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Tablets Imodium for diarrhea and diarrhea: instructions for use

Every person who has ever suffered from diarrhea knows how important it is to have a pill that can quickly eliminate this very unpleasant phenomenon. After all, diarrhea is not only exhausting, but also a very dangerous condition which can lead to dehydration. Imodium for diarrhea costs more than similar products, but it is able to remove all the symptoms. But it is important because diarrhea disrupts their way of life and hinders social interaction. For example, it is difficult to sit quietly on a performance or to learn to drive a car, if every 10-15 minutes pull the toilet. It turns out that the cost of the drug is the price quiet and measured life.

General characteristics of the drug

Most often in the home medicine Cabinet of meds for pain from diarrhea Imodium, although this drug is available in the form of gelatin capsules, solution and tablets classic.

Active component of this medication acts as loperamide. And although other drugs of this pharmaceutical group is the same active ingredient lozenges diarrhea Imodium starts to work faster, even at the stage of finding in the oral cavity.

Loperamide binds to special receptors in the intestine, thereby reducing the tonus and peristalsis of smooth muscles of the body. Due to the slowing of motility increases the time interval of passage of the intestinal contents. The active substance promotes the increased tone of the sphincter, resulting in fecal linger, and the urge to defecate occur infrequently. The drug begins to act almost immediately after ingestion, and the therapeutic effect lasts up to 6 hours.

Tablets have a nice minty taste, so they easily accepted even by children.

Indications for

Imodium for diarrhoea is prescribed by a doctor not in all cases. Indications is diarrhea, which is provoked by such factors:

  • allergic;
  • psychological;
  • medication;
  • radiation.

In addition, taking Imodium and diarrhea, which is caused by an abrupt change of diet, poor intestinal motility and absorption, and to stabilize the chair in people with derived ileostomy.

Imodium for poisoning and infectious diseases of the digestive organs can only be assigned in the complex therapy. One this drug is in such cases, any effect does not give.

Do not take antidiarrheal funds immediately in case of poisoning or rotavirus. In this case, the elimination of toxins is slowed and recovery is delayed.


That the drug has certain contraindications, which should not be ignored, these include:

  • special sensitivity to the individual ingredients that go into medication;
  • volvulus;
  • ulcerative colitis in the acute stage;
  • diverticulosis;
  • pseudomembranous enterocolitis;
  • dysentery, salmonellosis, botulism and other diseases of an infectious nature;
  • the first 3 months of pregnancy;
  • The lactation period.

In addition, children from 2 years old to take Imodium can only be in the form of a solution, and children from the age of 5 are allowed lozenges.

Application in diseases of an infectious nature

Although the instructions for use written that the drug is not effective for diseases of the digestive tract of an infectious nature, doctors sometimes prescribed Imodium for the treatment of such pathologies.

With dysentery, salmonellosis or rotavirus this medication is often prescribed from the first day of the disease, and in the recovery process. In the combined therapy Imodium helps:

  • the restoration of normal motility;
  • the increase of residence time of feces in the gut, thereby improving nutrient absorption;
  • to reduce the tone of the anus, so the urge to NCDs occur less frequently.

If there is suspicion on infectious disease of the intestine, it is impossible to start taking anti-diarrhea drug with the first day of sickness. No effect will not, on the contrary, the toxic substances will linger within the body, delaying recovery.

The dosage of the drug

In the instructions for use are described in detail a method of receiving and dosage depending on the age and severity of the condition. The capsules are swallowed whole, regular tablets are put into language, they are for a few minutes completely disintegrated, the solution was dropped in small amount of water, and lozenges slowly resolves in the mouth.

If severe diarrhea adults prescribed 4 mg of the drug, then drink 2 mg after each loose stool. We must not forget that the maximum allowable daily dose should not be more than 16 mg.

If the medication is prescribed in solution, the starting dose is 60 drops for an adult. Then drink 30 drops after each loose stool. Acceptable daily dosage should not exceed 180 drops.

If the diarrhea is chronic in nature, adults are recommended to drink 4 mg of Imodium per day.

If stools are loose in children older than 5 years the drug is prescribed in a starting dose of 2 mg, then givethe same amount of drug after each act of defecation. Daily volume should not exceed 8 mg.

If the medicine is discharged in drops, the child first, give 30 drops, after which the same solution given 3 times a day. Daily dose should not be more than 120 drops for 4 doses.

Diarrhea occurring in the chronic form, children 5 years prescribed 30 drops per day. Kids from 2 to 5 years appoint 5 ml for every 10 kg of weight that is 1 dimensional capacity. Typically, such a dose given up to 3 times per day. In that case, if the desires on the bottom does not occur during the 12 hours or stool steel framed, cancel the drug.

