Inderal and alcohol: compatibility and posledstviya mix

Alcoholic beverages belong to the class of substances which have a toxic effect on the human body. And the combination of ethanol with drugs often leads to severe complications and even death. Antihypertensive drug inderal and alcohol so incongruous that even an experienced cardiologist is difficult to predict the consequences of such "therapy." But, despite the warning of physicians, does not decrease the number of people who believe that one or two drinks will not cause harm.

Characteristic features of the drug

Propanolol, the active ingredient propranolol, refers to those chemical compounds, which when properly calculated dose is able to enhance the pathological symptoms. Cardiologists prescribe medication for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Inderal has a wide therapeutic range and a selective effect, so drinking can provoke an extensive intoxication.

If you encounter stressful situations in the blood stream is ejected adrenaline that help people to react quickly to danger. As the pressure increases, this hormone is also produced by the adrenergic receptors. But in this situation, a significant concentration of biologically active substances damages the heart and blood vessels, especially in the presence of such diseases:

  • myocardial infarction;
  • renal or hypertension;
  • acute and chronic heart failure;
  • stroke.

Hard to imagine that people with these pathologies generally drink alcohol because it is fatal for the body. And if the chain is inderal, the relatives of such patients should learn resuscitation techniques.

Propanolol refers to the funds that quickly lower blood pressure. And alcoholic beverages have the opposite effect. The combination of the drug with ethanol in the best case will be no therapeutic effect.

Inderal prevents the release of adrenaline, limits its influence on the tone of large and small vessels. Prolonged use of the drug in individual doses belongs to preventive measures. This is possible due to the wide range of action of the drug:

  1. Hypotensive – lowers blood pressure and prevents its increase.
  2. Antiarrhythmic – decreases the force and frequency of contractions of the myocardium.
  3. Antianginal – limits the need of cardiac muscle in the molecular oxygen.

The intake of propranolol on the background of alcohol consumption is the rapid absorption of the medication. After penetration into the blood stream the maximum therapeutic effect occurs after the first hour and persisted for 4.5 -5 hours. Ethyl alcohol also is metabolized by liver cells, so the processing products of alcohol and antiarrhythmic drug accumulates in the body.

The poisoning

The main reason of intoxication becomes the reluctance of the sick person to realize the seriousness of what is happening. Even after the warnings of cardiology that inderal with alcohol will only delay recovery, but also cause complications, the patient stops drinking. Especially dangerous is ethyl alcohol with a drug with such pathologies:

  • hypertension a specific etiology;
  • heart rhythm disorders;
  • coronary heart disease;
  • diencephalic syndrome;
  • arrythmia;
  • atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation;
  • sinus and paroxysmal tachycardia;
  • the mitral valve prolapse.

The active substance is propranolol, propanolol, is part of the popular eye drops to treat open-angle glaucoma. Can I take alcohol in this case, because this use of the drug relates to external? In the annotation marked by the acceptance of ethanol categorically is forbidden.

Inderal is not suitable for the treatment of certain categories of patients. Before assigning a course therapy the person should undergo a thorough examination. When the diagnosis of asthma or chronic pathologies of the urinary system the drug is not recommended for use.

The next morning after a wild party or get-togethers with friends people usually feel best. In addition to nausea, vomiting, painful headache he had the impression that the heart jumps out of my chest. Concerned relatives are advised to take inderal, because they are recommended by his doctor with pain behind the breastbone. Combined with non-recycled alcohol liver medicine in the best case provoke dizziness and cramps, and at worst will have to call the team "Ambulance" to save lives.

The main effect of propranolol – a decrease in blood pressure. Together with alcohol it is amplified many times, causing serious complications. Typical symptoms of hypotension are:

  1. Cold hands and feet.
  2. Pallor, perspiration.
  3. Nausea, heartburn, flatulence.
  4. Headaches, migraines.
  5. Loss of coordination in space.

