What to do if you feel sick after hookah: poisoning

Newfangled and very exotic form of entertainment among young people is hookah. Using this device Smoking specific Smoking blends with different flavors. Those stores that distribute hookahs and enclosed Smoking blends, assure that the injury he carries. But in fact, this allegation has not been confirmed, according to consumer reviews it can be concluded that poisoning of the hookah may take place, excessive or poor handling device for Smoking as after Smoking hookah can be a headache.

The positive side of Smoking hookah

Some people abandon traditional cigarettes in favour of Shisha. Advantages of hookah really is and they smokers include the following items:

  1. It is believed that the consumption of tobacco through a hookah is not addictive, but only if Smoking blends do not contain drugs.
  2. The device is big and bulky, impossible to carry, like a cigarette, so Smoking is rare. This is especially true for smokers with experience, who plan to abandon bad habits.
  3. When a person smokes cigarette, the smoke with the tar and harmful substances deposited in the lungs. The hookah provides for the filtration system, the smoke passes through a special fluid and all hazardous substances deposited there, not getting into the respiratory system (in fact it does not);
  4. You can change mouthpieces to avoid infections and fungal diseases.

It seems to be a good alternative to Smoking regular cigarettes, but all is not so rosy. The positive side of this device is just a drop in the bucket compared to the damage that causes the body this method of Smoking. Often esteem themselves smokers, to assuage his conscience.

Why are there poisoning hookah

Mostly it's fun like with friends, during a long get-togethers for conversation and a Cup of coffee. In entertainment establishments believe that by changing the nozzle, it is possible to protect their customers from dangerous diseases, but this is absolutely not true. Each part of the hookah is a hotbed of infection if no proper handling. All the parts of the device, regardless of what material they are made, should be subject to systematic processing. For this purpose, specialized solutions and sterilization. The tube must be thoroughly washed after each use. But no entertainment so not concerned about the health of clients to constantly wash every device for Smoking.

What pathogens provoke poisoning

Become bad after a water pipe can range from one session of Smoking. On the inner surfaces of the device, in addition to the resin and droplets of condensate, some pathogenic microbes:

  1. Staph – in excessive amount it causes severe lesions of the mucous membranes of the respiratory organs. Treatment for staphylococcal infections is long and costly.
  2. The pores of the fungus Aspergillus is able to very quickly hit the lung tissue when injected into the human body.
  3. Pseudomonas aeruginosa is resistant to many groups of antibiotics. Leads to terrible health consequences, affects many important organs and systems.

If sick after hookah a few hours after Smoking, so that was complied with certain conditions under which could cause a poisoning. Possible causes are listed below.

  • The instrument was poorly handled and contained a large amount of pathogens. Often this occurs during weekends and holidays, when the influx of visitors is great and the hookahs don't have time to wash.
  • The person who was Smoking, was severely reduced immunity due to earlier disease.
  • The client was heavily smoke hookah. From a few puffs pathogens do not have time to get into the bloodstream.

The person became ill after hookah, is required promptly to fresh air or provide air flow in the room.

Symptoms of poisoning hookah

Symptoms of intoxication of the hookah are different and depend on the type of pathogenic microbe attacked the human body.

The fungal infection then manifests itself in complex changes in health:

  • shortness of breath;
  • pain in the lungs;
  • hyperthermia, sometimes the temperature readings are very high;
  • the nausea and vomiting.

Infection with Staphylococcus aureus leads to diseases of the respiratory organs – angina, obstructive bronchitis and tracheitis. Within a day of pampering hookah person feels these signs of disease:

  • severe migraine headaches;
  • General weakness;
  • aching in bones and joints;
  • coughing and wheezing in the chest.

The hardest leak poisoning hookah in the penetration of the organism Pseudomonas aeruginosa. This is manifested by such symptoms:

  • fever;
  • develops uncontrollable vomiting, sometimes with blood streaks;
  • appear cramps;
  • the victim faints.

Sometimes the person is sick from a hookah just because he smoked it too long and the brain is lacking oxygen. This condition is also accompanied by dizziness and fainting. You can use cotton wool with ammonia toto lead man to consciousness.

