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What is the poison, a list of the types of poisons with names

Poison is a toxin that can cause severe poisoning or even death. Human exposure depends on the amount of poison and its type. To get into the body it can through the mouth, respiratory system and skin. Symptoms of poisoning may appear immediately after exposure or several hours later. First aid immediately after the onset of signs of intoxication.


There are the following types of poisons:

  • The local action of poisons, which include substances acting only through direct contact. It's mercury, arsenic, alkali and acid.
  • Poisons systemic action. After entering the body they are blood sent to all organs. It was cyanide, strychnine, narcotic substances.
  • Chemical poisons that klassificeret as acids, alkalis, salts, gases. It is a variety of organic and inorganic compounds.

Poisons are home, that is found in the direct environment of the person. It paints, herbicides, insecticides, rat poisons and other substances. Therefore, using such funds, observe the precautions is to wear a mask on the face and rubber gloves on his hands.

The most dangerous poisons

There is a list of the most dangerous poisons in the world. Besides, their danger lies in the different reasons:

  • Methyl alcohol. The substance after contact with the human body causing toxicity. And if you drink it in large quantities, can cause irreversible blindness or even death. Therefore, when the first symptoms of poisoning the patient must be assisted to take him to the hospital. The danger of this poison is that its appearance, taste and smell identical with ethyl alcohol, so they can be easily confused.
  • Mercury. It is found in mercury thermometers. And if you break 2 a thermometer in the room, all the people that are in it will receive a serious poisoning. The same substance is present in the fluorescent lamps. Therefore, care must be taken when handling such items.

Dangerous mercury vapor, and it begins to evaporate at room temperature. So if you break a thermometer or light bulb in the winter on the street, it can't hurt the balls of mercury can be collected and disposed of.

  • Snake venom. About 250 species of snakes are poisonous. However, the antidote for each kind of creepy should be separate. This is the danger – after being hit by a poison in the blood, an antidote is necessary to enter as soon as possible, otherwise after 20 minutes – 4 hours (depending on the form of a snake) will come a lethal outcome.
  • Cyanide is the fastest poison in the world. Moreover, to poison them both while touch and when inhaled or when ingested. Under its influence the red blood cells binds to iron, resulting in stops the flow of oxygen to vital organs. Death occurs within a few minutes. A substance has an odor of bitter almonds. Neytralizuya glucose, therefore, ineffective in a sweet environment.

Available poisons

One of the most available poisons are mushrooms. In the summer when their season starts, many of the observed toxicity. Moreover, after eating certain varieties of mushrooms are possible, not only intoxication, but also death. So, not knowing the name of the fungus, it is better not to risk it. Collect only those species that are definitely safe. Only one poisonous mushroom from a whole basket and food poisoning. These include about mushrooms, mushrooms, pale toadstool and others. For example, there are several varieties of pale toadstool and some of them are virtually indistinguishable from edible mushrooms.

The fly agaric can also be edible if properly prepared. They need to be boiled during the day, as often as you can drain the water. But better not to risk it and eat mushrooms, Russula, boletus and other edible mushrooms.

The potatoes also may contain dangerous poisons to the human body. If not stored properly potatoes (when struck by sunlight at the root), it produces solanine. This substance causes severe toxicity in humans. To identify substandard potatoes is simple – as a rule, their peel becomes greenish tint.

To make bread you only need flour, bought from trusted sources. It is not recommended to buy it on the market. If flour infected with ergot, baked bread would be poisonous, as bacteria are not killed by heat treatment. Of course, to death, this poison will not, but it will do irreparable harm to the health.

At home you can also easily poisoned by chemical fertilizers. For example, potassium chloride is very dangerous, because after getting into the bloodstream a substance that blocks the activity of the heart. Death occurs in just a few minutes.

Deadly poisons in nature

Scientists have compiled a list of poisons after ingestion with high likelihood of death:

  1. The neurotoxin contained in the venom of some snakes. Immediately after being bitten, the victim becomes inactive and sleepy. But after some time there are muscle cramps, breathing quickens. Death occurs in 20-30 minutes due to respiratory paralysis. While on the site of the bite does not appear to be hematoma or tumor. However, such a snake bites very rarely. Immediatelyyou must enter the patient the antidote "Anticore". If there are serious violations of respiratory is ventilation.
  2. Alpha latrotoxin, which is contained in spider venom kind of widow. At the time of the bite is observed burning sensation, and after 20-30 minutes the pain spreads throughout the victim's body. Improve the health of the patient comes in a few days, and after 2-3 weeks there comes a full recovery.
  3. Alpha conotoxin found in the venom of some species of mollusks (e.g., geographic cone). If you take the shell with the clam in his hand, he immediately puncture it with thorns. The victim feels excruciating pain, resulting in lost consciousness. After a few minutes, quickens the heartbeat, numb fingers, shortness of breath and paralysis of the limbs. Was fatal cases after the injection of the geographic cone. Moreover, there is no antidote. To save the patient only by using copious bloodletting from the place of injection.
  4. Cicutoxin which is produced by the yellow Scorpion Tolstoho. The poison is so toxic that it kills even the adults. With the sting of this Scorpion is connected 95% of all deaths from this poison. They are found in Africa and the middle East. Immediately necessary to enter serum "Antisocial", which will help to save the life of the victim.
  5. And finally the most deadly poison in the world – diavolitsis. It is the most powerful venom on the planet. Contains in the blood of larvae of the beetle leaf, spread on the territory of South Africa. The insect belongs to the same family as the Colorado potato beetle. The poison is only for protection from predators – after eating a beetle he dies in agony. After getting into the body of the victim the poison lowers hemoglobin by about 75% because it is intensively destroyed red blood cells. To get into the human body can only poison through the mouth. There is no antidote.

All poisons are very dangerous, deadly, so if you need to contact them, it should be done with maximum caution. Upon detection of symptoms of poisoning by toxic substances, it is necessary to call an ambulance. In some cases, even minutes determine the outcome of the situation. Therefore, if the poison is very dangerous, must quickly make the antidote. Otherwise high probability of death.