Citric acid: benefits and harms to health

Judging by the title of this substance, it squeezed from the lemon and then processed. It thinks simple layman, when he meets with citric acid. However, this is not the case. The main method of production is the synthesis of sugar-based with the help of special mushrooms. But today we are not talking about the origin of the name or how it is made. We will explain what is the benefits and harms of citric acid for health.

General information

You should know about citric acid a little more, as it is very specific synthesized product. It contains in the most part of food which you buy in the stores every day. We take it daily, so many people concerned about the question of how it is harmful or useful for our body. Understand how it acts on the human body.


Modern medicine has proven that citric acid is one of the best natural antioxidants. The level of toxicity of this substance is extremely small, allowing you to add it to food without any restrictions.

In relation to chemistry have the following properties:

  • when warming up over 175 degrees Celsius, the substance decomposes into carbon dioxide and water;
  • easy to mix with other components;
  • dissolves easily;
  • quickly decompose and not pose a threat to the environment.

The specific composition of citric acid is different. It all depends on what products were manufactured this substance. Ways to obtain weight. It can be made from tobacco, citrus, pine, and various fruit. But modern manufacturers ignore these methods, citric acid is an artificially synthesized from sugar with the help of fungi.

We are accustomed to the fact that the letter "E" followed by numbers – it's terrible for human health. It is not so. There are certain groups completely harmless substances with this label. These include citric acid (E330).


Citric acid is used in many fields.

  1. In cooking it is a great Supplement that gives food a special flavor. In conventional supermarkets, you can find this ingredient in mayonnaise, fruit jam, sauces, jelly, etc.
  2. Fragrances. A substance used to improve the flavor of tea, different drinks, etc. Also it is used to prolong the shelf life of products. (Citric acid is not a preservative, as an increase in shelf life is achieved by stabilization of the pH).
  3. Medicine is also one of the areas of use of this Supplement. It is mainly used in the media, involved in citrate cycle.
  4. In cosmetics, citric acid is almost as often used as in cooking. It is added in special masks and use for wraps. Of course, in small amounts. Has some whitening effect for the skin, helping to deal with birthmarks and freckles. With the help of this Supplement, you can make an effective conditioner for hair.

Now we mostly talk about what are the benefits of citric acid. What real benefits it can bring to health? Harmful citric acid for the body? Here are the main questions that should be answered here.

The pros use

To list all the benefits of using citric acid, it is not enough for one small article. Therefore, we will focus on water with citric acid. There are many items that you should try to remember to successfully use them in the future.

  1. Improves the digestive system. Citric acid stimulates the production of gastric juices, so the food will be digested faster. Experts recommend to apply it if you have a slow metabolism.
  2. With the help of lemon and citric acid to clean the liver, and indeed it is! This ingredient is a great stimulant of the liver. Thus, the bile secreted more intensively, which leads to better work the entire digestive system. Only one glass of water or tea with citric acid in the morning, and your liver will be ready to work all day.
  3. The intake of this Supplement reduces the probability of occurrence of the various pustules on the skin (boils, acne, pimples).
  4. To cope with the excretion of body toxins. Has a mild laxative effect and diuretic effect. Gradual cleansing of the body and improving the digestive system will lead to the fact that your body will work like clockwork.
  5. For diabetics is the number one product. It allows you to remove excess sugar from the body.
  6. Purifies the cardiovascular system.
  7. Reduces the pressure, which is useful for hypertensive patients.
  8. Citric acid contains ingredients which break down fats. Thus, by using this substance to fight obesity. In addition, the normalization of metabolism ensures that the body gradually self-stabilizes body weight.
  9. Freshens breath and eliminates harmful bacteria in your mouth.
  10. The medicine is also used drugs that strengthen the joints and connective tissue. With regular use of this Supplement, your tendons and ligaments will become stronger and stronger.
  11. Improves the immune system.
  12. Many people know aboutthat citric acid copes with the hangover. During intoxication it is recommended to use it together with alternative drugs.

And it's not all useful properties. Do not forget about how useful is this dietary Supplement for domestic purposes. However, citric acid can harm the body. Fortunately, the shortcomings of the use of this substance is much less than the benefits.

What harm can cause citric acid to the body

Experts do not recommend the use of citric acid in some cases. Or take it in the right dosage.

  1. Heartburn. In this state, the body is very sensitive to any acid, including citric.
  2. Ulcer. A very dangerous state in which any irritation of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to disastrous consequences.

Many have noted the negative effects of these additives on tooth enamel. It is considered that the acid gradually erodes. Excessive consumption can lead to chipped teeth and tooth decay.

Allergic to citric acid is extremely rare, but still occurs in our time. In this case, its use is contraindicated. You will have to closely monitor what you eat because in many products the substance is contained.

The use of citric acid always involves a small dose. Excess dosage can threaten with disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract, indigestion and even poisoning. Before you start cleansing the body citric acid, or plain regular intake, you should consult with a qualified professional.

Moderately useful for almost everything. This rule applies to the citric acid.