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Most dangerous poisons in the world and their effect on people

Poisons people know a huge amount. Even seemingly innocuous plant or insect can cause severe poisoning or death. With toxic substances familiar to mankind for hundreds of years. Deadly poisons used by humans as weapons, and sometimes, though rarely, as a medicine. Such toxic substances are always in the vicinity of man in water, plants, household items.

They can be divided into two main groups:

  1. Poisons of natural origin.
  2. Poisons chemical action.

Poisons of natural origin


The bearer of this venom are snakes, jellyfish, Scorpions, spiders. Varieties of many neurotoxins. A small amount of this poison can kill 20 people. After a bite or tactile contact, the victim had convulsions, which end in respiratory paralysis. To put it simply, the patient dies from respiratory arrest.

If you have time to provide medical care, the life you can save. Universal antidote against snake venom there. The serum that can save a life established individually against each of the poison.
the composition of mercury. Therefore, with such items in the home need to be especially careful.


His owner is a young male frog kirikiti.

It is found in the Amazon basin.

This poison causes convulsions, paralysis of the limbs on the background of violations of coordination of movements.

If the hapless nature lover touching nice-looking frog, a severe poisoning with fatal outcome is guaranteed.


Eating the pufferfish, the famous and very dangerous delicacy, lethally poisoned. With insufficient skill of the cook, instead of the pleasant sensations you feel pain in the abdomen, then cramps. Further violations occur in the speech and coordination of movements, numb tongue. After about half an hour comes death. The poison is in the liver, caviar and fugu Molokai, and the skin of exotic reptiles (octopus, crab). Japanese chefs who prepare fugu must have a special license from the state, because the slightest inaccuracy threatens the death of the chef or the customer meals. Poisonous parts after removal of the fish should be placed in a sealed container and destroyed.

Poisoning tetrodotoxin always serious and with the current level of development of medicine not always get to save the victims.


The most dangerous poison in the world of animal origin is the larva of a beetle of the leaf beetle of the genus diamide.

He is able in seconds to reduce the level of hemoglobin in the blood by 75 percent.

This is due to the fact that it almost instantly destroys the red blood cells.

In the desert Bushmen, smeared it with poison their arrows.

That arrow knocks down a giraffe 500 kg weight.


One of the known deadly poisons in the world. It is extracted from the bark of the plant Strychnos econony. It was used by native Americans in order to lubricate the boom.

It was used as a medicine, but in highly diluted form.

The active poison is an alkaloid, it causes the victim's paralysis of the internal organs, then comes death.

Death from curare is slow and painful, because the victim is left conscious, but paralyzed.


The poison is formed by improper storage of the fruit of potatoes. Solanine causes a strong intoxication when injected into the human body. To detect it easily in the rind of the fruit is gaining in place of a congestion of poison green.


A group of poisons. They are contained in poisonous mushrooms. If this poison enters the human body, it quickly affects the vital organs (heart, liver, kidneys). After a few days they completely refuse and the person dies. Can help simple penicillin. If you do not enter it on time, the person will die. The venom of any poisonous mushrooms (toadstools, about fungi, mushroom) in General is extremely dangerous, it affects the internal organs, and if you do not have a medical emergency, further efforts to rescue the man would be useless. Often poisonous mushrooms are very similar to edible and if it enters the basket of the mushroom can poison all the good mushrooms. If you violate the terms and rules of storage, as well as incorrect method for the preservation of even edible mushrooms can cause severe poisoning.

First of ailments such poisoning, people began to feel only after 10-12 hours after the introduction of amatoxin inside.


Very severe disease, which develops instantly when hit in the human body. Call it special bacteria. Scientists distinguish several forms of anthrax:

  1. Skin – the easiest of all. Even if it is not treated, it dies no more than 20 percent of patients.
  2. The intestinal form. It leads to the death of 50 percent of all patients.
  3. Pulmonary form – unconditional death. At the modern level of development of medicine the doctors can save only 5 percent of people infectedthis form of the disease.


The strongest poison of plant origin. It is a dangerous substance obtained from the seeds of castor ordinary. Especially dangerous is the inhalation of the smallest grains. The poison almost instantly destroys the protein in the human body, which leads to a quick death. Were often armed with some intelligence.

