As death from alcohol intoxication (poisoning).

What alcoholics do not last long, known to all. They die from poisoning by surrogates or from complications of dangerous diseases obtained through regular libations. But death from alcohol intoxication pathologists have concluded and the young people who in life had health problems. When the concentration of blood ethyl alcohol it is impossible to predict how the body will react to poisoning. Often in the use of even minimal dose of alcohol the person need of urgent medical care.

Why alcohol intoxication may die

Alcohol intoxication – the condition of the human body after consuming any amount of ethyl alcohol. The degree of poisoning is influenced by many factors. For someone drinking a glass of beer in the evening can be a problem and cause a painful hangover, and someone and a bottle of vodka will not cause appreciable harm. According to experts, this phenomenon is impermanent – the mechanism of self-destruction started. Take some time – and only drunk a glass of alcohol will cause death.

Ethyl alcohol belongs to psychoactive substances depressing the Central nervous system. Regardless of the amount of alcohol drunk violated the following body functions:

  • behavioral.
  • physiological.
  • psychological.

Lethal dose of pure ethyl alcohol for an adult ranges from 250 to 400 g. This difference is due to many factors:

  1. The state of human health. For the weak and emaciated body, even a small dose of ethanol can cause fatal alcohol poisoning.
  2. The amount and quality of food in the stomach. Products with a high content of carbohydrates (potatoes, cereals or cereal) and fats (butter, lard) are able to absorb a certain amount of ethanol and to delay death in cases of poisoning by alcohol.
  3. Time. If a lethal dose of ethyl alcohol is accepted within a few hours, death is inevitable. If you increase the time period has a chance to save the victim from intoxication.
  4. Addictive. The dose lethal to moderate drinkers or a lightweight person, for the alcoholic is a daily norm. Such individuals rarely die from acute ethanol intoxication. The cause of death is chronic stage of intoxication or the use of methanol, a highly toxic poison.
  5. Age. The older man is drunk on an empty stomach a bottle of strong beer, can cause coma.

From alcohol intoxication often people die in the body which lack the gene responsible for the processing of alcohol by liver cells. It is the residents of the far North and the African continent.

It is well known that alcohol destroys brain cells and internal organs. Under his pernicious influence of texture and ulcerate the mucous membranes, disturbed urinary system, irreversible deformation of the renal tissues. But why is death from alcohol poisoning, not reliably established. Just the heart ceases to contract, stops and the person dies.

Outwardly, perfectly healthy young people, social drinker and involved in sports, die from poisoning with a small dose of ethanol. Already at autopsy the pathologist detects a disease of the cardiovascular system. This pathology can be successfully treated with medical treatment or surgery in life.

Pathologists often have difficulty in determining the cause of death from alcohol intoxication. Cardiac arrest could occur as a result of complications of heart disease or heart stopped beating after drinking a large dose of ethanol.

Even small amounts of alcohol can cause deadly poisoning. This situation occurs when you desire to take a hot bath. One glass of strong beer, a weakened body, hot bath and the risk of acute intoxication increases exponentially.

What are the stages of alcohol intoxication

At any stage of ethanol intoxication, the person may fall into an alcoholic coma. If it is not given immediate medical attention, then a few hours, this condition will lead to death from alcohol poisoning. The main symptoms of the coma are similar to the signs of a stroke, so doctors often perform additional diagnostics to separate pathologies. The smell of alcohol from his mouth does not prove intoxication by alcohol, as it can be felt during expiration in patients with some chronic diseases. Experts identify the types of coma, which are listed below.

  • The surface (No. 1). Patients are unconscious, but when you inhale ammonia vapors react with the movement of his hands, trying to remove the irritant. Proceeding in an organism destructive processes cause unbearable pain, there is a temporary dilation of the pupils. At this stage, patients are often able to save by using gastric lavage and installation of a dropper with glucose, mineral salts and preparations to repair damaged liver cells.
  • The surface (No. 2).Patients almost do not react to stimulation of the olfactory receptors with a solution of ammonia. Small pupils, muscle is completely relaxed. To bring into the consciousness of patients at this stage will need serious resuscitation to restore cardiovascular system.
  • Deep. The response to all stimuli is completely absent. The patient does not react to the ammonia, isn't in pain from the effects of internal and external factors. The person diagnosed of respiratory and heart failure. In most cases, a few hours later the doctors pronounced dead.

At diagnosis it is important to establish the amount of alcohol drunk and his castle. It is necessary to calculate the required doses of pharmacological drugs. Alcoholic coma usually does not last more than 24 hours if a day after the start of treatment heart rhythm is not restored, the prognosis for recovery is extremely poor.

Often in alcoholic intoxication of a person does not have to be hospitalized. Sunken language leads a person to stop breathing during sleep. There are cases when death is getting vomit from the stomach into the respiratory tract. Being unconscious person dies in a few minutes.

In case of failures in the cardiovascular system may experience surges in blood pressure. If the patient was previously diagnosed with increased renal and arterial hypertension, the situation is extremely dangerous and can result in a hypertensive crisis. With the growth of alcohol intoxication, the pressure begins to decline sharply to threat indicators, and the person falls into a deep coma.

Dangerous symptoms of alcohol intoxication

Doctors distinguish primary and secondary signs of alcohol intoxication. The person with poor health need to provide first aid on the initial stage of poisoning, even when nothing foretells who. Ethanol is rapidly distributed throughout the body, damaging tissue and internal organs. The amount of alcohol drunk is in direct proportion to the severity of the manifested symptoms. The primary symptoms of alcoholic intoxication:

  1. Sweating, sweating, light fever.
  2. Pleasant relaxation, increased emotional arousal, a sense of permissiveness.
  3. Categorical reasoning, movement choppy.
  4. There is a glow on the cheeks, sometimes red face.
  5. Occurs frequent urination.

At this stage of intoxication, and death is extremely rare. This usually occurs in cases of undue risk under the influence of consumed alcohol.

To show secondary symptoms of intoxication, someone will need one shot of vodka, and someone will be few and five. This stage of poisoning is characterized by the following features:

  1. Appears aggression or, on the contrary, a person sleepy.
  2. Deteriorating memory, vision and hearing.
  3. Disturbed coordination of movements.
  4. People are poorly oriented in space.
  5. Nausea, vomiting, stomach pain.

If the secondary phase were not given first aid, that may come alcoholic coma and death. Appear irreversible destruction of brain cells responsible for regulation of vital processes.

First aid

If the person is not an alcoholic, it is usually at first glance it becomes clear that he is dying. First, you need to call an ambulance and then try to save the victim:

  1. You will need to vomit the alcohol ceased to be absorbed into the bloodstream. The person needs to flip on its side and put pressure on the root of the tongue.
  2. Necessary before the arrival of the doctor to observe victims, so he wouldn't choke on the vomit.
  3. You can vigorously RUB the man's ears and hands to normalize the blood circulation.

Then it all depends on doctors – they will hold a CPR for the salvation of human life.

To avoid a deadly alcohol poisoning, you need to follow a few simple rules: give up beer and spirits, maintain a healthy lifestyle and to undergo regular medical examination.