How to get rid of dizziness after alcohol

Dizziness is one of the symptoms of hangover and alcohol poisoning. It prevents a person to work and gather my thoughts after drinking. In this article, we covered how to get rid of dizziness after alcohol.

Causes of dizziness

Dizziness after alcohol testifies to the failure of the body. There are many possible causes of this symptom. Some of them are a danger to human life.

Below are the main causes of dizziness after drinking.

  • Intoxication. Dizziness is one of the signs of alcohol intoxication. The person may experience impaired coordination, speech.
  • Intoxication with ethyl alcohol. Alcohol is eliminated from the body for a long time. It poisons the body throughout the residence time in the bloodstream.
  • Spasm of cerebral vessels develops due to high blood pressure.
  • The development of severe somatic pathology as a result of taking alcohol (acute pancreatitis, kidney failure).
  • Poisoning by alcohol or its surrogates.

How to get rid of dizziness after the intake of alcohol

Feeling dizzy with a hangover familiar to most people. It prevents to gather my thoughts, work and drive. It often indicates a lack of sobering up, alcohol intoxication and spasm of cerebral vessels.

Below we have reviewed the main methods by which you can get rid of dizziness after drinking alcohol.

Sound sleep and rest

If you feel that is still not sobered up and walked away from yesterday's feast – go to sleep. During sleep the alcohol faster from the body, and the nervous system is restored and adjusts the work.

It is best to sleep in a well ventilated room or with the window open (during warm seasons). To improve the functioning of the brain requires large amounts of oxygen.

Gastric lavage

Dizziness and nausea – symptoms that indicate a high level of intoxication, a disorder of the digestive system. Gastric lavage will help remove the remaining alcohol and toxins that are left in it.

In order that would wash out the stomach, drink 1 liter canteen of water. The water temperature should be neutral, room. In the purification of the stomach cannot be used with hot or cold solutions.

Remember that add drugs or potassium permanganate in a solution for washing stomach in house conditions is forbidden!


Sorbents are one of the most effective drugs which help to eliminate the intoxication syndrome caused by alcohol use. They cleanse the body and remove carbon the toxins.

Please read the rules carefully dispensing of the sorbent. The dosage can be calculated according to weight or age of the patient.


  • activated carbon;
  • enterosgel;
  • sorbex;
  • smectite;
  • white coal;
  • APSCO.

Drink plenty of liquids

Alcohol removes from the body plenty of fluids and electrolytes and causes dehydration. Dizziness, weakness, tachycardia will not pass until fluid and electrolyte balance is not restored.

For dehydration, which emerged after alcohol, you can use:

  • alkaline mineral water ("Borzhomi"). Before taking because it is necessary to release gases;
  • green tea with lemon;
  • broth hips;
  • tea with mint, chamomile, lemon balm;
  • rehydron – pharmaceutical preparation for the restoration of water and electrolyte balance. 1 packet regidrona diluted with 1 liter canteen of water. During the day you can drink 2-3 liters of this drink.

Remember that when dizziness after alcohol is prohibited to drink coffee. This drink will only worsen your condition. Caffeine raises blood pressure, which increased during alcohol withdrawal syndrome.


If dizziness is accompanied by severe headache, unable to drink painkillers. Please note that drinking should be after a meal. They irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach.


  • acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin);
  • analgin;
  • Ketorolac (Ketanov);
  • ibuprofen (Nurofen);
  • indomethacin;
  • paracetamol (efferalgan);
  • spazmalgon.

Remember that to eliminate a hangover headache Advil prohibited. This drug raises blood pressure and can lead to deterioration.


To remove the spasm of brain vessels, to get rid of dizziness, headache after alcohol will help you a douche. Thanks to him, you will feel the vigor and clarity of mind, you will be tremor hands.

Doctors do not recommend to take a hot bath after drinking alcohol. It can cause an increase in pressure, vomiting and increased dizziness.

A hearty Breakfast

Breakfast will help you to sober up and finally recover. Food triggers the liver, digestive system, and nutrients will improve the functioning of the brain.

After eating the alcohol needs to be easy andnutritious. Perfect chicken broth, lean chicken meat or fish, steam scrambled eggs, cheese, yogurt, cereal.

In what cases should go to the doctor?

Dizziness after a meal may be a sign not only of hangover. This symptom is found in alcoholic poisoning, internal bleeding, acute pancreatitis. With the development of these conditions , you should immediately call the ambulance and to go to the hospital. Below in table describes the main possible complications that can arise after drinking alcohol and dizziness occur.

The name of the pathology Description The clinical picture
Alcohol poisoning Develops as a result of drinking large amounts of alcoholic beverages. The body alone can not bring alcohol. It causes severe intoxication, which causes liver, kidney, Central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. Develops during the first 5-6 hours after drinking alcohol. Symptoms:

  • profuse diarrhea, vomiting;
  • tachycardia;
  • visual and auditory hallucinations;
  • impaired consciousness, stupor, coma;
  • spontaneous discharge of feces and urine;
  • cramps, covering all groups of skeletal muscles of the body.
The poisoning with alcohol substitutes Surrogates of alcohol is methyl alcohol and ethylene glycol. According to your taste and appearance they are similar to regular vodka, but their influence on the human body at times dangerous. When poisoning with methyl, symptoms develop within 1-2 days. The clinical picture is similar to alcohol poisoning. Characteristic symptom: impaired visual acuity, flashing "flies" before the eyes.

In cases of poisoning by ethylene glycol the symptoms of alcohol increases acute renal failure.

Acute pancreatitis This is an acute inflammation of the tissues of the pancreas that can develop due to toxic effects of alcohol. During acute pancreatitis, necrosis and tissue death in the pancreas. This condition requires immediate surgical intervention. The disease develops acutely and quickly. Manifested by the following symptoms:

  • purple spots in the abdomen;
  • weakness;
  • girdle pain in the abdomen;
  • vomiting, diarrhea;
  • temperature (up to 39.5 degrees).
Internal bleeding May develop in people suffering from gastritis, peptic ulcer and liver cirrhosis. The source of bleeding can be damaged blood vessels submucosa of the esophagus, stomach or duodenum. When bleeding from the esophagus, vomiting with red blood. If a bleeding vessel in the stomach, develops vomiting black. Additional symptoms:

  • weakness;
  • melena (diarrhea, painted black);
  • lowering blood pressure;
  • tachycardia;
  • shortness of breath;
  • loss of consciousness.

Dizziness after alcohol is common. It is triggered by intoxication, dehydration and spasm of blood vessels of the head. In order to get rid of this symptom, you should drink more fluids, sleep, take a cold shower. You can use sorbents and analgesics. Dizziness can be a symptom of poisoning by alcohol or its surrogates, acute pancreatitis and internal bleeding. If you suspect the development of these pathologies it is necessary to call an ambulance.