Alcohol and sedatives: compatibility and interoperability

Sometimes, people drink alcohol at the same time and validol. This decision is often taken in order to relieve heart pain or tension in a stressful situation. However, these two tools act on the body differently, so joint reception may be affected is unpredictable.

How alcohol acts on the nervous system

In this article we will talk about people who do not have alcohol dependence. Alcohol affects them differently than those who can not live without drinking. For alcoholics, alcohol is a real drug, without which they cannot exist. Their body is almost destroyed, but if alcohol is missing, is breaking with all the uncomfortable symptoms.

If a person takes alcohol infrequently, after the receipt of ethanol into the blood there comes a pleasant feeling of relaxation. This is because alcohol dilates blood vessels, slows blood flow and inhibits the activity of the brain. Of course, there are people that alcohol has stimulating effects, but in most cases, strong drinks help to relax, relieve anxiety, and to some extent to cope with a stressful situation.

However, this positive effect alcohol has very long. Already after a short time the blood vessels are narrowed sharply, the result of which can raise the pressure, a heartbeat increase. This condition usually people are scared to remove all the unpleasant symptoms, many decide to make this popular "heart" means, as of weight. But the fact that when the blood circulates in ethanol, the acceptance of almost any medication can have unpleasant consequences, and validol in this case is no exception.

Acts as a sedative on the body

Validol is an effective remedy for nervous tension. The medication refers to vasodilators, and sedatives. Most often the drug is available in the form of capsules or tablets that need to be put under the tongue to provide a therapeutic effect. As active drug substance is a solution of menthol in Menthyl isovalerate. Base material is irritating to nerve endings under the tongue, with the result that the body produces enkephalins, endorphins and other substances that have a calming effect on the Central nervous system.

Under the influence of all substances formed in the body with the help of validol is vasodilation, reduction in pain and significant improvement in blood flow in the peripheral zones. The active ingredient of the medicine starts its action after three minutes, and five felt whole sedative effect of the drug. The medication helps to remove or reduce emotional stress, thereby often becomes the drug of choice for nervous or heart ailments.

Validol how the drug is indicated for such conditions as:

  • neuroses;
  • heart ailments;
  • the hysterical condition;
  • headaches caused by therapeutic agents nitrate groups.

Also quite effective the drug has the syndrome of motion sickness that often occurs during sea or air sickness.

It is believed that validol has only a placebo effect and seriously affects the body. There was a time when the drug would take even. However, validol does have a good calming effect on the heartbeat and nervous system, so the drug continues to be available and popular tool.

Take this medicine can almost any pain in the region of the heart, especially on the background of neuroses. Of course, to remove the true pain of angina means not (in this case it's better to take nitroglycerin). Also validol is unlikely to prevent a stroke. But to soothe heart pain caused by nervous stress, drug. Women have emotional outbursts and heart pains frequently occur during menopause and premenstrual syndrome, and validol in these States – a great helper.

The funds there are some contraindications, in which the reception excluded. Mainly this:

  • individual sensitivity to the components;
  • regular low pressure;
  • start of acute myocardial infarction;
  • the children's age.

With caution should take validol during pregnancy, and during breast-feeding.

Interaction of alcohol and sedatives

Taking alcohol in order to relax, one quickly feels the positive effect. However, after a couple hours the blood vessels narrow dramatically, causing the person may suddenly feel unwell and even heart pain. In this case, to take validol alcohol is strongly not recommended, as there can be various unpleasant consequences.

Actually, before you try to combine alcohol with any medication, please study the instructions. Taking validol, when the blood is already the alcohol, thereby further aggravate their condition. Well, if the drug simply does not work, but more likely that the drug will cause very bad symptoms. According to some doctors, alcohol withmedication mutually reinforcing.

By combining these two tools together, you get the following possible outcomes:

  • Alcohol often has a neutralizing effect on the components of many drugs. Taking sedatives in combination with alcohol, most likely, no therapeutic result will not have to wait. The drug simply does not work, and the panic will worsen.
  • Another scenario is a mutually reinforcing response. Under the influence of ethanol vessels dilate and the body relaxes. Validol, once in the blood, reinforces this condition, so a person can feel a sudden loss of pressure and confusion reactions.

Interacting together, these two tools can also cause:

  • an unpleasant feeling of nausea;
  • shortness of breath;
  • tearing;
  • dizziness;
  • confusion;
  • strong salivation;
  • causeless fear.

Under the influence of intoxicating drinks, the person can also mark the high sensitivity component of the medication. As a result, can appear Allergy symptoms, and this rash and uncomfortable itching, and rash, and even angioedema.

It is worth noting that in a healthy person, who used a small amount of alcohol and then took validol, as such serious consequences will be. Nausea or intermittent palpitations not require professional assistance. In this case, it is recommended to rest until the acute condition passes. But to prevent, we strongly recommend not to risk and not to use these two tools together. If you want to calm down, better to wait until the alcohol out of his system, and then to take validol.

In chronic ailments of blood vessels or heart better not to risk and seek medical care if there are unpleasant symptoms as a result of simultaneous use of alcohol and sedatives.

In medical practice are known cases when the simultaneous combination of ethanol and ground substance validol body person relaxed so that as a result he's not been able to control urination or even defecation. To be in such a bad situation, perhaps, no one wants, so it is better to abandon this combination.

To take validol should be only after a complete withdrawal of ethanol from the blood stream. The elimination rate of alcohol depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the state of the liver.

If for some reason you need to take alcohol, then it should be done only after 3-4 hours after it was accepted the drug.

And remember that any, even the most harmless medicine requires a professional, so before making a need to clarify whether you can accept this means to you specifically. If this is not possible, then at least before use, do not be lazy to study the manual which contains all information regarding indications, side effects and interactions with other substances.