How to quickly sober person at home

To drink and never get drunk. But, alas, to know him is destined not for everyone. In most cases, after the feast the whole company is feeling pretty tipsy, and it's hard to find one sensible and adequate. The best solution all together to fall asleep and Wake up the next morning with clear heads. But there are times when to lead a drunken man in a sense follows immediately. Here then come to the aid of people advice on how to sober person in the home. Let us consider the best methods, proven over the years.

A selection of the best home methods of sobering up

After prolonged intake of alcohol completely excrete alcohol remains in a matter of minutes will not work. Carry out the procedure of sobering up only in specialized institutions. But in this case, the IVS can take several hours until the concentration of ethanol in the blood will be reduced to a minimum. So out of alcoholic intoxication, using folk remedies and methods, it is possible for a short period of time. Usually in an emergency situation such as a half-hour of enlightenment the mind is sufficient to solve the problem. Then the "guilty party" can safely go to sleep to during sleep to fully overcome the effects of alcohol.

So, a selection of practical tips sobering:

  1. Impact cold. A cold shower or washing your face with snow – a great tool that will help to cheer up and to put in order thoughts. The procedure of cold sobriety should be carried out to complete or at least relative to clearing the mind. The effect usually lasts for 20-30 minutes, no longer. And remember that heavy intoxication a sharp decrease in temperature can cause vasoconstriction and, as a consequence drowsiness. So the experimenter should never be alone in freezing night on the street. Another quick disillusionment can end with hypothermia and frostbite. This method is prohibited and in diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  2. Massage and rubbing. To disperse blood and to provide a burst of oxygen to the brain cells, it is recommended to actively stretch your feet and RUB the ears. Also, brush your teeth, paying attention to massaging the gums. And sober up a bit, and at the same time freshen breath.
  3. Gastric lavage and intestinal cleansing is one of the most effective, albeit unpleasant methods. To cause retching by simply clicking on the root of the tongue with two fingers. For gastric lavage can also be used a weak solution of potassium permanganate, after which you will need to drink plenty of pure water. Vomiting should not be single, or the remnants of alcohol still gets into the blood and reduce the duration of the phase of enlightenment. With regard to the intestines, cleaning the two-liter enema – perfect punishment for a man who abused alcohol. But if you don't go into the details, this is a great way to flush toxins from the body and relieve alcoholic intoxication.
  4. After the intestines and stomach cleaned, you need to replenish the body with useful products. This vitamin foods (fruit, vegetables), water with lemon, tea with honey or ginger. A Cup of freshly brewed coffee also clears up the brain and invigorate the body exhilarated.
  5. In the end, finally left to Wake up the nervous system and cause the brain to work actively. For this purpose, perfectly logical tasks, puzzles, crosswords or just tricky questions, the answers to which require increased brainpower.

After all these steps, you will be able some time to stay lucid. This is usually 25-30 minutes. But with the intake of a new portion of alcohol the next phase of intoxication is less pronounced.

Medical sobering up at home

Full pharmaceutical care in alcoholic intoxication, as mentioned, can only have a medical staff. And in the current situation will not be adequately craftsman who can cope with a dropper. But a little to speed up the process of sobering up with the help of funds from the home kit is quite real. For this purpose you can use:

  • Drugs to speed up metabolism. This typically means a composition which contains citric or succinic acid. That is, even a conventional look at will come in handy for this purpose.
  • The chelators. Activated carbon, enterosgel, smectite and all other funds that will contribute to cleansing the body of poison, will be removed from the stomach toxin, which is the alcohol and the decomposition products of ethanol.
  • Diuretic herbal remedies. Frequent urge to the toilet will help to get rid of toxins through urine. It is preferable to use natural fees diuretic.

To achieve the diuretic effect do not take furosemide! The drug is contraindicated to accept together with alcohol.

Also pay attention to sobering with a weak solution of ammonia. Theoretically, the effectiveness of this method has not been proven, and official opinions on this matter, in medical practice there. The main purpose in this situation – provoking a gag reflex. The same effect can be achieved using other, safer methods.

When I have time to sleep

If after the feast you haveleft little time to sleep, you should not neglect this chance. During rest the body more quickly and efficiently recovering from alcohol. But to ensure that you Wake up more leisurely, sobered completely, nobody can. So what about your lucid you need to take care before you go to bed. Your actions before going to sleep:

  1. Provoke vomiting. This is the fastest way to sober up at home will help bring the remnants of alcohol that has not had time to digest and enter the bloodstream.
  2. Clean the bowel using enemas. There are going to enough toxins in the morning will prevent you to think clearly and to perceive what is happening.
  3. Take charge or give the body any physical activity that you can do in this state. Sport in this case will help to speed up metabolism and induce perspiration.
  4. If no contraindications, you can visit or take a hot bath to accelerate the withdrawal of toxins through the skin. In addition, this method relaxes, and it will be easier to sleep.

Now you can go to relax, allowing obessively the body to recover itself.

Anyone sober in drunken company

Of course, to interrupt the fun and volunteer to allow torture yourself sobering ways no one wants. But in an emergency you will still have someone to take on this heavy burden. So who to pick here? There are some nuances.

If you quickly remove alcohol from the body need to control the car, for this purpose, it is preferable to choose the man. A strong sex psychoemotional disorders precede the deterioration of motor skills, and reaction speed will be higher. So after a rapid sobering him objectively easier to manage a complicated mechanism. Even assuming a more active reception of alcohol. But women have a different way of intoxication. And to sit behind the wheel of the above methods will be enough. However, a crucial conversation or important talks should be given just to her. It is in this state will be able to skillfully convince the interlocutor, citing many of the factors confirming the correctness of the decision.

Don't try to withdraw from alcohol intoxication of a person who does not feel any pain impulses.

In this condition cannot be considered an adequate perception of reality even if of cleansing the body of toxins. For removing the remnants of the alcohol and restore the sensitivity of nerve endings it will take some time. This is a complex process at the level of the brain, which is the only thing enemas can not be solved.