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The effect of alcohol on the female body and reproductive system of women

Alcohol is a completely different effect on men and women is due to different physiology. So, the fairer sex need much less alcohol to get drunk, but for recovery time you will need to order more than the man. The reason lies in the fact that the female body contains less water, and therefore, even from one glass of wine, the alcohol level in the blood is high. The effect of alcohol on the female body is harmful because the weaker sex is not genetically predisposed to increased use of alcohol-containing beverages.

The effect of ethanol on woman

A marginal dose of alcohol in women much less than men. This is because the fairer sex in the body much fat and a smaller amount of liquid. So, once the ethanol reaches the stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream, its concentration will be high, but the withdrawal of alcohol from adipose tissue is slow.

In addition, female liver is absolutely not designed to handle ethanol. In liver cells is not produced in a large number of special enzyme dehydrogenase, which is responsible for the splitting of molecules of ethanol. The stomach also does not produce sufficient enzymes that promote the breakdown of ethanol, so the metabolism in the female body is slow.

It is difficult to underestimate the pernicious influence of alcohol on the woman. It changes externally, there are troubles with health due to failures in work of bodies. Intoxication is much more harder than men with the same weight.

Changes in the body

Usually women drink alcohol to relieve stress and feel more relaxed during feasts with friends. Some of the fairer sex with alcohol trying to relieve stress or to get out of depression. However, in most cases, this method helps weak from drinking paint only gathering, and abuse quickly leads to alcoholism. The effect of alcohol on a woman's body is simply terrifying. Some changes occur in the health and appearance:

  • Deteriorating skin condition – she is dehydrated, looks dry and flaky. The alcohol neutralizes the vitamins and nutrients, because of this, the skin becomes flabby and loses its natural color. In addition, violations of the protective functions, at the slightest scratch epidermis for a long time recovering.
  • Can be weight gain if the woman is abusing the wine. After just two standard glass of the caloric equal of a good hamburger.
  • The abuse of vodka or cognac, maybe a sharp weight loss. Ethanol is a foreign substance, which the body tries to get quick relief and will utilize all resources.
  • Alcohol negatively affects sleep. Women suffering from alcoholism, a very light sleeper, their nightmares. Significantly reduced REM sleep, so there is chronic fatigue.
  • Inhibited the activity of the Central nervous system. In women after copious consumption of alcohol often have memory lapses.
  • Edema. A woman who abuses alcohol, you can often learn eyes. Eyelids swollen, all puffy.

It is worth remembering that if a small amount of alcohol improves mood and liberates man, excessive consumption is causing a negative impact on the psyche.

In intoxicated women most often committed crimes. And ladies like this often become victims of criminals.

The effect of alcohol on reproductive function

Well known is the fact that alcohol is strictly forbidden to use women during pregnancy and lactation. But not everyone understands what this ban as it affects the reproductive system as a whole, what harmful effects alcohol has on pregnant women.

Couples who plan to have a child, you need to completely abandon alcohol. Even a small dose of ethanol, which periodically enters the bloodstream, can affect quick conception. In addition, the abuse of alcohol often leads to infertility.

If to drink alcohol a pregnant woman drinks, the ethanol crosses the placenta to the child and acts on it intoxicating. The result can be miscarriage, missed abortion or the birth of a sick baby.

Ethanol affects the hormonal balance in the female body. The estrogen level is significantly exceeded, and this leads to various gynecological diseases.

With excessive alcohol consumption in women can be such gynecological and endocrine diseases:

  • Deteriorating fertility of a woman, she is almost unable to reproduce healthy offspring. Ethanol affects the female oocytes, initially they are non-viable or very weak.
  • Premature menopause starts, pretty young girls can no longer have offspring.
  • Disturbed menstrual cycle.

Frequent and irregular alcohol consumption provokes development of oncological diseases. Most likely to occur breast cancer, stomach cancer and liver.

The harm of alcoholic beverages forwomen

The distinction between the harmful effects of alcohol on the woman and its neutral effect is very subtle. This is determined by genetic predisposition, physiology and health. In most cases alcohol has a negative effect not only on the appearance of women but also to health. Can occur in some diseases:

  • Cirrhosis and hepatitis under the influence of ethanol are broken down by the liver cells, reduces the level of metabolism.
  • Damaged brain cells – the body is reduced in volume, decrease mental capacity.
  • Increased blood pressure. In chronic alcoholism appear diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • It upsets the balance of minerals in the body, especially calcium. Have a drink ladies frequent broken limbs, cracked bones and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.
  • Pancreatitis, gastritis – alcohol absorbed from the digestive tract, thus changing the flora and thinning of the stomach lining.

The higher the age of women, the harmful effect of ethanol on the body. This is due to the fact that the metabolism slows down, the output of harmful substances is stretched for a long time.

In the fairer sex who consume alcohol every day increases the risk of hemorrhage in brain, trauma and suicide!

Female alcoholism

Women are very vulnerable to the harmful effects of alcohol, they have quite often observed with alcohol dependence. Beautiful ladies with alcoholic beverages is trying to heal from anxiety, stress symptoms, depression or to overcome difficult situations. For women it is very important to control yourself in the amount of alcohol consumed, or you will quickly to addiction.

Cure female alcoholism is very difficult task even for skilled physicians. Although ladies often turn to professionals to rid them completely of alcohol dependence is not always possible, and the time it takes a lot. The fact that female alcoholism is developing on a psychological level, the treatment should involve primarily good psychologists.

Most often alcoholism is logged in young girls that first drink, and then can not live without alcohol a day. With age, the probability of complete recovery from alcoholism is reduced. With regular consumption of alcohol the body gets used to the ethanol and so acutely does not respond to ingress of foreign matter into the blood, so the dose increase.

If the family is a woman with alcohol dependence, it should immediately see a doctor. Only time for the treatment may be a good result. Do not forget that alcoholism is a disease and it needs to be treated!

It just so happens we have a tradition that no intoxicating beverages, no cost, no feast. And if one man enough to drink a little, then the other will stop until you try all the alcohol that is on the table. Avoid alcohol, especially women, as health effects can be irreversible.