Dropper hangover: composition, positive action

Dropper from a hangover is suitable for chronic alcoholics and for a person who rarely perebivay, but during a hangover he observed a very marked symptoms. Through its use of the patient sobers up quickly. It is especially useful for alcoholics, as it excretes acetaldehyde. Regular receipt of the dropper in humans will be dependent on alcohol.

What if the alcohol should be put on a drip

It would seem, why drip when you can drink special tablets or suspension of a hangover. The effectiveness of the dropper is measured in its bioavailability. This figure caught the drugs in the blood. If the drug is administered intravenously, then this parameter is 100%. If we put an injection intramuscular or to take the pill, the blood will be only part of the drugs. The rest remains in the tissue or processed in the stomach.

That is why, if administered intravenously it will take effect faster. In the IVS from a hangover use of drugs with maximum bioavailability. The effectiveness of infusion way of removing the symptoms of a hangover is that after that, the patient doesn't one want to take another dose of alcohol.


During the period of intoxication by alcohol, the body is severely depleted, he loses a lot of liquid. So in a drip from a hangover of its included substance that restores the water balance is glucose and saline. Glucose is also responsible for energy, so when it is in deficit, the patient feels weakness and dizziness. In addition, components of the drip of solution is a medication that relieves the symptoms of intoxication, they also have a diuretic effect.

Must be in her composition include vitamins, which, once in the body, relieve headaches, shivers, chills, and strengthens immune system of the patient. It is the B vitamins and ascorbic acid. Intravenous can be administered and other drugs, if it's up to the doctor. It can be a sedative, hypnotics or antidepressants.

The dropper also include additional additives. It is a substance that accelerates metabolism in the tissues and cells of the body. For example, a doctor inserts a succinic acid, which speeds up metabolism and normalizes cellular respiration. Due to this faster derived toxic substances.

To improve liver function, component of the dropper needs to be medications, for example, Essentiale. The doctor mixes 5-10 ml of drugs with venous blood of the patient and brings the solution into the vein.

Action hangover

Dropper from a hangover has the same effect on the body:

  1. Also thins the blood. Glucose-saline solutions not only reduce the concentration of alcoholic drinks, but also make the blood more fluid. The fact that excessive consumption of alcohol in a person develops hypovolemia. This means that in the blood liquid enough, while in other tissues it is present in excess. If the patient is low blood pressure, the doctor injects him with hemodynamic solutions.
  2. Restores electrolyte balance. During the procedure the doctor may use special solutions, for example, "Acesol". Such a solution, it can make your own by mixing a 10% solution of glucose, insulin, magnesium. The proportions of each component calculates independently the doctor depending on the patient's symptoms. After that, the body recovers electrolyte disorders.
  3. Restores the acid-alkaline balance. The breakdown of alcohol and the formation of acetaldehyde occurs during oxidation reactions. As a result, the acid-alkaline balance is disturbed, as in the body tissues contain acid components. And this leads to violation of all biochemical reactions. To restore balance, the doctor injects intravenously 4% solution of soda. However, the solution has a hard effect on the body, so after the procedure, you may receive a number of side reactions. The dose is calculated by your doctor, during what are considered the main indicators of acid-base balance of human blood.
  4. Destroys acetaldehyde. In a dropper from a hangover included tricarboxylic acids (succinic and fumaric). This component has a detoxifying effect on the body. Under their influence gently remove manifestations of acidosis. It stimulates the metabolism, so alcohol is processed much faster.
  5. Improves breathing. Alcohol has a negative effect on the body. To some extent it can be compared even with drugs. In addition, it affects the receptors. Therefore, a large dose of alcohol can lead to respiratory failure. The doctor introduces antagonists that affect brain receptors, such as "Naloxone." Due to this alcohol is not as intense effect on receptors.

In addition, the IV hangover improves the metabolism in cells of the human body. This is because it includes a number of vitamins. Especially important are thiamin, which contributes to a more rapid transformation of pyruvic acid to lactic.

The advantages of a dropper from a hangover

Dropper hangover has some positive sides. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Drugthe drug immediately enters the bloodstream, so the effect of its introduction has been observed for 15-20 minutes. Moreover, the doctor may adjust the composition of the dropper, adding some components. But it depends on the symptoms of the patient.
  • To control the effect of the medicine easier. It is introduced gradually, one at a time. Don't need to do a few different shots, as all components are part of one dropper.
  • Due to the blood thinners, it better circulates through the vessels. This lessens the load on the heart. In the body creates favorable conditions for recovery.
  • The composition of the dropper, the doctor selects thus to normalizepath the blood and restore its acid-base balance. Due to this improved properties of blood.
  • Moreover, the injected medicines not only derive from the binge, but also positively affect the work of all internal organs.
  • The effect of the drug appears gradually growing. This helps to normalize functioning of all organs, which was broken under the negative influence of alcohol.

After administration of the drug composition intravenously, the patient's condition quickly coming back to normal and his overall health improved significantly. Immediately after the procedure some symptoms may remain, but they should go away after 2-3 hours.


Of course, any procedure has certain disadvantages. Dropper from a hangover can also lead to negative consequences. However, this phenomenon is more likely to occur if the procedure is performed by qualified doctor (psychiatrist or toxicologist), and the doctor with another specialization.

