Beer poisoning: symptoms, treatment

Is it possible to poison the beer? This beloved by many a drink can cause severe intoxication. Despite the low content of alcohol, the danger is not inferior to vodka. In this article, we discussed poisoning beer, basic causes and clinical manifestations of this condition, the methods of rendering first aid and situations where you need to go to the hospital.

What causes beer poisoning?

There are many reasons why the ability to develop the beer poisoning. This frothy beverage can lead to severe disorders of the body and even death. Listed below are the main reasons that may develop poisoning beer.

  • Drinking large quantities of beer in which the alcohol concentration in the blood increases to a critical level (above 2-3 g/l).
  • Reception of low-quality beer made on the basis of alcohol substitutes. Most often poisoning occurs when you drink Beers with in the manufacture of which unscrupulous manufacturers use technical methyl alcohol (a poison for human body).
  • The use of expired and spoiled beer. Prolonged or improper storage, this drink can breed dangerous pathogenic bacteria, e.g., E. coli.
  • Spill beer in a dirty and contaminated containers. This poisoning can occur in cafes, restaurants and bars. People can be infected with dysentery and E. coli.

The main clinical manifestations of poisoning beer

In cases of poisoning by beer the symptoms develop within the first 2-6 hours after consumption. Their expression and rate of rise depends on the quantity and quality of drinking beverage. Many are mistaken, considering that beer is absolutely safe and harmless for the body.

The main symptoms of poisoning beer:

  • headache and General weakness are caused by dehydration and intoxication syndrome. In case of poisoning by spoiled beer may increase body temperature to 38 degrees;
  • nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are provoked by high levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, intoxication and lesions of the pancreas. In the vomit may be the remains of beer and eaten, gastric juice and bile;
  • diarrhea. Many people wonder whether it may be diarrhea from beer. Spoiled, expired and contaminated by pathogenic bacteria leads to a rich foam to multiple diarrhea;
  • tachycardia – rapid heart rate develops as a result of a breach of the level of electrolytes in the blood and vascular spasm;
  • hypertension – high blood pressure;
  • blurred vision is a symptom of poisoning with methyl alcohol. In humans, reduced the clarity and sharpness of vision, he sees sparks fly before my eyes. In the absence of timely treatment, this condition leads to total and irreversible blindness;
  • disruption of the nervous system. In severe beer intoxication in humans can cause cramps in all muscle groups. The patient gradually falls into a stupor and then deep coma.

The provision of first aid

Taking into account the popularity of beer in our country, need to know how to provide first aid to people they poisoned. The first step is to call the ambulance (SMP). You can begin to provide aid for poisoned person while waiting brigade SMP.

Remember that self-medicating beer poisoning dangerous. It can lead to severe disorders in the internal organs, reveal that only a qualified doctor. Only he can say if poisoning beer, what to do, how to treat the victim.

Main components of first aid in cases of beer poisoning:

  1. Gastric lavage is carried out to release it from toxins, which had not yet been absorbed into the bloodstream. To clean stomach at home, you should chug a liter of plain water and snatch it up.
  2. Enema will help remove toxins and bacteria from the intestines. Intestinal cleansing at home is plain water at room temperature. It is carried out before the advent of clean wash water.
  3. Absorbents are medicines that neutralize and eliminate poisons, bacteria and toxins from the intestines. Read the rules carefully before dispensing them. You can use any products that you have in your home first-aid kit (activated carbon, smectite, enterosgel, APSCO, etc.).
  4. Drinking plenty of fluids is necessary to treat dehydration and electrolyte imbalance and to reduce the level of intoxication. Can drink simple or mineral water. In order not to provoke repeated episodes of vomiting, you should drink little and often.

Can I drink beer while poisoning? Remember that any sober alcoholic poisoning is strictly prohibited! Intake of alcohol will only exacerbate intoxication and even more harmful to the cardiovascular system, liver, pancreas.

Medical care

Arrived on a call, the paramedics will conduct the evaluation of the condition of the patient, collect anamnesis. Then they will proceed to the first aid, which consists of:


  • intravenous solutions for rehydration. Can be used physiological saline, glucose, reosorbilakt, Trisol, disol;
  • the introduction of antispasmodics, antiemetic drugs, analgesics;
  • connect the patient to an oxygen tank through the front mask;
  • the normalization of the cardiovascular system;

After rendering first aid, the patient will be hospitalized in the toxicology Department, or intensive care, undergoing subsequent treatment. If the patient's condition is not heavy, is stable, doctors from the ambulance can leave it at home, call the local doctor, who will give further guidance on the treatment and recovery of the body.

Prevention of poisoning beer

To avoid development of the beer poisoning is much easier than to take his medication. In most cases, the intoxicated person is to blame for his disease. Below, we have gathered for you the recommendations that will help you to protect yourself from poisoning the beer.

  • Check the date of manufacture of beer and integrity, the tightness of its packaging.
  • Drink beer in moderation.
  • Don't buy beer from unknown producers in non-certified retail outlets.
  • Avoid drinking strong Beers.

Poisoning beer can be triggered by many factors. His treatment should be in hospital. Due to severe intoxication of the organism is difficult to neutralize and bring out the remnants of alcohol consumed. Self-medication beer poisoning dangerous. Only after the doctors examination and examination of the patient can assign the correct treatment and to identify lesions of internal organs.