What fruits can be eaten for poisoning

Food poisoning is quite common among adults and children. While poisoning is intoxication, due to the spread of pathogenic microorganisms. At this time, the gastro-intestinal tract ceases to function properly. As soon as the acute symptoms subside, the patient gradually begins to return to a normal diet. To avoid complications already weakened body, we need to know what products and what kind of fruit is possible in cases of poisoning and after it.

What can cause poisoning

Intoxication of a person can have a variety of products and substances. All poisoning can be divided into several groups.

  • Drug – destruction of the body occur due to excessive consumption of medicines. Often, the problem concerns children who take older pills left. In addition, overdose can be a result of incorrectly calculated therapeutic dosage.
  • Chemical lesions of organs and systems due to accidental or intentional ingestion of burning chemicals. Cause severe, sometimes irreversible, health consequences.

It is not necessary to store in the house that chemicals in the bottles of soda – this often leads to confusion and serious injury.

  • Food – the most common type of poisoning. Occur due to poor quality and poorly cooked foods, as well as through vegetable products which are Packed with nitrates and other chemicals.

At the slightest manifestation of symptoms of poisoning should contact a doctor for treatment assignment. In any case be self-medicate!

Diet after poisoning

The key to success in the treatment of intoxications of different origin is considered a proper diet. During the day after the first signs of shown fasting, you can eat plenty of pure water. Then introduced into the diet of the sick light products. Start with the viscous cereals and low-fat broth, then add eggs, meat and boiled vegetables. A few days later enter menu bifidokefir, it is well restores the intestinal microflora. All products should be easily digestible and fresh food is offered once. Patient should feed small portions many times a day. This allows the food to stay in stomach and well processed.

Is it possible to have fruit for poisoning

Many doctors began to depart from the usual practice that after the acute phase of poisoning need to follow a strict diet. Doctors believe that if there is no strict contraindications of the health, any fruit can be consumed gradually. To avoid damage to the weakened body, when building diet should consider the following factors:

  1. To take any food, and fruits, including, only after fully subside the acute symptoms of poisoning. These include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and severe pain in the abdomen. Other symptoms like General weakness and a tingling sensation in the stomach may continue for several more weeks, they are considered to be nonspecific.
  2. The presence of allergic reactions in the anamnesis. And pay attention to not only the Allergy, which is present now, but on those allergens that cause changes in the body in the past. Prevalent when in a patient after poisoning resumed allergic to citrus fruits or chocolate, which last troubled childhood.
  3. Food patient should not be enforced. If a person after food poisoning loss of appetite or he does not want any products, in any case can not be forced. Food, eat without appetite, it is not useful, it just falls to aid in inflammation of the stomach and can cause congestion.

In the acute phase of poisoning is to consume no fruits not!

The benefits of fruits for the body

Fruits have advantages relative to other foods. Fruit – a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. All these substances required for human body in the process of rehabilitation after the poisoning. Electrolytes are especially needed weakened intoxications the patient. During vomiting and diarrhoea one loses a lot of fluid, and with it washed away the ions of potassium, calcium and sodium. The electrolyte imbalance in the body affects all organs and systems, primarily affects the heart, kidneys and nervous system. That is why fruits are so important in the diet.

In addition, most fruit contains lots of fiber. The gastrointestinal tract cannot properly digest it. But fiber passing through different portions of the digestive system that irritates the walls and causes mucous to work productively. The man comes to rule the whole digestive system.

What fruits can you eat after poisoning

If you ask a doctor if fruit poisoning, he replied that the first day is impossible, and then, gradually, they just need to introduce in the diet. In the weak and irritable stomach first recommended fruit baked. This is especially true in case of poisoning high gravity when loading the digestive system needvery carefully and gradually. The order entered in the patient food fruit looks like this:

  • bananas are well ripe, free from defects. For the best digestion can be slightly or bake for a few minutes dipped in boiling water. Bananas give a shabby. They have enveloping properties, help to restore the broken mucous membranes;
  • apples baked – stimulate peristalsis. Eat apples if poisoning is possible on the second day. I bake with honey, which is also a source of minerals;
  • apricots in the form of dried apricots. Boil them well and RUB through a sieve. Boost the appetite;
  • pears gentle grades, broiled or boiled. Raw better not to drink during the rehabilitation period, as they cause heaviness in the stomach;
  • peaches – give the patient a pulp without skin. Make up for fluid loss in the body, saturate it with useful elements;
  • walnuts – source of b vitamins, improves the nervous system;
  • pineapple – excellent source of fiber. After disorder of the digestive system can be used in pure form or juice. Improve digestion and appetite;
  • raisins – to improve the functioning of the stomach make a weak decoction, which is given several times a day.

All these fruits can be used as a standalone meal or combine them with viscous cereals and vegetables.

What fruits should not be consumed during the rehabilitation period

Nutritionists do not recommend to give the patient the fruits that have a high wateriness and acidity. These include:

  • citrus;
  • watermelon;
  • melon;
  • drain;
  • cherry;
  • cherry.

The data limit fruits and berries are very conditional. This is caused by a desire to prevent unwanted health consequences for the patient. But if the human condition is not serious and he wants to eat one tangerine, no it is not banned. Though there is a melon in case of poisoning and watermelon are not advised as they cause a lot of weight in the stomach and can increase diarrhea.

Intoxication causes fruit

On the shelves of supermarkets and markets presents a wide range of different vegetables and fruits. It would seem, to saturate the body with vitamins and beneficial trace elements all year round, would be money. But doctors treat this not so rosy and it is advised to eat only seasonal fruits and vegetables, and even better grown on the dacha, as the store strongly flavored chemicals. To enhance the growth and storage of products use these harmful substances:

  • growth hormones and nitrates significantly accelerate the growth and maturation, but have a tendency to be deposited under the skin of vegetables and fruits;
  • pesticides are used for pest control. Accumulate in large quantity in all vegetable products;
  • diphenyl – allows long-storing vegetables and fruits at the expense of the protection products from fungal infections.

Every year thousands of people seek medical help for poisoning by plant products. This is mainly from the consumption of early strawberries and melons. Lead to problems with digestion can foreign apples or citrus, which are highly sdobrivayut chemicals to be transported.

Prevention of poisoning fruit

Fruits are very helpful to human health, to avoid trouble with consumption of food, is to follow the rules.

  • Select only ripe and whole fruit, without a hint of rot or other damage of plant products. The taste and color should be natural, without any changes;

If the fruits are distinct unusual taste or color, they should not eat, most likely they are infected with fungus or other pathogens.

  • It is not necessary to buy and eat the early strawberries and melons, they are crammed with growth hormones and nitrates. This in most cases leads to the hospital bed. Especially dangerous are these fruits for children, they do not bring any benefit, but harm from them a lot;
  • If you ever been allergic to fruit, most often citrus, that do not abuse them;
  • Fruit a good wash, preferably after a wash and rinse with boiling water – this minimizes the introduction of bacteria into the body.

Additionally, you should not buy vegetable products in the spontaneous markets and in small shops, where there are no conditions for proper storage.

It is hard to imagine the menu of adults and children without various fruits. They give the body many substances that are vital for normal functioning. Increasingly, doctors prescribe fruits in the period of recovery after poisoning, they maintain the water balance in the body and supply it with electrolytes. To properly prepare the diet in the recovery period, is required to consult with the observing doctor.