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That drip in alcoholic intoxication at home and in the hospital

Alcohol is a poison that can poison all living beings. Its impact is not only detrimental, but also dangerous: for example, in severe intoxication, the patient may fall into a coma and even die. Talking about intoxication when concentrations of ethanol in human blood reached a value of 0.4 ppm. Fortunately, medicine has long ago found a way to quickly restore the human body and rid it of toxins, and the name of this method – inkjet-drip therapy. In this article we will look at that drip in alcoholic intoxication.

What is alcohol intoxication

To establish a particular degree of intoxication caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol can in the percentage of ethanol in the blood. So, if its content exceeds 0.5 ppm, the doctors can establish the fact of alcohol poisoning. Intoxication from drinking alcohol can not only have detrimental effects on the human body, but also to be life-threatening. Breaking drug is one of the most unpleasant and common consequences of alcohol poisoning. If the alcohol content exceeded 2 units of blood, we may face the most severe stage of intoxication, which in rare cases can even lead to death. In house conditions to define, at what stage is the patient, it is difficult, however, because outward signs can.

Thus, when the first or second degree intoxicated with alcohol person has a headache, because alcohol dilates blood vessels and in the brain receives alcohol in an invalid number. The patient can appear dizziness, and even nausea and vomiting. Thirst will also let you know that the person is experiencing alcohol poisoning. These symptoms belong to the first two stages of intoxication, which, though unpleasant for the body, but their effects should pass soon. If time does not help the patient, it may be a third stage in which there is a risk of coma. At the last stage of poisoning a person is not able to control his body, it is difficult for him even to sit. The pupils of the eyes contracted, the skin is sticky, to speak coherently the person can't.

At last, the most dangerous degree of toxicity can occur fatal, so it is important to act quickly. If the first two degrees of poisoning there is a chance to cope at home without medical involvement, that in the last degree needed by far the physician. If you notice that a person has a strong intoxication, he cannot even sit and is in a state close to fainting, you should immediately call an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, do not move away from the patient. If you wish to help you can insulate the patient with a blanket, because the vessels of one who is experiencing the unpleasant process of intoxication, expanded it, and it means that he actively loses heat, because its heat transfer is impaired. If the patient is conscious, you can help him to get rid of toxins by invoking the gag reflex: so, the body get rid of excess alcohol in the stomach, which had not yet absorbed into the bloodstream.

It is prohibited to cause vomiting when it is unconscious, because it can choke on their own vomit.

Doctors will likely recommend prokapat patient. The dropper is the best way to help with alcohol poisoning, because the medicinal substance enters into the blood stream. Droppers, which are used to facilitate the patient's condition for this kind of poisoning, a great many: so there is a dropper that will help to restore moisture balance and remove toxins. In severe forms of poisoning of the patient drip drugs that help restore breathing and liver function. Moreover, some solutions add vitamins to speed up the process of release of a person from sickness. Also dropper differ from the period when he was drinking dose of alcohol: so there are drips from a hangoverand alcohol poisoning. Let's consider each type in more detail.

Dropper to blood thinners

Regardless of what a drip the doctor recommends, the patient should cleanse the stomach from the rest of the alcohol. It is possible to drink a few tablets of activated charcoal or induce vomiting.

At poisoning with ethanol a decrease of fluid in the blood. To restore the normal density of blood, you need to use the most popular solutions for droppers: glucose and salt. These two medicines are intended to restore the normal state of the blood, and also give a diuretic effect.

Along with glucose and salt, the patient can put such substances as "Reamberin" and "Mafusol". These drugs are intended to clear the body of toxins and other "junk" that comes with alcohol. Detoxification effect is achieved due to the fact that the drugs contain several types of acids, and Krebs Cycle – the main element in human metabolism. The Krebs cycle can be considered a catalyst, which speeds up metabolism. In order to prevent the blood to thicken again, the patient may also prokapat unithiol or sodium thiosulfate.

Dropper to restore the acid-alkalinebalance

The oxidation of the alcohol stands out a so-called acetaldehyde, which causes the process of slow fermentation in the body, thereby increasing the content of such oxidized products, such as lactic and fatty acids, and glycerol. All this leads to disturbance of acid-alkaline balance in the body. When violations of pH in a patient can observe the improper functioning of all body systems: shortness of breath, weakness, soreness in muscles – that's just that small part that can test the patient with the disturbance of acid-alkaline balance.