If a person became ill within a short time after drinking Smoking mixtures by means of hookah, you should contact a doctor for advice.

Is it possible poisoning Smoking mixture?

Although the smoke emanating from the hookah, and purified water filter, the lion's share of tar and harmful compounds is not deposited. So poison hookah possible not only because of the microorganisms or fungi, but also from the escaping steam that is inhaled by people. Only about 30% of the toxic compounds deposited on the surfaces of the device, the rest of the poisons are dissolved in the liquid and then the smallest parts penetrate into the lower lung.

Smoke coming from hookah contains a number of toxic compounds, listed next.

  • Carbon monoxide concentration in the air after work Shisha is ten times higher in comparison with the smoke from a cigarette.

Intoxication with carbon monoxide is among the most common causes of severe poisoning hookah!

  • Toxic resin – appear to be the result of chemical reaction when heated, of Smoking mixtures.
  • Benzopropilen – otraslyam relates to a hydrocarbon substance.
  • Other harmful substances that may be included in Smoking mixtures. This method of Smoking is considered by many to be harmless, therefore an adequate study of the composition of tobacco blends no one ordered.

The symptoms of excessive Smoking hookah

When a person abused the hookah, then he manifested symptoms of acute poisoning:

  • severe nausea;
  • dizziness;
  • increased heartbeat and other violations in the cardiovascular system;
  • General fatigue and loss of efficiency;
  • if case is very severe, there may be convulsions and fainting.

With the appearance of life-threatening conditions requires a quick call to the emergency room!

Help people who smoke hookah

What to do immediately, if the person smoked hookah for a long time and he became ill? The sequence of actions should be:

  • provide the victim access to fresh air. For this, you can open the Windows and doors to be draught, or move the victim to the street;
  • someone who is comfortable tuck, head slightly turn;
  • with the patient remove tight clothing, belts and ties. If it is impossible to remove cut;
  • rubbing the affected limb and the entire body to improve circulation and revive him;
  • on the forehead put a cotton cloth soaked in cold water, you can use ice, only it is pre-wrapped in a towel;
  • if respiratory and cardiac activity is disturbed, carry out resuscitation.

The victim do not bother. If he has a partial no reflexes, immediately call the resuscitation team.

Before you go to the victim to assist, should get some Smoking mixture, which he consumed. This will make it in the laboratory to determine the most appropriate treatment of the patient and prevent such incidents in the future.

Treatment of intoxication

The treatment of poisoning with hookah is reduced to symptomatic therapy. Therapy will look like this:

  • the introduction of the antidote of carbon dioxide;
  • intravenous nutrient solutions, and injections of vitamin preparations;
  • with an unstable breath, use of oxygen pillow.

Provide to the patient complete rest in a well ventilated room.

Prevention of poisoning hookah

Everything is easier to prevent poisoning than to treat. This will not only impact on health but also on the wallet, as the recovery period is long and the drugs are expensive. To avoid poisoning, you need to adhere to these rules

  • Does not smoke hookah. This newfangled hobby brings great enjoyment, but the health problems can be.

Should not meekly yield to the entreaties of friends who insist that it's quite safe.

  • If you really want to indulge in this exotic activity, then you need to choose a reputable institution that provides such services. Company with a known name value our reputation, so there is Smoking hookah should be on top. Before Smoking is inspect the mouthpiece and the tube to make sure they are clean.
  • If a person is sick from a hookah, then you need to immediately stop this activity. This is the first sign of what might be intoxication and deterioration.
  • Conduct preventive talks with young people about the dangers of Smoking. It is necessary to tell that the Shisha, like cigarettes, is very harmful for health.
  • Not to get involved in Smoking mixes people with a tendency to allergic reactions. Flavorings and preservatives can cause swelling and suffocation.

Hookah is not a safe device as it is trying to convey to the sellers of such products. Can last one time to smoke tobacco using this device to get health problems for life. Don't forget that toxic substances dissolved in water are absorbed into the bloodstream and the lungs much faster and cause more damagebody.