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What can I eat after food poisoning adult

Properly chosen diet after poisoning plays an important role in the recovery and restoration of the health of the digestive system and the whole organism. In this article, we discussed what you can eat after poisoning and diarrhea and which foods should be abandoned, prepare a tentative menu. About diet after food poisoning in children also read on our website.

Do I need to eat in the first days after poisoning

Previously it was thought that you can eat after food poisoning just 3 days. According to new medical protocols and recommendations, starvation after poisoning is dangerous and harmful to the body. Food is part of the treatment, and it can help you:

  1. To compensate the loss of nutrients, fluids, electrolytes, and minerals that people lost due to vomiting and diarrhea.
  2. To restore the stomach to protect the walls from irritation of hydrochloric acid.
  3. To provide the body with all necessary nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates).

Special attention should be given to drinking regime. Along with vomiting and diarrhea, the patient loses a large amount of fluid, and he develops dehydration. Adult after food poisoning should drink for poisoning at least 2.5-3 liters of fluid a day.

A list of what you can eat after poisoning an adult and a child is not significantly different. The exceptions are infants. Their diet is breast milk, which should not be ruled out.

Please note, that when mushroom poisoning, you should immediately call the ambulance and be treated in the ICU, and toxicology. The ability to power under this poisoning is discussed with your doctor.

The basic rules of the diet after the poisoning

To eat and drink after poisoning and vomiting should begin on the first day of the disease. For the first week you need to stick to the power by which the digestive system and the body will be restored:

  • Eat often and in small portions. The breaks between meals should not exceed 3 hours. Optimal single serving size equal to the size of the palm of your hand. If you do not want to eat at all, you can reduce its volume, but not to starve.
  • The temperature of food and drink should be at room. Hot and cold dishes will irritate the stomach lining.
  • Prepare food for a couple, boil or sauté them. From grilled and smoked dishes should give up on recovery time.
  • If you have chronic diseases of the digestive system, such as: gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, in the preparation of the diet you need to take into account their characteristics.
  • It should be clarified with the attending physician, what not to eat after food poisoning stomach. The list of prohibited products can be customized. Assigning a diet the doctor takes into account comorbidities and the patient's condition.

Please note that in the first days after the food poisoning, it is best to stay in bed, rest, avoid physical exertion.

What can you eat on the first day

On the first day a list of what you can eat after poisoning, very limited. 1 first day to combat dehydration and loss of electrolytes, to protect the stomach lining from toxins and hydrochloric acid.

You need to drink alkaline non-carbonated drinks. This may be a weak sweet black tea, sweet juice, mineral water, decoction of chamomile or St. John's wort. From acidic drinks should be abandoned, they can enhance intoxication and inflammation of the stomach. You should drink 1 Cup of fluid every hour.

The first day of the food poisoning you have:

  • Dried white bread. It is best to dry the house. Store-bought salted crackers contraindicated.
  • Boiled rice porridge without salt and oil. When cooking you need to add water two times more than usual (one Cup rice to 4 cups water).
  • App cookies. Will suit only the most simple cookies, without additives, fillings.
  • Bananas. Choose ripe, healthy fruit. For once you can eat half of a banana, it can grind in a blender, and mix with rice porridge.
  • Boiled oatmeal porridge, mucous consistency. It coats the stomach, relieves his irritation.

Diet on day 2

The next day, after the poisoning, diet can be a little to diversify and expand. In the menu you can add the following products:

  • Boiled lean meat chicken or Turkey. Is it better without the dressing, separately. On the second day after the poisoning can be quite a bit of meat 100-150 grams. It is necessary to replenish the body's needs in protein and amino acids.
  • Eggs. It is better to eat them as scrambled eggs steamed or boiled hard-boiled.
  • Baked apples, pears. This dish is high in fiber and pectin, which prostimulirujte intestinal motility.
  • Vegetable soup on vegetable oil, which can include carrots, potatoes, zucchini.

Special attention should be given to drinking regime. On the second day, it is recommended to drink water and tea with lemon. The fact that together with vomiting, the body loses large amounts of hydrochloric acid, and may develop alkalosis. Alkalosis – a pathological condition in whichis the alkalinity of the blood, increasing pH. It can be corrected with the poisoning of acidulated drink.

The diet for the first week

Food poisoning, sparing diet should be followed 1 week. On the third day, and in the next 4 days, you can expand your menu the following dishes:

  • Fermented milk products. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese, drink fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt. These products will restore the intestinal flora, develop the work.
  • Boiled or baked fish. It is best to choose low-fat varieties of marine fish.
  • Low-fat chicken broth. This dish will help to restore lost minerals, fatty acids.
  • Baked and boiled vegetables. They can be prepared in the form of diet salad (no mayonnaise and beans).
  • Buckwheat, millet porridge, pasta.

If you find it difficult to live without coffee you can drink for 3 day, but only with milk. Drinking coffee after meal, so that it does not irritate the lining of the stomach.

The table below shows an example menu that you can navigate for the first week after the poisoning (with the exception of 1.2 per day):

The name of the meal A list of products
  • Cheese;
  • App cookies;
  • Coffee with milk and sugar.
Afternoon tea
  • Baked Apple;
  • The compote.
  • Chicken broth;
  • Buckwheat porridge with vegetable vegetable oil;
  • Berry drink.
  • Tea with lemon and sugar;
  • A sandwich with boiled chicken breast and white bread;
  • Baked fish with boiled carrots and potatoes;
  • Still water with limonom.

That is strictly forbidden in cases of poisoning

Food poisoning, the mucous membrane of the stomach and esophagus becomes inflamed and irritated, the intestinal flora is disturbed. Any error in the diet can cause diseases such as gastritis, cholecystitis, duodenitis. For the most rapid recovery and convalescence for the first week after the poisoning, should refuse certain types of food. The following products can not eat as if poisoned, and in the weeks after it:

  1. Smoking. Tobacco smoke irritates the mucous membrane of the esophagus and stomach can cause a peptic ulcer and malignant neoplasms.
  2. Alcoholic beverages, including medicines, alcohol-based.
  3. Carbonated sugary drinks, store-bought and freshly squeezed juices.
  4. Fatty, fried and smoked dishes, offal, chips, nuts, chocolate, candy.
  5. Fresh fruits, vegetables. They can enhance the fermentation processes in the intestine and cause flatulence and bloating. Vegetables and fruits can be baked or boiled.
  6. Legumes, including chickpeas, beans, peas.
  7. Of black bread.
  8. Baking.
  9. Fat, butter.
  10. All types of cabbage.
  11. Garlic, onions, spices.

This list can be extended by the doctor. For example, if the patient has diabetes, he can not add to your tea sugar, honey, and there app cookies and bread.

Food for poisoning is an important component of treatment. To learn precisely what you can eat for poisoning and diarrhea to a specific person, and to learn the list of prohibited products, refer to your family doctor. The diet should be followed for the first week. The first 2 days diet limited and gentle. Special attention should be given to drinking regime. The amount of alcohol consumed should not be less than two liters per day.