To restore the normal acid-alkaline balance need to prokapat patient sodium bicarbonate. Note: to prevent other drugs is prohibited. "Disol" and "Acesol" also copes with the task of normalizing the pH. These substances are usually added glucose or magnesium. Thus, the first - reduces the blood levels of potassium and sodium, which helps normalize the activity of the heart and other organs of the cardiovascular system.

Dropper aimed at restoring respiration and enrich the body with vitamins

In the third stage of intoxication due to alcohol may stop breathing due to the harmful effects of ethanol on the opiate receptors in the brain. Alcohol has such a strong effect on the receptors of the brain that a person may experience euphoria and even drugs. If you have problems breathing or a complete stop patient drop antagonist that blocks the effect of alcohol on receptors. A great drug in this case will serve as "Naloxone."

Droppers seldom do without vitamins. They help to normalize the metabolism and help the body fight the poison and return to normal functioning. One of the main vitamin which is used by physicians during alcohol poisoning is vitamin B1. It oxidizes ethanol and thereby reduces the content of oxidized products in the body. Vitamins E, C, B1 also play an important role in normalization of all body systems when alcohol intoxication. Vitamins are usually added directly into a solution of glucose or salt.

How to avoid alcohol intoxication

As practice shows, the ambulance is not always the ambulance: on call physicians prior to their arrival may take an hour or more. In order to help the patient survive the period of waiting for a doctor, you must know how to deal with morning sickness. Of course, alcohol intoxication of the third degree, certainly not to overcome at home, but you can contribute to aid the body in combating its unpleasant symptoms. So, to take steps to minimize the risk to a strong intoxication is possible before the start of a great party. For example, before the feast, you can drink a glass of milk or eat a serving of semolina. Before the adoption of the alcohol are also advised to take a pill of multivitamins.

Completely avoid intoxication through these means is unlikely to succeed, but they will make side effects easier. Moreover, the methods mentioned above are completely safe for the body, rather than the questionable purchase of the substance.

To the body easier to cope with the effects of poisoning, the patient is recommended to drink more, to put in order your water balance. Moreover, drinking plenty of fluids helps to eliminate toxins from the body due to its mochegonno effects. The patient should avoid questionable methods of treating alcohol intoxication: so, antiquated method for which you want to drink the brine is unlikely to help. Pickle connects with ethanol and cleansing the body of toxins will slow down.

From severe intoxication and is prescribed simple aspirin, because it will not only help a person to cope with the pain, but also neutralizes the effect of ethanol in General. If there is retching, it is not necessary to prevent the body to clean itself. Vomiting – the first sign that the human body is strong and that he can be nice to cope with poisoning. It is better not to restrain the urge to empty the stomach: the patient will contribute to the release of toxins and other "dirt" from the body. Also in cases of poisoning the first degree you can just sleep and relax.

Eliminate the effects of alcohol toxicity

To help the patient to cope with the unpleasant symptoms of intoxication, you can take a few simple steps before coming to the ambulance. To perform the following steps only when the person is fully conscious.

To prevent rapid absorption of toxins into the blood, need to do a cleanse. For cleaning, you are recommended to apply black or white activated charcoal, and after applying them try to induce vomiting. If there was no coal, you can replace it with a weak solution of the food soda or plain water. So, let the poisoned person drink 1-2 glasses of soda solution or water, and in a few minutes, call retching.

In the ambulance the doctors usually put the patient caffeine or kordiamin. Today is gaining popularity of a method called rapid sobering up, when the main active ingredient is the vitamin B6. So, after a few minutes at poisoned man comes clarityconsciousness. After a few minutes it should give a mixture comprising nicotinic acid, which also leads to increased mental alertness. After 1-2 hours the patient becomes much better and it comes almost a full recovery.

Alcohol poisoning is fraught with many unpleasant consequences, for example, addiction, coma and even death. To prevent the occurrence of unpleasant consequences or at least minimize the effects of alcohol before meal it is advisable to drink a glass of milk or a pill of multivitamins. In severe cases, be sure to enlist the help of professionals. In severe stages of poisoning, doctors often use a dropper, because with their help, the medication is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.