Can I take phenazepam with alcohol: the possible consequences

Doctors do not advise mixing any drugs with each other and with alcohol. This also applies to the combination of "phenazepam and alcohol." Interestingly, in the instructions to this drug it is written very clearly, alcohol is included in the list of substances that are prohibited to take phenazepam. Despite this, in the Internet you can find positive feedback about this combination. Writing that the drug is of great help for a drinking bout. In fact, phenazepam and alcohol, if taken together, can cause the body irreparable harm.

As phenazepam and alcohol influence at a separate appointment

The effect of taking phenazepam following:

  • eliminates the feeling of fear;
  • reduced anxiety and irritability;
  • reduces the impact of mental disorders;
  • reduced headaches and dizziness;
  • reduces the impact of epilepsy – the seizures become less.

Interestingly, people who took this drug will be in a certain prostration, for some time to understand what is happening around him. If you say in the vernacular, it will be inhibited.

Phenazepam causes severe addiction! In some cases, patients could not do without this drug for headaches or severe anxiety after prolonged ingestion.

The above-mentioned condition of inhibition is lost during the development of dependence. Doctors quite often used phenazepam in order to enhance the action of anesthesia. Its main action is concentrated in the Central nervous system – drug calms her down and slows her work. In General, this drug can be used only after consultation with the doctor, though he is fully permitted and sold in pharmacies. Otherwise, the dose by itself may not be too big. Instructions for use of phenazepam does not give a clear answer to the question as to what should be the dose for each individual.

As for alcohol, its effect is that it lowers the excitability of the nerve cells and causes feelings of euphoria and good mood, just like any other drug (Yes, alcohol addiction, this is proven scientific fact). Alcohol causes heavy intoxication due to the fact that the body can't get it out. Then the stomach slows down the process of absorption. Each intoxication die off brain cells, mostly those who are responsible for the emergence of thoughts (therefore, man, to put it simply, tubeway), disrupted the cardiovascular system, develop gastrointestinal pathology and there are many other terrible consequences.

What happens if I take phenazepam and alcohol together

So, the question of whether phenazepam with alcohol together, the answer is simple: no, you cannot. The main reason for this is that this drug in combination with alcohol will have a much stronger effect on the Central nervous system. This leads to the following consequences:

  1. At least we have a state of severe lethargy, dizziness, vomiting, hallucinations, coordination is severely disturbed. By itself, the drug does not cause this operation, but in combination with even small amounts of alcohol it's real.
  2. This combination causes a rather breathless – the greater the amount ingested, the stronger it is. As a consequence of this shortness of breath – asphyxiation. It is interesting that often suicide is used this cocktail to die hard and horrible death. The only chance to save suicide – to just take him to the hospital and get your stomach pumped. But this is true only if the substance has not yet reached the bloodstream.
  3. Cardiac arrest. In medicine there are two concepts: "fenazepama sleep" and "drunk sleep". If these two effects are connected, this may lead to heart failure. It all starts with oppressed breathing, vomiting, and other not very dangerous phenomena. Though if vomiting will occur in the supine position, the person will simply suffocate, and when combined the above two types of sleep is very real. When a large dose is observed retrograde amnesia, involuntary urination and involuntary defecation.
  4. The strongest aggression, suicidal ideation, memory loss and all other side effects, which are specified in the instructions to the phenazepam. Perhaps if you take this drug without alcohol and those doses that have a doctor they arise. But in combination with alcohol something from this list will definitely arise.

Interestingly, people who drink and phenazepam, maybe just to forget how many pills he took and enjoy more. So maybe a few times. Then there will be an overdose and there will be one of the above consequences.

Lethal amounts of phenazepam equal to 7-8 ml. if in tablet form, 10 mg. In some cases, if you use half of the lethal dose, and large quantities of alcohol were advancing death.

Phenazepam with vodka or any other alcoholic drink is very dangerous, because no one can say exactly how much you can drink both.


Overdose can be recognized bythe following symptoms:

  • not passing no matter what drowsiness;
  • the reduction of reflex activity;
  • confusion;
  • the strongest shortness of breath;
  • coma.

In such cases, it was necessary to call an ambulance and do not give the patient to sleep. For this include loud music, spill the person with water and beat him on the cheeks. After the arrival of the doctors they will do to the patient lavage of the stomach will cause vomiting may give laxatives.

Phenazepam in combination with beer

In the Internet you can find information about that phenazepam and beer, at least, of soft, are not dangerous. This opinion is based on the fact that the combination of hops and malt is not quite what we mean by the term "alcohol". However, this is not true. It is fair to say that if you combine phenazepam beer, the result will still be less severe than if you apply it with more alcoholic drinks. The result of receiving the beer with this drug is:

  1. The first man just falls asleep and wakes up at least 12 hours. Sleep is accompanied by breathlessness, which can lead to death, but this happens infrequently.
  2. The next day the patient is struggling with severe depression.
  3. The next use of such combinations develop breathing problems that lead to suffocation, even at a time when the person is completely sober.
  4. One becomes constantly inhibited and distracted.

This combination can also cause a strong dependence, even in the use of both components in small quantities.

When you can take phenazepam after drinking alcohol

So, after all this should all be fully clear that the compatibility of Phenazepam and alcohol equal zero. These substances are incompatible, except in very small quantities. But then this combination is addictive and sooner or later lead to irreversible consequences.

It would therefore be useful to understand how many hours you can take phenazepam after consuming alcoholic beverages. The half-life of this drug is 12 hours. To put it simply, this means that every 12 hours the amount in the body decreases in two times. That is, if initially it was 4 ml, then 12 hours will be 2 ml, and after another 12 hours – 1 ml and so on. Take alcohol only in the case when the body is not more than 0.2 ml of phenazepam. Only then the deleterious effect of phenazepam with alcohol will not take place.

Usually one tablet derjitsa 2 mg. Therefore after taking such pills should not be less than 48 hours (after the first 12 hours will be 1 mg, after 24 hours, 0.5 mg after 36 hours – 0.25 mg after 48 hours – 0.125 mg, below the allowable dose). Accordingly, when two tablets must pass a minimum of 4 days (96 hours), after three to 6 days (144 hours), and then the amount of the drug can be fatal (as mentioned above, it is 7-8 ml).