaller portions and eat slowly, chewing well. This way you facilitate the work of the stomach, the food will be easier. It is also worth to give up bread, strong tea, milk and hard boiled eggs while dieting.

Recover at home is possible, but if you don't want to risk it and have enough free time, consult a doctor.