Potent poisons of slow and snap action

In the world there are a sufficient number of natural and artificially derived poisons. The action of all toxic substances are different. One can instantly deprive of life, while others destroy the body gradually, causing a person to suffer a long time. There are potent substances, which in small doses is poison man asymptomatic, but there are the most dangerous toxins that cause severe pain, which even in small quantities can lead to death.

Chemical compounds and gases


Salts of hydrocyanic acid is an extremely dangerous poison. With this potent substance was taken many lives. On the battlefield of cyanide poisoned enemy, spraying a poison that instantly killed the soldiers, getting on the mucous membranes and affecting the respiratory system. Currently, cyanide is used in analytical chemistry, extracting gold and silver, in electrochemistry in organic synthesis.

One of the salts of hydrocyanic acid, potassium salt known as potassium cyanide, is a strong mineral poison. It is similar to sugar, and it can be safely attributed to poison instant action. Getting into the human body through the gastro-intestinal tract, death occurs immediately, it is sufficient only 1.7 mg per 1 kg of weight. Cyanide prevents the oxygen into the tissues and cells, resulting in death from oxygen starvation. Antidotes to this poison are compounds containing a hydrocarbon, sulphur and ammonia. The strongest anthocyanidin is glucose, so in cases of poisoning her solution was administered intravenously to the victim.

Apparently, to avoid a long agony, the poison and chose some well-known Nazis to commit suicide, as he acts instantly. On one of versions, among them was Adolf Hitler himself.


Pair this toxic element is highly toxic and insidious because they have no smell. Mercury affects the body through the lungs, kidneys, skin and mucous membranes. Soluble compounds of this substance is more dangerous than the pure metal, however, it tends to gradually evaporate and poison the person.

Particularly damaging to the population when mercury compounds fall into the pond. In the aquatic environment, the metal is converted into methylmercury, and after this the strongest organic poison accumulates in organisms inhabitants of the pond. If people use this water in domestic use and fishing in such places, and it can cause mass poisoning. Regular inhalation of mercury vapor is a slow – acting poison. The toxins accumulate in the body, leading to nervous disorders, up to the onset of schizophrenia, or total insanity.

The impact of mercury on pregnant woman can lead to irreversible consequences, as it spreads like wild-fire in the blood and easily crosses the placenta. Even seemingly harmless broken thermometer, which contains small amounts of this highly toxic substance can cause development defects in the child inside the mother's womb.


Extremely poisonous gas sarin, which was developed by two German scientists, kills a man in one minute. It was used as a chemical weapon during world war II and the civil war, after which the US and the USSR began to produce sarin and stock up on them in case of war. After the experimental incident, which ended with a lethal outcome, the production of this poison was discontinued. Nevertheless, Japanese terrorists have managed to get that venom in the mid-nineties – a wide resonance has received a terrorist attack in the Tokyo subway, in which sarin poisoned about 6000 people.

Sarin acts on the body both via the skin and via the respiratory system, affecting the nervous system. Strong intoxication is observed due to ingestion of this substance inhaled by the way. This nerve gas kills quickly, but it brings the torments of hell. First gas attacks the mucous membranes, the person starts runny nose and bleary eyes after vomiting and severe pain in the chest, and the last stage is death from suffocation.


The ingestion of this poison inside in large quantities are fatal. It is a white powder of the fine fraction, which can be purchased in a pharmacy only with a prescription. At a constant poisoning in small doses, arsenic can cause the emergence of diseases such as cancer and diabetes. This poison is often used in dentistry – with the help of the arsenic is destroyed an inflamed tooth nerve.

Formaldehyde and phenols

With these household poisons dangerous to humans, faced virtually every.

Phenols are contained in lacquers and paints, without which can not do any cosmetic repairs. Formaldehyde can be detected in plastics, fiberboard and particleboard.

Prolonged inhalation of these potent toxic substances is disturbed breathing, there are different kinds of allergic reactions, dizziness, and nausea. Constant contact with these toxins can result in disruptions of the reproductive system, and in severe intoxication, the patient may die from laryngeal edema.

Poisonsof plant and animal origin


Amatoxin is a poison that affects the gastrointestinal tract. The source of the poisoning are some types of mushrooms, for example, pale and white toadstool. Even in acute poisoning, amatoxin is having a slow effect on an adult, which makes it a potent substance to poisons deferred action. When the poisoning is severe vomiting, pain in the stomach and intestines, incessant bloody diarrhea. On the second day the victim increases the liver and kidneys, followed by coma and death.

The positive Outlook is observed with timely treatment. Despite the fact that amatoxin, like all slow-acting poisons, doing irreparable damage gradually took place and lightning deaths, mainly among children.

The batrachotoxin

The batrachotoxin is the strongest poison, which belongs to the family of alkaloids. Meet him in a normal life is almost impossible. It is secreted through glands of frogs of the genus phyllobates. This substance, like other poisons instant action, lightning strikes the nervous system, causes heart failure and leads to death.


This vegetable poison is six times more toxic than cyanide kills instantly. Just one pinch to kill an adult.

Ricin is actively used as weapons in the war, with the help of intelligence agencies got rid of the posing threat to the state. found out About it pretty quickly as a lethal dose of this potent substance was deliberately sent to the addressees together with the letters.

Bacillus anthrax

It is the causative agent of infectious disease, which is a huge danger to domestic animals and humans. Anthrax occurs acutely and usually, the infected dies. The incubation period lasts for up to four days. Infection often occurs through damaged skin, and rarely through the respiratory tract.

In pulmonary form of infection the prognosis is poor and mortality rate reach 95%. Most often, the bacterium is localized in some parts of the skin, so anthrax is one of the most dangerous contact poisons fatal to humans. With adequate and timely treatment, a person becomes on the road to recovery. The infection can affect the intestine and affect internal organs, leading to sepsis. Another severe form, which is cured only in very rare cases is anthrax meningitis.

Despite the fact that the massive spread of this poison in the home, fortunately, is not observed for a long time, in the territory of Russia and to this day there are cases of this terrible disease.

Sanitary and epidemiological service conducts regular veterinary supervision on the territory of farms and agricultural enterprises, which contain cattle.

Do not assume that the potent toxic substances is only inaccessible to the above poisons. Any chemical in large quantities may prove to be a deadly poison to humans in everyday life. This chlorine is used for disinfection, and various detergents and even vinegar essence. Be wary of toxic substances, observe safety precautions in handling them and hiding them from the kids – the strict duty of every conscious adult.