Is it possible POLYSORB during pregnancy: instructions for use

Pregnancy is a special time in every woman's life when any factors that have influence on the woman, have an impact on the growing fetus. And although at this time it is undesirable to take any medications so as not to hurt the baby, the need for drugs sometimes occurs, and in the early period. In this case, the doctor chooses the drugs that will not have a negative influence on the organism of the mother and growing child. POLYSORB during early pregnancy is often prescribed for women for various diseases and conditions. He is considered harmless and only works locally.

General characteristics of the sorbent

Active substance of the medicine is the silicon dioxide, which looks like a fine powder almost white or slightly grayish color. POLYSORB during pregnancy has the same effect as the people outside this state. The particles of the adsorbent envelop the stomach and pull all the toxins that are found in the digestive organ. Then, the adsorbent enters the intestine, where it acts in exactly the same way. Thanks polisorba there is a soft cleansing whole body from toxins, allergens or poisons.

The drug good adsorption properties. It creates a working surface of approximately 300 m2 at only 1 gram of powder.

When administered to pregnant POLYSORB

Polisorb in the period of carrying a child is assigned quite often. According to the instructions for use of the drug for pregnant women, the main indications for use are:

  • early manifestations of toxicity in the mothers;
  • allergies;
  • severe vomiting of unclear etiology;
  • poisoning stale food or poisons;
  • prolonged diarrhea;
  • different intestinal infections;
  • poisoning by drugs.

In fact, the use of adsorbent during pregnancy are much broader. Sometimes doctors prescribe it in the treatment of viral and bacterial infections, which need to accelerate the pathogenic microorganisms and their decay products.

All the women in the situation can make the adsorbent

POLYSORB while pregnant can be taken even in the early stages, still there are a number of limitations that the doctor must take into account in the appointment of this drug. The drug is prescribed with caution in such cases:

  • If a woman observed a peptic ulcer in the acute stage.
  • If there is suspicion of internal bleeding in the digestive tract.
  • When there is a suspected bowel obstruction in a pregnant woman.
  • If you are hypersensitive components.

POLYSORB during pregnancy with great caution prescribed, if a woman has observed constipation, hemorrhoids or anal fissure.

Polisorb can harm future baby

Drug is absolutely safe for pregnant any time, even in the first trimester, when most of the medications are prohibited. The adsorbent after being hit in the stomach does not enter the bloodstream and only works locally in the digestive organs. Due to this property, the substance can not penetrate the placental barrier, and therefore completely safe to the fetus.

The adsorbent is excreted unchanged with feces, while removing all the harmful substances that were in the body.

Especially when toxemia

The most common complaint among pregnant women is morning sickness, which manifests persistent nausea and periodic vomiting. Some experts explain this as a specific poisoning toxins which are formed with the development of the fetus.

To quickly improve the state of toxicity will help POLYSORB. Usually pregnant women take medication for 10 days if a different course of treatment had not been recommended by your doctor. This adsorbent binds endotoxins in the intestine of the pregnant woman and gently removes them from the body.

POLYSORB permitted to appoint women to the position as in early and late toxicosis, but only after consultation with your doctor.

The rules of admission if you are allergic

A common problem among women the situation is allergies. If earlier the woman could safely enjoy the taste of any products and to smell the spring flowers, then with pregnancy everything is changing dramatically. Due to the restructuring of the whole organism and hormonal background may have different allergic reactions.

Women often suffer from nasal congestion or runny nose, which is popularly called rhinitis of pregnant. Addition to these symptoms you may experience watery eyes, sore throat, cough and skin rashes.

To treat Allergy in pregnant women is difficult, as most of the drugs banned. When unpleasant symptoms occur, the sequence of actions should be:

  • Eliminate all odors.
  • Eliminate from the diet of allergenic products.
  • The withdrawal of the allergen from the body.

Quickly bring allergens will help all the same POLYSORB, which connects all dangerous substances and then gently removes them.

If a pregnant woman has a severe allergic reaction, you can be prescribed antihistamines or hormones.

How to make the adsorbent duringpregnancy

In the period of carrying a child the dosage of the medication is prescribed by a doctor. If the doctor has not indicated how much powder you need to take per day, the drug is taken according to the scheme specified in the instructions. In the day drink up to 20 grams, the total dose divided into several stages. Maximum daily dosage should not be more than 20 grams, otherwise a pregnant woman encounter persistent constipation, which contributes to the development of hemorrhoids.

In special cases, watching a pregnant doctor may recommend a single dose of adsorbent. This mostly occurs if the woman is being treated in other drugs.

During the whole period of pregnancy in the treatment of a sorbent it is necessary to consider these recommendations:

  • When a pregnant woman is allergic to certain foods, the medicinal drug is taken 20 minutes before a meal.
  • If pregnant women experience severe poisoning, it shown gastric lavage suspension of the adsorbent, and then take the medication as usual. Don't forget that lavage of the stomach pregnant women can only perform in a hospital.
  • Different intestinal infections, therapy should only be complex, the doctor may prescribe the woman who bears a child, and antibiotics. But this takes into account gestational age, and weighed all possible risks to a growing fetus. When the manifestation of the first symptoms of adsorbent are given each hour, after the status bit back to normal, reduce the dosage.
  • If pregnant suffering from morning sickness, she administered the drug in a standard dosage.

In the treatment of toxicity with the use of POLYSORB state of pregnancy is completely normal after a couple of days. She's losing her nausea and retching, and appetite.

How to breed a cure

Before taking the powder in a mandatory manner is diluted in clean drinking water. Take for cultivation of tea, juice or juice is not recommended as carbonated water. Enough to pour a glass of room temperature water and fill in there precisely measured dose of powder, then the composition stirred until a homogeneous suspension. After cooking the drug immediately drink, preparing a suspension in one go.

Is strictly prohibited the use of dry powder or inhalation. Very small particles of the sorbent can settle in the respiratory organs and cause burns.

What to pay attention

Manufacturers claim that POLYSORB is absolutely safe and effective drug, which has no analogues. But even this unique drug can be taken only on prescription and given some of the features of this adsorbent.

Women who drink the drug during pregnancy should be aware that the adsorbent removes from the body not only harmful substances and toxins, but also washes away nutrients and essential vitamins. So drink POLYSORB for an hour before taking vitamin preparations and other drugs or after their admission.

The main side effect of this sorbent is the effect of fixing. As you know, pregnant women and so quite often suffer from constipation due to of the uterus that grows and compresses the intestine. If a pregnant woman is prone to constipation, then before the reception of the sorbent you need to obtain the advice of a doctor.

In the period of carrying a child the woman must be especially careful to monitor their health because any disease will affect the baby's development. In certain cases it is impossible to do without medication, then doctors try to find medications that will not hurt. One of them is POLYSORB, which helps with morning sickness, allergies, poisonings, and several other unpleasant conditions.