The most deadly human poisons

For humans any types of poisons: chemical, food or natural. Poisons that lead to death, hundreds, and use them for purposes of murder in time of war or terrorist actions, as a means of genocide against other peoples. Regardless, natural is poison or he obtained in the laboratory by chemical synthesis, it is able to kill a man, and often painful.

The most dangerous poisons

Since ancient times, the poisons for the people served as the murder weapon, a means of antidote and in small doses as medicine. We are surrounded by toxic agents: they are in the blood, home items, drinking water. Even the medicine is taken not according to instructions or without prescription, can become a poison. It causes irreversible changes in the body, which leads to poisoning and death.

Here are the most dangerous and deadly poisons:

  1. Cyanide. Acts on the nervous and heart system. It blocks the flow of oxygen to the cells, paralyzing the bloodstream. Death comes very quickly in one minute. The most deadly poison of the considered hydrogen cyanide (hydrocyanic acid with the smell of bitter almonds). It was used as a chemical weapon during wars, and subsequently its usage was discontinued. Today used as the fastest way to murder or suicide.
  2. Sarin. Attribute to weapons of mass destruction, used during the wars or terrorist acts. It's a nerve gas that causes suffocation. To kill a man quickly maybe it was sarin, it will take a painful 60 seconds.
  3. Mercury. This toxic liquid metal, which is contained in the home thermometer. Even getting on the skin, mercury causes irritation. The most dangerous is inhalation of its vapors. Person experiences blurred vision, memory loss, possible changes in the brain and kidney failure. The result – the CNS and by inhalation of significant quantities of vapor into death.
  4. VX (VX). Gas nervously-paralytic action attribute to weapons of mass destruction around the world. Before it was used as a pesticide. Getting just a drop on the skin can cause death. Often effect with the help of the respiratory system (inhalation). Signs of poisoning are similar to flu, possible respiratory failure and paralysis.
  5. Arsenic. For a long time the words: arsenic and poison were inseparable. With him associated with the murder for political purposes, as the symptoms of poisoning are similar to signs of cholera. The properties of this metal similar to mercury and lead. Disease manifests itself in the form of abdominal pain, convulsions, coma and death. In small amounts, they cause diseases such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease.

Long acting poisons cause death immediately, but after a long period of time. They are convenient to use, since it is difficult to suspect in the death of the person who applied the poison to murder for their own purposes.

Interesting fact from history. At one of the feasts was poisoned, the Pontic king Mithridates. The son sat down on the throne, from his youth began to take small doses of poisons to the body gradually got used to them. When really he wanted to settle scores with life by means of poison, it had no effect. He asked a guard to kill him with a sword.

Poisons of natural origin

People since ancient times for hunting, war or food used natural poisons. Swords and arrows were filled with poison snakes, insects, or toxins of plant origin. African tribes used the substances acting on the heart in America often used a paralyzing substance, in Asia it was in the course of the connection, causing suffocation.

Some of the most poisonous inhabitants of the sea are gastropods of the family of cones. They shoot at prey with their tooth-like harpoon. Some are thrown in water a mixture of toxins, making the victim immobile. Toxins its composition is similar to the hormone insulin, which regulates sugar levels in blood. Getting hypoglycemic shock, the fish stops moving.

Listing all toxic substances is impossible, in the nature of a huge number of them. Here are several deadly human poisons:

  1. Tetrodotoxin. The poison of natural origin, extracted from puffer fish. It is a poison to humans, because a properly prepared fish can specially trained chefs. Its meat is a Japanese delicacy. Inappropriate preparation of paralyzed mouth, impaired swallowing, problems with speech and coordination of movement. Death occurs after 6 hours after prolonged seizures.
  2. The botulinum toxin. Is one of the most deadly poisons on earth. A vial of botulinum toxin is able to destroy a lot of people, affecting the Central nervous system. The mortality rate is 50%, the other complications arise, which require a long recovery. It is volatile and easily accessible, and therefore dangerous. Although it has been used as injections for cosmetic purposes, as well as in the treatment of migraine.
  3. Strychnine. Refers to poisons of natural origin contained in a number of Asian trees. It can be produced artificially. Commonly used to poison small animals. His action causes a contraction of the muscles, nausea, convulsions, suffocation. Death occurs within half an hour.
  4. Anthrax. It is a disease, which is caused by anthrax bacteria. The poison spreads through spores into the air.Enough inhaled to get. There was a notorious story, when anthrax spores were disseminated in the letters. There was panic, for which there was good reason. Infected, the person feels cold, then disrupted and breathing stops. Deadly bacteria kills 90% of the time during the week.
  5. Amatoxin. The poison isolated from toxic mushrooms. Once in the bloodstream, it affects the liver and kidneys. Man falls into a coma and die from renal or hepatic insufficiency, because the cells of these organs die within a few days. Amatoxin can affect cardiac function. The antidote is a penicillin that must be taken in large enough doses.
  6. Ricin. It is derived from castor beans the castor bean plant. Has a lethal effect, since it inhibits the formation of protein in the body. Can kill if inhaled, so it is very convenient to send the letter, such incidents have taken place. Only one pinch for the death of the whole organism. Use it in wars as a chemical weapon.

In the United States live kuznechikova hamsters who love to hunt poisonous Scorpions. In rodents, there is a special cell, and after a bite they do not feel pain. Most likely, this ability arose due to a mutation that made the Scorpions food source for hamsters.

How to determine a lethal dose of poison

To predict toxicity, it is necessary to know the fatal dose of each poison. There is a table of lethal doses for each substance, but it is very conditional, because every body is different. For someone this dose would be really deadly, but someone will survive getting serious complications. Therefore, the numbers of doses are approximate.

Do not try in an unknown forest berries or chew the leaves of the plant that you are unfamiliar with. It can be dangerous, because nature is rich in toxic compounds.

The action of the poison may be affected:

  • the presence of individual features;
  • the pathology of the organs or their functions, which reduces the body's resistance to the action of toxic substances;
  • vomiting, which is able to reduce the quantity of the poison;
  • the endurance of the body due to physical exertion.

If you feel signs of poisoning, immediately call the ambulance. And in the case when a known toxic substance, it is possible to use antidotes that will reduce the action of the poison and save you from death. Be vigilant and take care of yourself!