Botulinum toxin

The undisputed leader among all the poisons in the world. A small amount can lead to death of hundreds of people. Oddly enough, it is used in cosmetics as a means to prevent and remove wrinkles (Botox injections is known to all). Known cases when patients died during the procedure in case of incorrect use. Often poisoning occurs because of a violation of the rules of canning food at home. The insidiousness of this poison that the products do not change color and smell, even if the toxin has accumulated in the Bank. In any case it is impossible to use canned product if swollen Bank itself or the cap on it.

If you suspect a poisoning the poison should immediately call an ambulance. In this case, the victim will have a chance for salvation, because of the special serum helps only in the first 72 hours. Before the ambulance to wash the stomach and make the sorbent.

Poisons chemical action

Potassium cyanide

Cyanide is called a sizeable group of salts of hydrocyanic acid. All of them, and very acid, very poisonous. Behind them there are thousands of human lives. One of them, the cyanide, the fastest-acting of all known poisons. In appearance it is very similar to regular sugar. Poisoning occurs when tactile contact with toxic substances when ingested in the mouth or respiratory tract. As a result of his action terminated the access of oxygen to all vital organs. Death occurs within the next few minutes.

Cyanide smells like almonds, and neytralizuya ordinary glucose. Currently, this poison is prohibited by the Geneva Convention. Potassium cyanide have a bad reputation, but he concedes the strength of the action of some poisons, such as botulinum toxin.

In the home cyanides are found in different laboratories, the means for cleansing jewelry of gold and silver. In nature – in the pits of many fruits (apricots, peaches, cherries, almonds). However, poisoning can be obtained by using about 100 g of kernels.


It was synthesized by German chemists attempting to create a powerful pesticide. But its sad glory is a terrible invention was as powerful chemical weapons. This substance is able to hit a large number of people simultaneously. In less than a minute the people perish from a terrible asthma. For many years, sarin was released and used for military purposes. Only in 1993 its production was banned in the world.


The substance was developed for control of mice, rats, but it could easily kill a man. Plant chilibuhi from which it is extracted, grows in Asia. The poison was created in the laboratory of the French chemists, and by accident his Creator became a laureate of the Nobel prize for this invention. Enters the human body by inhalation or along with food. Strychnine causes convulsions and asphyxiation. The lethal outcome occurs within half an hour after entering the human body.

In very small quantities is used in medicine for the treatment of paralysis. But first we need to remember that it is a dangerous poison for humans. Death occurs in half an hour and is accompanied by excruciating pain and convulsions.

The nerve gas "VX"

The strongest chemical weapons. One drop of poison gas kills a man without any chance for salvation. Upon contact with the skin or when injected into the respiratory tract causes severe asphyxia, leading to death within 1-2 minutes. Was not once used in terrorist acts.


Methanol (methyl alcohol) is extremely dangerous. It is often confused with wine alcohol. In appearance and smell, they are almost indistinguishable. Unscrupulous producers of methyl alcohol produce counterfeit alcohol, which often causes disability or death. In the result of absorption in the liver and intestine are formed of highly toxic substances. As a result, the person experiences such ailments:

  1. Dizziness.
  2. Nausea.
  3. Vomiting.
  4. Cyanosis.
  5. A sharp expansion of pupils.
  6. Breathing problems.

There can be total or partial blindness. With a large dose, death occurs quickly, with less in 1 – 2days.


Mercury thermometer is in every house, and every person knows that mercury is a source of grave danger. Breaking in комнате1-2 thermometer, it is possible to very serious poisoning. Threat strike mercury vapor that seamlessly mixed with air at room temperature. Even a small dose of this substance once inside a human, heavily affects the nervous system and vital organs.

The process is slow, but irreversible and always lead to disability or death. Fluorescent lamps also have


src="/poisoning/images/219-12.jpg">This element from the periodic table has long been used for killing the unwanted. It was used throughout the history of mankind. Arsenic poisoning like a manifestation of cholera. He is recognized as a heavy metal, its properties similar to the properties of mercury and lead. In large quantity can cause the following symptoms

  • severe pain in the stomach;
  • painful cramps;
  • paralysis.

Then comes the death.

You should always remember that the most dangerous poisons are insidious to deal with them yourself. If there is any suspicion of poisoning should immediately seek medical help.