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How to recover quickly from food poisoning

Probably every person at least once in life experienced such an unpleasant phenomenon as food poisoning. Stale food, poor quality processed food, eating together incompatible products, and many other factors can cause poisoning, symptoms of which depend on the severity of intoxication. Recovery from food poisoning requires time and proper treatment in compliance with special diets.

What can cause poisoning

The reason of a serious poisoning threat to life can be products containing hazardous components. For example, these are many of the mushrooms and some medicinal plants to be used in micro-doses with caution. To cause serious poisoning can used in food animals, or exotic seafood.

To avoid poisoning, it should be before use, check the products suitability. Damaged often change the color, consistency and smell, so the presence of these symptoms should alert. A vivid sign of the unsuitability of liquid food are gas bubbles. Mold on the products also indicates that food cannot be used. Special danger is represented by dishes, canned at home.

Please note that most often cause food poisoning salads, mayonnaise, eggs, cream cakes and a variety of cakes, milk and milk products, mayonnaise, cooked sausages and watermelon.

Poisoning can cause not only products, but also alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals, various chemicals, paints and other media.

The body after poisoning

And yet one hundred percent protect yourself from poisoning, nobody can. Substandard products may contain poisons, harmful germs and harmful toxins, which get into the body and cause a variety of ailments. Vulnerable bodies faster all fail, is the stomach and intestines. Further harmful bacteria, spreading through the blood, start to break all the other organs. The greatest danger is poisoning to the liver and Central nervous system.

Signs of food poisoning are often symptoms such as:

  • severe nausea;
  • the occurrence of repeated vomiting;
  • weakness of the body;
  • the presence of acute diarrhea;
  • disorder of the nervous system (a possible sign of botulism);
  • dizziness.

The first symptoms can be felt after half an hour after the poisoning. But most often they manifest four or more hours. In some cases, poisoning can occur only through the day. These symptoms can persist for several days, gradually Danny smiled, puzzled. Then the victim can be distressing weakness after poisoning, flatulence, and irregular pain in the stomach.

With diarrhoea and vomiting, the body tries to clear itself from the action of pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, the absence of these manifestations is much more dangerous to health than their presence.

Food poisoning is dangerous and that can cause dehydration, which is not uncommon in acute diarrhea. Recovery from food poisoning takes time and effort. It is necessary not only to restore the water balance, but also to cleanse the body of harmful substances.

The necessary measures if poisoning

To get rid of the signs of poisoning, it is necessary to perform gastric lavage. It usually applies a weak solution using potassium permanganate (can soda) or boiled warm water. This procedure should be repeated several times until you start to leave the stomach clean water.

After this procedure, it is recommended to take the adsorbing means. It is often used activated carbon. The dosage and the scheme of taking pills it is better to check with a physician.

The third measure is to drink plenty of liquids. Not only diarrhea, but also vomiting, the body loses large amounts of fluid. To avoid dehydration, you should frequently drink water (better boiled). Very useful in this case and jelly, weak sweet tea, and fruit drinks.

For several days the victim should be alone. In the first days it is necessary to abandon the use of solid food, then start eating soups (good rice) and slimy decoctions. Quickly recover from food poisoning will help a special diet.

If the poisoning is caused by mushrooms or there is a suspicion of botulism, it is necessary not to hesitate and never seek professional medical help.

To the doctor you need to apply in the case that the victim is a small child or a person in old age. Medical assistance will be needed if the symptoms of poisoning are very bright and do not cease on the first day after self-medication or last for more than a week. High temperature, yellow eye proteins suggests that the process spreads to the liver, so delay the visit to the specialist and not worth it.

Restoring stomach

Spoiled food first enters the stomach, the first blow falls on it. After the poisoning victims often have many stomach aches, and in some cases the body can and normally does not work. Pain can occurfor a long time and to wear heavy or aching in nature. Causes are toxins, which irritate nerve receptors. Special medicines in this case not applicable, because the body must cleanse itself of the presence of toxins.

Thinking about how to restore stomach after poisoning, you should know that the best measure in this case is diet. After being given first aid, you must adhere to a special diet, which should be easy and only include safe products. The food should not overwhelm the stomach to stretch its walls, so it should take small portions up to six times a day. To make it easier to digest food, it must be a liquid or puréed. Such measures will also help to make the stomach.


Menu after food poisoning should not be varied. The first day is very useful to go hungry, thereby helping the body to cleanse itself. It is very important at this time not to stop taking drink plenty of liquids.

The minimum number of days to maintain a diet or three days. During this time, you can take:

  • porridges on water without salt (very useful rice, which adsorb toxic substances);
  • vegetable soups;
  • chicken broth;
  • mashed potatoes without including butter;
  • boiled meat low-fat varieties, e.g., birds;
  • boiled fish;
  • mashed carrots or apples (but not green);
  • tea with sugar;
  • wheat crackers.