If the victim is not to provide emergency assistance in this state, reduced functional activity of the cardiovascular system and brain. The consequences can be unpredictable, up to respiratory arrest. When people took inderal on the background of alcohol consumption, he is not able to objectively evaluate his condition and to call for help. And the surrounding take the symptoms of arterial hypotension for a strong intoxication, is laid the victim on the sofa, carefully covered with blanket.

The lack of interaction

From propranolol not compatible with alcoholic beverages, so their simultaneous use is extremely dangerous. Almost all chronic alcoholics believe that a long life without wine and vodka isn't worth it to stop the abuse of ethyl alcohol.

If a person claims about the safety of the combination of propranolol with alcohol and ready to prove it by example, it can be considered an exception to the rule. Such luck is only temporary, simply, the body develops a slow intoxication.

Many patients or their family members are proof that as a result of the simultaneous reception of a pharmacological drug and ethanol develop numerous complications. In some cases, faced death after finding a man in a deep coma.

The severity of the reaction of all systems of life on a dangerous combination of antiarrhythmic drug and alcohol depends on many factors. These include:

  • the amount of consumed ethyl alcohol;
  • the age and state of health;
  • the presence of diseases in anamnesis;
  • the term chronic alcohol dependence.

Most often the co-administration of propranolol and alcohol leads to the development of orthostatic collapse. When you try to take a vertical position, the person falls sharply blood pressure. It becomes so low that it disrupted the work of the gastrointestinal tract: opens to vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. Indications in the display the sphygmomanometer correspond to the amount of consumed alcohol. The more in the body, the lower blood pressure.

Inderal in the treatment of chronic alcoholism

The longer the alcohol experience of the person, the more damaged his nervous system. If you decide to stop drinking alcohol, used to the constant flow of toxic compounds, the body begins to resist. During binges were subjected to significant deformation of the liver cells, pererabatyvaya a huge amount of ethanol. Poisonous substances accumulated on all the internal organs, especially the brain.

After the rejection of reception of ethyl alcohol of an alcoholic develops the strongest withdrawal symptoms. Aktiviziruyutsya parts of the brain responsible for neural excitation. The person becomes aggressive towards others, may have auditory and visual hallucinations.

In this state, the receiving propranolol strictly contraindicated. Only after 3-4 days of alcohol abstinence takes on the character of a light hangover. The severity of symptoms of intoxication is reduced, but continue following the signs of poisoning:

  1. Tremor of upper and lower extremities.
  2. Violation of coordination of movements, unsteadiness of gait.
  3. Dizziness, decreased visual acuity, double vision before my eyes.
  4. Neurological disorders: anxiety, anxiety and fear.

At this stage of alcoholism treatment uses pharmacological agents to facilitate the patient's condition, relief of hangover symptoms. Inderal is used to eliminate the arrhythmia, arterial hypertension, reduce the force of heart contractions. The acceptance of the use along with sedative drugs reduces withdrawal symptoms. Before using inderal, the patient is examined for the presence of bronchial asthma and acute renal failure.

Symptoms of intoxication

Take inderal after alcohol is prohibited due to a sharp drop in pressure, reducing the frequency of contractions of the myocardium. In the use of the compounds in a considerable quantity the person is disturbed breathing, swells the brain and lung parenchyma. In the absence of medical intervention a person can fall into a coma and die.

Chronic alcoholics neglect medical recommendations and are taking inderal. They soon appear such effects of intoxication:

  • insomnia;
  • cramps;
  • diarrhea or constipation;
  • cough;
  • shortness of breath;
  • nausea;
  • impotence.

In people with alcohol dependence after a few years of regular consumption of ethanol is developing acute or chronic congestive heart failure. To stop the rise in blood pressure and lower heart rate can inderal. But cardiologists are reluctant to prescribe the drug to patients because of their unwillingness to quit drinking.

Cardiologists diagnose in these patients is ischemic colitis. A person can develop allergic reactions such as rashes on the skin. But the more damaged the liver and almost all the organs of the urinary system.