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Poisons sold in the pharmacy, their properties and purposes

Every drug has its contraindications and side effects. Therefore, before using any means necessary to carefully study the accompanying manual. Potent poisons to be sold in the pharmacy, can only be purchased by prescription. All these funds are under strict control. But those drugs that are available to everyone, can be fraught with danger. Therefore, it is necessary to remember their features.

Dangerous painkillers

Many people are accustomed with the appearance of the first painful sensation in the body to resort to pain pills. While docked only symptoms, the cause of the problem remains and can progress. Such means cause significant harm and overdose. In the list of dangerous painkillers include:

  1. The paracetamol. Overdose of this tool can cause severe liver damage. Prolonged use leads to gastric bleeding.
  2. Analgin. Prolonged use can cause leukopenia. It adversely affects the bone marrow, resulting in a reduction in the number of white blood cells produced.
  3. Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid. It must be taken with extreme caution persons suffering from diseases of the digestive system. It can cause gastritis, ulcers, bleeding in the stomach.
  4. Ibuprofen. It is considered the least dangerous analgesic medication. However, it is not recommended for people suffering from heart disease. Prolonged use increases the probability of heart attack.
  5. Tramadol. This is a strong medication for relief of pain of high intensity. This remedy belongs to the category drugs as fast enough to be addictive. This poison can be purchased at the pharmacy only by special prescription. Overdose of tramadol can lead to death of the patient.
  6. Amidopyrine. Currently, this medication is prohibited for sale in Russia. It was found that its use causes serious changes in blood chemistry, reversing that is impossible.

Buy pain medications today at any pharmacy. Most importantly, remember that its excessive use may aggravate the disease.

Treatment for cardiovascular disease

Medications for the treatment of heart disease are sold in the pharmacy. Some of them are used by many older people. However, they do not always follow directions, which leads to negative consequences for health. It is possible to allocate the following dangerous drugs:

  1. Corvalol. This tool is extremely popular among Russian pensioners. It is believed that it relieves pain in the heart. In fact it only masks the symptoms. In this part of the drug is phenobarbital. This substance has no therapeutic effect, but rather affects the Central nervous system. Selling drugs with phenobarbital in many countries is strictly prohibited.
  2. Nitroglycerin. This medicine is widely used for relief of heart attacks. It has a widening effect on blood vessels of the heart. This can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure. In this regard, a person has severe headaches.
  3. Adelfan – a drug to reduce blood pressure. In world practice was abandoned due to the large number of side effects. Nevertheless, in our country it is popular. It includes the poisonous alkaloid of plant origin. Prolonged use of such tools may develop kidney failure, there was a strong edema.

Uncontrolled use of such tools can cause irreparable harm to the health. Modern medicine offers safer products.

Insidious antibiotics

Without use of antibacterial agents, it is impossible to get rid of infectious diseases. But improper application develops a large number of side effects. Essential drugs turn into true poisons, sold in a pharmacy.

Especially dangerous is the most common in our country, the antibiotic chloramphenicol. Its long-term use or infringement of the dosage can trigger leukemia or serious irregularities in the bone marrow. The purpose of this drug is quite narrow, so it is best to replace it with modern analogs.

Any antibacterial agents negatively affect the health of the digestive system. Together with the pathogens they kill useful microorganisms. Therefore, after treatment by such means will have to undergo the recovery microflora.

The use of antibiotics without medical supervision can lead to serious consequences. The particular dosage must be calculated individually for each patient.

What other dangerous drugs you can find in a drugstore

In modern pharmacies, you can find a lot of drugs that adversely affect human health. These include:

  1. Xenical. This medicine is intended for efficient weight loss. According tostatistics, its application often leads to liver damage. Observed side effects: nausea and vomiting, fatigue, jaundice and others.
  2. Esomeprazole magnesium is a drug that relieves heartburn. Its long-term use increases the risk of fractures. This is due to the fact that the active substance of the drug interferes with the normal absorption of calcium in the body.
  3. Viagra is one of the most popular medicines for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The abuse of such pills often lead to heart attacks, arrhythmia, sudden death syndrome.
  4. Coaxil is a drug whose action is directed to the treatment of depressive States. This remedy can cause a strong addiction. Its long-term use can cause severe mental disorders.
  5. Tropicamide – eye drops, which are sold exclusively by prescription. They are intended for pupil dilation. Doctors use them when carrying out diagnostic studies of the eye. This drug is often used by people suffering from drug addiction. They inject it into a vein that leads to the extraordinary tide of cheerfulness. In this case, already after the second application develops a strong dependence. Refusal Tropicamide drives the person into severe depression, suicidal thoughts may appear. The drug promotes the active removal of calcium from the body. So using that drug addicts quickly lose their teeth, nails, destroyed musculoskeletal system. Such a slow death brings great suffering.

Poisons in pharmacies to find quite easy. So do not take any medication without consulting a doctor. Self-treatment will not lead to anything good. Start applying any medication you need with a careful study of their properties and instructions for use.