What can I eat with alcohol poisoning

A pleasant state of euphoria does not last long, if you take a large dose of alcohol-containing beverage. Dizziness, change in consciousness, vomiting, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract – all signs of alcohol poisoning. After rendering first aid to the injured the question arises – and what you can eat with alcohol poisoning?

Recommended diet

For recovery it is necessary to observe sparing diet. In addition, it must take into account the individual characteristics of the patient.

To suggest what you can eat after alcohol poisoning in each case may be a gastroenterologist or nutritionist.

Food rules

General guidelines to menu planning for all patients with alcohol poisoning the same:

  1. It is best to boil, simmer and bake in a double boiler. Avoiding harmful fried and fatty foods will facilitate the work of the liver and promote its recovery.
  2. Meals need to be diversified. The amount of protein and carbohydrates is stored in full, but fats should be consumed less.
  3. Should eat 5 times a day, small portions.
  4. Meals should be moderately warm. Too hot or cold foods irritate the stomach and esophagus.
  5. Should drink plenty of liquids. Along with the water go out of body toxins and the liver will regenerate faster. If a healthy person per day should drink about 2 liters, in the period of alcohol poisoning you need to drink at least 2.5 liters.
  6. Any baked and boiled vegetables, fruits, and juices from them should be consumed in unlimited amounts. Their rich trace elements beneficial to the body as a whole.
  7. Salads, boiled and baked vegetables, seafood and meat products in any case can not fill with mayonnaise. For this purpose, more suitable low-fat sour cream, a small amount of vegetable or olive oil.

Very important in this period completely abstain from drinking alcohol.

What can I eat

On the first day when alcohol poisoning meal it is desirable to limit the minimum. It is better not to eat. Instead of eating to be heavily drinking. Alcohol and vomiting during intoxication withdrawal of fluid from the body. To avoid dehydration, it is necessary to fill its reserves. But just plain boiled water, ideally suited for this purpose such drinks:

  • weak green or black tea;
  • sparkling mineral water;
  • congee;
  • berry fruit fruit drinks and compotes.

In no case should not drink beverages with aggressive effect on the stomach.

Grain of rice the adsorbent. This means that they absorb the excess gas and toxins accumulating in the colon. That is why during and after alcohol poisoning it is advisable to start the meal with salted rice porridge.

On the second day add a little chicken. The serving size should not exceed half of the palm of the patient. In addition, this day can vary lunch and homemade pudding, or savoury jelly.

On the third day after alcohol poisoning allowed fish low-fat varieties in the form of steam cutlets or meatballs in a light broth. The menu is entered casserole cottage cheese, steam omelettes and souffles.

If a person with alcohol poisoning tormented by diarrhea, will help decoction of the berries and plants that have astringent properties:

  • blueberries;
  • hips;
  • St. John's wort;
  • black currant;
  • the pumpkin juice.

Pumpkin juice will not only reduce diarrhea, but will help to get rid of vomiting.

Completely abandon the sparing diet is possible, when you feel that intoxication has passed and the mucosa of the stomach is no longer irritated. You should listen carefully to the sensations in the stomach and at the slightest discomfort to start eating more moderately. The process of recovery after poisoning can take a long time.

Some foods not recommended for use in alcohol poisoning during the recovery period. Because of them, there flatulence and reloaded the gastrointestinal tract.

It is not recommended to use the products listed below:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits have kabashima properties. To eat, ripe, sour fruits only 4 days after poisoning. It is better to bake them. It diversifies the diet and fill it with necessary microelements.
  • Grilled and smoked to overload the gastrointestinal tract
  • Barley and pearl barley contain large amounts of fiber. It will not benefit the gastric mucosa.
  • In sausages and canned food contains a large number of chemical preservatives and additives.
  • Beans increase flatulence.
  • Flour dough and sweets are not recommended in cases of poisoning, as cause flatulence. If not sweet to do does not work, it is better to use as a sweetener honey.
  • Whole milk and any milk products is contraindicated during the first week after the poisoning. Later they will benefit – they are well restored intestinal microflora.
  • Eggs can be eaten only in the form of omelets for a couple.

It is desirable to eliminate such drinks as purchase juices, jellies,coffee, carbonated water, strong tea, cocoa, or any alcohol-containing drinks. They overload the stomach, and aggressive act at its mucosa.

Kashi is desirable to tenderize until puréed. In this form, grains digest better.

Some time after recovery is necessary to help the gut restore microflora. Menu should include dairy products, vegetables and cereals.

Sample menu

To make the menu for 4 days for poisoned easy. This does not require specific products and skills of cooking. The victim needs to be as simple and natural food. No need to add a lot of spices and seasonings that enhance the taste of the finished dish. They are aggressive act on the damaged after vomiting spasms and the effects of the poison the mucous membranes of the stomach and esophagus.

Day 1

For the first time after poisoning, it is desirable to give poisoned your home-made crackers and weak tea without sugar. To prepare the croutons is easy – you just have to dry it in the oven slices of white wheat bread.

Before bed you can give a little mashed potato, cooked with water, without oil. Usually after the poisoning has no appetite, so small portions will be enough.

Day 2

On the second day after poisoning to the list of allowed meals is expanding. Eating it is better to divide on 7 receptions. The patient can prepare these dishes:

  • Cup jelly;
  • a glass of dried fruit compote, without sugar (better honey);
  • jelly from fruit;
  • mashed potatoes on the water with a minimum amount of oil;
  • porridge made from buckwheat groats in water;
  • fish chicken lean fillet, steamed;
  • veal souffle, steamed.

Day 3

Menu of the third day can vary these foods:

  • casserole low-fat cottage cheese, without sour cream and butter;
  • omelette steam of 2 eggs;
  • light chicken broth with low-fat meatballs.

All food should be prepared only from fresh ingredients and directly to the reception.

Day 4

This is the day to start eating beneficial with semolina or oatmeal, cooked in water, and a glass of compote. For dessert, you can offer the person oven baked apples with a small amount of honey or jam.

For lunch light soup based on chicken broth with well cooked pieces of chicken or veal. Vegetables in soup should only be potatoes and carrots. On the second – chicken or fish cutlet steamed.

Afternoon snack – jelly, milk or sour fruits, homemade jelly.

Dinner – omelette with 2 eggs, steamed, and stewed.

Before bedtime, you can offer a handful of homemade croutons and a Cup of weak tea or decoction of chamomile.

Starting from the 5th day you can increase the amount of food eaten at one time. Should closely observe the patient's condition. In the manifestation of digestive disorders and chair need to come back to a sparing diet.

Healthy food and special menus will help to restore the body in this difficult time. Is the menu suitable for adults and children with ordinary food poisoning. The most important thing – accurately to give the patient new products, to avoid breaking the functionality of the gastrointestinal tract.