In exceptional cases, Imodium drops can be prescribed to children under 2 years. In this case, the dosage individually calculates the attending physician.

Side effects

Have Imodium pretty much the possible side effects these include the following States:

  • Rashes on the skin allergic nature, abnormal drowsiness, persistent dizziness, and electrolyte imbalance in the body.
  • Sensation of dryness in the oral cavity, intestinal colic, feeling of abdominal discomfort, nausea, retching, constipation and bloating.
  • Sometimes it can be prolonged urinary retention, and rarely obstruction of the intestines.

Resorption mint tablets, you may experience burning and itching of the language. Side effects do not manifest in all patients who take Imodium, only a small percentage. But when any health disorders in the drug urgently cancel and go to the doctor for treatment.

Overdose and its treatment

Overdose of the drug is possible only in several cases:

  1. If the person self-medicates, and does not know how much medication you can drink.
  2. If a child is found abandoned the pills and took them for candy.
  3. If a person tries to get rid of diarrhea and deliberately overstates the prescribed dose.

In that case, if it was made too much of the medication to occur the intoxication of the whole organism, which is manifested by such symptoms:

  • disturbed coordination of movements, the man falls into a stupor;
  • observed abnormal drowsiness and muscle weakness;
  • increased blood pressure;
  • is respiratory depression.

In severe poisoning medication for possible intestinal obstruction.

Treatment of overdose is reduced to gastric lavage, the adoption of adsorbents and introduction of the antidote. The antidote to the Imodium is naloxone, which is injected at the first signs of an overdose. It should be noted that the therapeutic effect of naloxone is shorter than that of the Imodium, so it is recommended to enter it again after some time.

For patients after an overdose need constant supervision, as they can develop late complications.

If antidiarrheal drug poisoned child, immediately call an ambulance or take baby to the hospital on their own. Children have a weak immune system and is not fully formed internal organs, so the effects of an overdose of medication can be unpredictable.

Application features

To treatment Imodium as effective as possible, you should follow certain guidelines:

  1. If after two days of receiving antidiarrheal drug no improvement, you need to contact the doctor for further diagnosis. You must pass a series of tests to determine whether the cause of the diarrhea infection.
  2. Young children aged less than 5 years is not desirable to prescribe the medication in the capsules. In this case it is better to assign a solution or lozenges.
  3. The appearance of side effects in the form of constipation or severe bloating treatment medication should be stopped.
  4. Those patients who suffer from chronic diseases of the liver, it is necessary to constantly monitor the functions of the Central nervous system.
  5. In the treatment of diarrhea is very important to organize the abundant drinking regime to replenish lost fluid. In addition, it is shown to be a solution regidrona or rice water, to replenish electrolytes in the body.
  6. In the treatment of Imodium should be careful working with precise machinery or driving a car. During this period, concentration and the overall reaction can be slightly reduced.

Strictly forbidden to take Imodium in any form after the expiration date. Ignoring this rule can cause severe poisoning.

All medications in the home medicine Cabinet regularly reviews and medicines with expired throw.

Features of the use of drugs for diarrhoea in children

Though all adults know that you begin giving any medication to children only with permission of a doctor, many parents self-medicate. To do it categorically it is impossible, as there can be significant deterioration of health. In the treatment of children with Imodium it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • When vyschityvanii dosage it is obligatory to draw the attention of the pediatrician on the exact weight and age of the child patient.
  • If the drug is prescribed indrops, carefully measure out the desired dose, and then diluted it in a teaspoon of water and only after this give the child.
  • For younger children, if they refuse to drink the medicine, you can dilute the drops in a spoon of juice or tea.
  • Lozenges can be given to children who have reached 5 years of age.

It must be remembered that all medicines should be kept out of reach of small children. Pills Imodium have a pleasant taste and smell, so they cannot be left in a conspicuous place, in order to avoid poisoning. The kids can take them for candies.

Interaction with other medications

The effectiveness of the Imodium may be reduced if the person is simultaneously taking cholestyramine. If when taken together with trimoxazole or ritonavir, increases the bioavailability of Imodium. This happens due to the inhibition of its metabolism during the initial passage through the liver cells.

If the diarrhoea manifested itself in the most inopportune moment, do not worry. Imodium can quickly stop this nuisance and return the joy of life. But we must remember that this drug is effective only if the diarrhea is not triggered by the infections. Otherwise, it can only be assigned in the complex treatment along with other drugs. Start taking Imodium preferably only after a medical examination, and passing all required tests.