Toxic substances psihofizicheskoi action

Currently, there are various means of mass destruction. Toxic substances psihofizicheskoi action is drugs, which after entering the body cause people mental activities, due to which they cease to be viable.

What are these drugs

Psihodelicheskaya toxic substances are a development of the CIA. The use of such funds planned during the operation "Controlled mind". However, such manipulation is illegal. Her goal was to "disarm" residents of hostile States, because after the use of such drugs they would have lost the ability to think correctly. By such means it is possible to force groups of people to perform any actions, because they behave like zombies.

Military strategists believe that the use of such substances can:

  • command staff (officers) in order to easily manipulate the soldiers;
  • the rear troops;
  • executives big cities, to incapacitate a certain social structure (e.g., protesters).

The use of such substances is possible in several ways. In particular, they can be added to the water. So everyone who enjoys the water system will be infected. In addition, products may have a gaseous state and be sprayed by means of a special spray.


Currently, the armed forces can use such psychotropic substances:

  • Bi-Zeta. Is a drug in the form of white crystals, odorless. Does not dissolve in ordinary water, but dissolves in chloroform, and in acidic water. So for combat purposes are applied in the form of aerosols. After getting into the body effect of the drug observed after 30 minutes or for several hours. If the concentration is small, the man simply becomes drowsy and complains of a General deterioration of health. In the case of large concentrations of the drug at first, quickens the heartbeat, dry mucous membranes, but after a while the person becomes lethargic. Symptoms of the drug disappear after 2-3 days.
  • LSD. This is a crystal-like chemical substance, readily soluble in water. When it enters the body the person loses touch with reality. He feels euphoria, which lasts up to 12 hours. The tool relates to narcotic drugs. Despite suprememost, it is sold among the human masses. For combat purposes are applied when added to water, either in the form of tablets. Starts to work almost immediately.

There are other psihodelicheskaya substances, however they are prohibited for use in the army. The above drugs are also not applied, and are one of the army's resources that can be used only in extreme cases.

Effect on the body

What is the mechanism of action psihopaticakih drugs? After ingestion, regardless of the way it accumulates in the brain and oxidizes. A large part of the toxic substances are rapidly cleaved in the CNS. Usually it takes about 2-6 hours. At this time there is a pronounced effect on the nervous system, and why there are signs of the pathological process.

Due to oxidation of the drug in the Central nervous system are violated redox reactions, accelerate reaction to fat oxidation.

Symptoms of poisoning

In the result of contact with toxic substances in the body there are specific signs of damage. They are as follows:

  1. Amnesia. In humans, there is a temporary loss of memory, he forgets absolutely everything, down to his name.
  2. The fussiness. The victim becomes irritable, running around the house, can continuously to say something. However, his speech is clear so it's hard to understand what he meant.
  3. Disorientation. People do not understand where it is. He has an obsession to leave the room and go outside. Loved ones should carefully monitor the condition of the victim, because at this time he can escape and commit criminal acts.
  4. Hallucinations. The patient is delirious, he seem unrealistic. All the people around him in this moment are in potential danger. Therefore, it is better to close in a separate room from which he cannot escape. If the person becomes aggressive, it is necessary to try to communicate.
  5. Stupor. It's pretty rare. Patient complains of tinnitus, hard of hearing, not responding to someone else's speech.
  6. Violation of coordination of movements. His actions become unreasonable, may make abnormal movements of the hands and feet.
  7. Dry skin and mucous membranes. Occurs as a result of the acceleration of the flow of the oxidative reactions in the body.
  8. Jumps in blood pressure. Therefore, the ingestion of toxic substances could be dangerous for people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  9. Redness of the skin or rashes on her. Seen in people who are allergic to psychotropic drug.

There are several degrees of infection depending on the severity. Mild a person appear non-durable mental disorders, the duration of which usually no more than 6-12 hours.

In the case of the average degree of poisoning of the patientobserved mental disorders combined with severe changes in the nervous system. Severe stage is accompanied by very strong clouding of consciousness, and severe changes in the Central nervous system.

Diagnosis and treatment of intoxication

For the diagnosis of poisoning psihodelicheskoy substances the doctor takes a urine sample and blood from the patient for study is suitable saliva. There are rapid tests, the results of which should be ready within 1-1. 5 hours. In addition, the doctor examines the patient, listens to the complaints of his friends. In the presence of pronounced symptoms of mental disorder, the patient should remain in hospital until full recovery.

Definitely infected by wearing a straitjacket, as in this state, he may behave aggressively. He resembles a mentally ill person.

If it is confirmed that the patient was poisoned with psychotropic drugs, he is given the antidote. The effect is observed after 1-2 hours. Be sure the patient receives an injection of sedative to treat the symptoms of mental excitement. If there are additional symptoms it is given the appropriate drugs.

For example, people with pulmonary insufficiency respiratory analeptics give. If signs of fatigue helps the caffeine. After intoxication symptoms disappear, the patient will be discharged from the hospital.

If it was not confirmed that the man was poisoned, a high probability that the treatment will be carried out in stationary conditions. At diagnosis is a strong Central nervous system disorders may require treatment in a mental hospital.

First aid

When poisoning through the air on the patient must wear a mask (this alone should also act in the gas mask) and make it in a safe place, preferably outdoors. In the presence of open wounds, they should be treated STIs. Clothes should be well shaken, to wash the eyes and nose with clear water.

If the infected is aggressive and doesn't want to do what is required of him, it is recommended to associate. This should be done carefully, because in this moment he can not control his actions. After first aid it is necessary to urgently get to a hospital.

Thus, psihodelicheskaya poisons is the army that calls the person has a serious mental disorder. Usually the symptoms of the pathology are different from normal psychosis, but sometimes they can be confused.