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A list of the most powerful and fast-acting poisons in the world

Toxic substances lurk everywhere. Some of them have a virtually instant effect, while others may move slowly. The degree of intoxication in each case are different. It depends on the characteristics of the organism and the amount of venom in the body. So to determine the strongest poison in the world is problematic. Nevertheless, it is possible to identify a list of toxic substances that pose the greatest danger.

The strongest toxic chemicals

Potent poisons synthesized by scientists for military purposes. But sometimes toxic substances can occur in the domestic environment. Among the most dangerous of them are:

  1. Mercury. It is contained in the normal thermometers. If the integrity of the bulb is not broken, then there is no danger to health mercury is not. Cause irreparable harm can mercury vapor from a broken thermometer. The evaporation process starts even at room temperature. To collect spilled mercury yourself. Should immediately seek help to a specialized service.
  2. Methanol. This substance is often confused with food ethyl alcohol, resulting in serious poisoning. Methanol is colorless and odorless, therefore, to identify without laboratory testing impossible. Ingestion of even small amounts of this substance are threatened with death. In the case of mild methanol poisoning people lose their sight.
  3. Cyanide. Is the strongest poison for humans. It is widely used in the manufacture of plastic products, pictures, gold industry and some other areas. Poisoning occurs even from inhalation of vapors of cyanide. In a short time develops respiratory distress, convulsions appear. In the case of severe intoxication death.
  4. Sarin. This substance, which was synthesized by German scientists. They sought to create the world's strongest pesticide. The resulting gas has received the glory of the poison, which causes long and painful death. Today, the deadly poison sarin is officially banned, but the terrorists are trying to use it as a chemical weapon.
  5. Arsenic. This element of the periodic table has long been used as a poison. They were poisoned a lot of political figures. Symptoms of poisoning are similar to cholera. First appear cramps and severe pain in the abdomen. After the ingestion of a large number of arsenic developing heart disease, diabetes or cancer.

These substances are extremely dangerous to humans. So their features need to be remembered.

Poisons of plant origin

The most dangerous poisons to humans are contained in plants. Such poisoning often puts inexperienced mushroom pickers and other flora lovers. Particularly noteworthy are the following substances:

  1. Amatoxin is the strongest poison protein nature. It's found in certain mushrooms, including in pale toadstool. Once in the human body, the toxin begins to destroy the internal organs. The first signs of intoxication may appear only after a few days. In this case, the valuable time to rescue the person lost, and to ensure a favorable prognosis, the doctors can't. Even if the patient's life save succeeds, his health will be seriously undermined. Most likely, human life will torment renal or liver failure, problems with the respiratory system. Often people wonder which is more toxic cracker or potassium cyanide. In fact, these toxins in terms of toxicity can be put on one stage.
  2. Strychnine. This poison is part of nut tree chilibuhi. In microscopic doses, it is used for medical purposes. If you exceed the allowed number of death occurs, but before the person experiences severe suffering.
  3. Ricin. Contains the castor. The danger is inhalation of fine grains of this substance. Its poisoning ability is several times higher than potassium cyanide. The death of a person occurs if you enter a ricin directly into the blood.
  4. Curare. Is a poison that is made from a mixture of plants of South America. The main component is becoming an alkaloid that when ingested causes paralysis and cardiac arrest. Death from curare is excruciating.

To avoid poisoning such poisons, never eat unknown plants. Teach children safety precautions during road trips.

Upon detection of the first symptoms of poisoning, immediately contact a doctor. Chances of survival remain only subject to the timely identification of a problem.

Poisons of animal origin

Poison can kill a person instantly. These toxic substances often carry animals. Among them are:

  1. Toad Chiriqui. The skin of these amphibians allocates certificacin. This neurotoxin intoxicating effect on the human nervous system. After intoxication in humans, there are strong convulsions, disturbed coordination of movements, may develop paralysis of the limbs. Poison has a strong effect in case of its introductionintramuscularly.
  2. The puffer fish. In Molokai, the ROE and liver of this fish contains tetrodotoxin. This substance causes severe poisoning, accompanied by severe itching, salivation, convulsions, difficulty swallowing. Poison quick, so in no time develops paralysis of the respiratory system, and death of the person.
  3. The Australian Taipan. The venom of this snake contains typetoken. Getting it into the blood of a human leads to paralysis of the respiratory muscles and impaired blood clotting. This snake venom is the most poisonous. In poisoning ability, he is several times greater than Cobra venom.
  4. Karakurt. During a bite the spider injects the victim's blood alpha latrotoxin. It leads to severe pain, which within minutes spread to the entire body. Simultaneously, manifests severe shortness of breath, dizziness, heart palpitation, plagued by bouts of vomiting.
  5. Central Asian Cobra. In the saliva of this snake contains a powerful neurotoxin. Its contact with in human blood causes convulsions, respiratory failure, paralysis. In the absence of treatment death occurs. Such poisoning is rare as the Cobra attacks a person only in exceptional cases.

Poison can be contained in a biological material of any animal. Therefore it is best to minimize contact with him, particularly the wild fauna.

If you are bitten by a poisonous snake or spider, immediately try to suck the poison from the wound. Remember that this can be done only if the mouth there was no damage. As soon as possible seek medical help.

Bacteriological poisoning

The danger for a person can bear not only animals and plants but also bacteria. Their vital functions in the human body leads to the formation of the strongest toxins. Among them can be highlighted the following:

  1. The botulinum toxin. It is produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Its activity leads to the development of botulism in humans. This is a disease that is curable only in its earliest stages. In other cases, extremely high probability of death. The bacterium multiplies rapidly in the absence of oxygen, so the source of the poisoning often become poor-quality canned food.
  2. The Bacillus of anthrax. Its ingestion leads to the development of anthrax. This disease develops rapidly. Isolated cutaneous and intestinal its shape. In the first case, death occurs in 20% of cases. Intestinal form of the disease is possible to save no more than 5% of victims.
  3. Of tetanus toxin. This substance produce sticks of the genus Clostridium. Infection most often occurs through open wounds on the body. The infection manifests itself in the form of seizures, disorders of swallowing reflex, lesions of the respiratory center and cardiovascular system. The probability of death is extremely high.

To determine the fast-acting poison is quite difficult. Everything will depend on a combination of many factors. Try as little as possible contact with hazardous substances. If contamination has occurred, do not try to heal yourself. Only the timely treatment for medical help will save your life.