In any case be self-medicate, relying on the introduction of the dropper to any of your friends. Powerful drugs can only worsen the condition of the patient even leading to death. To trust your life to a paramedic and emergency physician is not necessary. To enter the composition intravenously can only be a psychiatrist.

Also be aware that after the introduction of IVS from a hangover you may receive a number of implications. Complaints of patients can be:

  • weakness, lethargy, fatigue, the patient wants to sleep. Moreover, such complaints may appear the patient immediately after the procedure and the day following it.
  • malaise, disorientation, apathy. Instead, on the contrary, needs to receive a burst of strength and energy.
  • some people also feel the pain in the joints, shortness of breath, impaired appetite. Rarely get insomnia.

Such symptoms may appear in case if the doctor will select the wrong part of the dropper. For example, depression of the nervous system is a consequence of the excessive number entered sedatives or hypnotics. In addition, the doctor must consider the compatibility of the introduced drugs, otherwise it may lead to allergic reactions or even anaphylactic shock. However, most of these consequences are subjective. After all, when alcohol human senses blunted, and pain.

It often happens that after the elimination of the binge with IV fluids, there are various pain. In this case, an urgent need to conduct the medical examination. Because pain can be a symptom of various diseases, including threat to human life.

How long is a session and its cost

Usually the cost of these new IVS depends on which medications the doctor entered. As a rule, this procedure is expensive and its price fluctuates in the region of 500 rubles. However, if you call the doctor at home, the session will cost much more. After the doctor takes the risk, being responsible for the health of the patient.

In General, it is not recommended to carry out this procedure at home, even by a competent physician. After all, the house is not able to create the same sterile environment in a medical facility. In addition, the doctor may use substandard drugs to get even greater benefits. Therefore it is better to completely abandon the procedure than doing it at home.

The duration of the digging session is approximately 40-60 minutes. However, in severe cases, the procedure may take up to several hours. It happens when the person is not out of the binge for more than a week, and he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. If the hangover is mild, to help the person, it is sufficient to inject intravenously small bottle of solution. His digging takes a bit of time – less than an hour.

The sequence of the procedure

First you need to stop the absorption of alcohol into the blood. To do this, the patient drank 10 tablets of activated charcoal, after which he washed the stomach. Vomiting can be cause by stimulating the tongue with your fingers. If not, the doctor removes stomach contents through a tube. There are so-called quick method is very sobering. It is held thus:

  1. The doctor puts an injection 5% vitamin B6 and gives to the patient to drink a solution consisting of 100 ml of boiling water and 1 crushed tablet of diazepam and 0.2 g of corazol and the same amount of nicotinic acid.
  2. Intravenous administration of 20 ml of glucose solution (40%), 10 ml of ascorbic acid solution (5%), 15 UNITS of insulin.
  3. Then the droplets are introduced in a 250 ml gemodeza and sodium chloride. The proportions of gemodez doctormust rely with the utmost care. The drug affects the nervous system, leads to a decrease in pressure. Moreover, it can cause the development of kidney failure. However, now gemodez rarely included in the composition of the IVS.
  4. Enter 600-900 mg of metadoxine. The drug promotes activation of substances that break down alcohol. Due to this accelerated oxidation of the components of the alcohol, after which they quickly removed from the body.

After about 15-20 minutes after the session the patient's condition is normalized. Restores the function of the nervous system, people become less disinhibited, ordered his behaviour. The sobering effect usually occurs no earlier than 1 hour after the procedure. With regular carrying out of droppers from a hangover alcoholics have reduced the likelihood of disease cirrhosis of the liver.

Treatment of alcoholic psychosis

Delirium tremens usually occurs as a result of prolonged drinking bouts. Disturbed function of the liver is to filter toxins, and this leads to damage to the nervous system alcoholic poisons. Necessarily the treatment of alcoholic psychosis held in the hospital. Moreover, it is desirable to choose a specialized clinic where the patient will be available to watch. After all, if treat correctly, the psychosis can become chronic, and it often leads to disablement.

Therapy of alcoholic psychosis includes a massive infusion digging. Per day the patient is more 2 liter glucose solution of Panangin. Necessarily components of such droppers are increased dosages of pyridoxine, thiamine, ascorbic acid. But the use of gemodez prohibited.

Who should not use the dropper from a hangover

Before you pick up infonova part of the solution, a psychiatrist or toxicologist should listen to the complaints of the patient. In addition, a survey consisting of the General analysis of blood and urine. The physician should identify whether the patient individual intolerance to any drug. Only after that he chooses the drugs and their dosage. Carefully, the doctor should treat the following groups of individuals:

  • people over 55 years of age;
  • patients with abnormalities of the cardiovascular system;
  • persons with diabetes or asthma;
  • alcoholics who binge lasts more than a week.

To assist such people only in the hospital. On holding the dropper at home may not be considered. After all, they may have some complications. The dropper should be placed not immediately after the feast, and after 5-6 hours after it. Therefore, relatives should ensure that the patient does not have time to nip.

So, the IV for a hangover helps to quickly and effectively remove the signs of intoxication. For the treatment of chronic alcoholics have additional drugs that relieve dependence on alcoholic beverages. Also, the droppers include sedative, relaxing the person. If the patient rarely drinks alcohol, IV includes substances, rehydration, and helps to release the acetaldehyde.