Should be excluded:

  • dairy products of any kind;
  • heavy and irritating foods (fried, smoked, fatty, or spicy);
  • eggs;
  • cabbage and beans;
  • honey;
  • any fruits and berries (with extreme caution, you can eat the banana);
  • chocolate and other sweets (jam);
  • strong drinks, such as coffee or cocoa;
  • drinks containing alcohol;
  • sodas and juices;
  • vegetables (e.g., beets, cucumbers, etc.);
  • black bread;
  • canned;
  • various sausages and cured meats.

The dishes should be boiled or steamed. Drinks should give preference to simple, pure water, weak green tea, mineral water without gases and jelly, which perfectly envelop the stomach.

Folk medicine recommends to drink a warm decoction of some herbs that can have healing actions. For example, St. John's wort, rose hips, and chamomile and black currant strengthens the body and have an astringent action. A very useful decoction of calendula flowers.

Adhering to these simple recommendations, you can quickly run the stomach, restore the processing of food and removal of transferred stress. If you have no appetite and force to eat not worth it. After three days the usual products you need to start to include in the diet, but slowly and in small portions. Good work the stomach has an effect also mental attitude, so during the meal should be in a good mood.

Recovery bowel

Except for the stomach, it is very important to restore the harmonious work of the intestine. Intestinal microflora during the period of poisoning is broken, so you need to bring the body in balance.

In a healthy intestine is home to the whole Commonwealth is useful for our body of bacteria. They help properly digest food and to separate it from proteins, vitamins and other useful components. The usual representatives of the intestinal microflora are bifidobacteria and lactobacilli. Along with them in the microflora also observed E. coli, enterococci and bacteriodes. The total number ideally is 99% and only 1% are pathogenic bacteria.

Normal intestinal flora is designed not only regulate digestion, but also to protect the body from invading pathogens and bacteria. Coordinated the work of the intestine ensures harmony throughout the body, including immunity. During food poisoning this harmony is disturbed, causing intestinal dysbiosis, which has many unpleasant consequences. For example, there may be constipation or diarrhea, bloating in the abdomen, pain in the same area, as well as poor digestion.

Dysbacteriosis is commonly observed after antibiotic therapy.

If poisoning is easy, it's usually to try to restore the body with special tools is not necessary. In the case of the intestine is also very useful ordinary diet in which the body itself to cope with the harmful bacteria. Diet helps to adjust the normal operation of the body, has a beneficial effect on his the mucous membrane and creates a good environment for reproduction of beneficial microflora.

Very useful:

  • eat in small proportions;
  • to take during the recovery period easily digestible food;
  • do not wash down food with water;
  • eliminate simple carbohydrates;
  • eat, which a lot of fiber (vegetables and fruits);
  • to avoid fatty or fried food;
  • choose stale bread.

On the intestine rather negative effect drinks such as sweet drinks, alcohol andcoffee.

To restore the intestinal microflora using certain products. This is extremely helpful to consume dairy products, which are live cells of beneficial microorganisms. Dairy products, rich in essential lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria, help to balance microflora, and thereby relieve the unpleasant dysbiosis.

It is also useful to consume sauerkraut, kvass and pickled apples. Foods such as dried fruits, garlic, sour berries, wheat bran, greens and fresh fruits and vegetables is also beneficial to the work of the authority.

To bring order to the bowels, it is possible to resort to drugs. For example, the well-proven so-called probiotics and prebiotics. In the first embodiment, the composition can be several types of living bacteria, using which it is possible to update the microflora. In a second embodiment of such bacteria in the composition, but there are necessary for their growth and reproduction chemicals.

To buy these drugs at any pharmacy, they come in the form of tablets or capsules. Before taking you should consult with your doctor to evaluate the degree of damage of the microflora and the right dose.

As is the case with the liver

It is known that the liver in our body acts as a filter. She constantly without rest cleanses the body of accumulated harmful substances. Poisoning can cause harm to this important body. To restore its work will help drug hepatoprotective action. It is better to take the herbal medicinal products. To do this, you should consult a doctor.

Also good to help the liver amino acids And vitamins with antioxidant action (C, A, E).


The best thing to do to not get poisoned is to remain vigilant. The following are tips to follow that can avoid poisoning.

  • It is necessary to exclude the use of products, the shelf life has expired.
  • When buying milk you need to check the integrity of the packaging.
  • Vegetables, fruits and greens must be well washed.
  • Products such as meat and fish should undergo proper heat treatment.
  • Products must be properly stored in the refrigerator.
  • Prepared meals for more than three days not recommended store.
  • Also important is the hygiene of the kitchen. Crockery and Cutlery must be clean.
  • Is to destroy all insects that are found in the kitchen. Flies, cockroaches and mice are carriers of bacteria and germs.