Milk and alcohol: compatibility and interoperability

Around compatibility of milk and alcohol a lot of rumors. Someone thinks that if to drink it before consuming alcohol can prevent the development of excessive intoxication, someone with it cures a hangover. But there are also opponents of such methods, who believe that milk and combining alcohol dangerous and unhealthy. In this article we will try to understand the features of combining alcohol with milk.

How useful milk for the body

Milk is a natural and healthy drink that is essential for the growth and development of children, to maintain the level of calcium in the body adults. Milk provides human beneficial proteins, fats, minerals. The calcium that is part of this drink is well absorbed by the body.

Drinking milk in adulthood can not do everything. With age the enzyme activity and microflora of the digestive system is changing. If after drinking this drink you feel flatulence and bloating, you should go to dairy drinks.

Dairy products are beneficial for immune and digestive system, helps excrete toxins. They also strengthen the nervous system, help fight insomnia and stress.

Drinking milk before alcohol

There is a perception that if you drink a glass of milk just before a meal, can avoid the absorption of alcohol in the blood, and of intoxication. Whether or not to believe this myth?

Once in the stomach, milk it really envelops the mucous membrane. It is able to reduce the acidity of gastric juice, due to its neutral environment. This drink can protect the stomach lining from irritation caused by alcohol, and to prevent the development of gastritis.

But from the intoxication milk does not protect. Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream regardless of whether it was a drunk person or not. According to the results of studies conducted by researchers, rate of rise of the concentration of alcohol in the body people taking before the milk, and not receiving, was exactly the same.

People, believing that you will not drunk after drinking milk, can take a large amount of alcohol. Such imaginary protection exposes the person to great danger and can cause acute alcohol poisoning.

So does it make sense to drink milk before a scheduled event? Despite the fact that it does not hinder the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream, however, due to the high content of proteins it is able to slightly speed up the process of alcohol elimination from the body. Scientists have found that people who are drunk before drinking milk for 1-2 hours before soberthan those who did not drink. But it's not actually a dairy product, a protein included in its composition.

It turns out that before alcohol can be consumed dairy products, eat hard cheese, cottage cheese. The effect is the same.

Intake of milk for a hangover

The hangover is familiar to almost every adult. Headache, chills, nausea, inability to concentrate. Will the milk after alcohol? This drink really helps people who the day before had too much liquor.

Milk, consumed in the period of alcohol withdrawal syndrome, has the following effects on the body:

  • Replenishes the body with fluid. Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to the loss of body fluid, that is why people in the morning feel a strong thirst and dry mouth. Milk is more than 90% consists of water, thanks to supplies of dehydrated fluid.
  • Eliminates acidosis and regulates the pH. Spirits entering the body, lead to the oxidation of blood. This condition is called acidosis. The more alcohol consumed, the more it changed the pH. Milk refers to alkaline products and is able to regulate the acidity of the body.
  • Protects the stomach lining and helps it to recover after the event. Milk coats the stomach walls, reduces the acidity. Thanks to this drink you can get rid of heartburn and nausea – frequent manifestations of hangover.
  • Replenishes the body's need for vitamins A and b, the loss of which happens when taking alcohol. These substances are responsible for metabolism and the Central nervous system.

About that, what else helps to neutralize the alcohol in the body also be found on our website.

Contraindications to milk

Despite the usefulness of milk to drink it can and should not all. It can cause acute allergies and disorders in the whole organism. Listed below are the main contraindications for its reception:

  • Individual intolerance to milk. This condition is called lactase deficiency. For the digestion of milk proteins in our body responsible lactase. If it is little or not at all, after drinking this drink develop flatulence, bloating and diarrhea.
  • Acute intestinal pathology and bacterial infection. Colitis and enteritis that drink need to take time off. Otherwise it will trigger deterioration and cause diarrhea.
  • If you are allergic to dairy products. In this case, a person is not worth itto use them under any circumstances.
  • In diseases of the liver. Dairy products are considered heavy for this body, after eating can develop diarrhea and intestinal colic.
  • Urolithiasis. Calcium, a part of dairy products, can accelerate and provoke the growth of kidney stones. In the presence of a tendency to kidney stones, consult your doctor about the possibility of the use of milk.

Interesting fact: some people are genetically predisposed to good digestion of milk throughout life. Typically, this is due to the fact that their ancestors drank this drink constantly. Among these people are Slavs.

Milk is a useful and necessary product. If a person has no contraindications to it, it is safe to drink before or after drinking alcohol. However, it is hoped that dairy products can protect from alcohol, to prevent the development of intoxication and alcohol intoxication, not worth it. Hangover with milk you can get rid of nausea, heartburn, dehydration and alcohol intoxication.