Regidron in alcoholic intoxication and poisoning

Alcohol intoxication and poisoning is a dangerous condition requiring help at home in mild alcohol poisoning you can use a proven tool – regidron. Regidron in alcoholic intoxication regulates fluid and electrolyte balance and helps the body to recover.

Alcohol intoxication

Almost every alcohol is a big stress to the bodyas ethanol, entering the blood transformirovalsya in a strong toxic substance called acetaldehyde. To get rid of toxic compounds, body produces adaptive the enzyme alcohol dehydrogenase, which breaks down by oxidation of the alcohol toxins and safely removing them from the body.

Acetaldehyde on the liver is having a very negative impact. This connection is the cause of intoxication and hangover.

Elimination of ethanol from blood is a complex and lengthy process. The rate of excretion depends on the state of the liver, as well as the number and activity of this enzyme. While taking liquor in large quantities the body has no time to quickly and efficiently break down ethanol, resulting in the possibility of intoxication. The severity of poisoning depends on the dose, quality liquor, and the condition of the whole organism.

Alcohol intoxication is accompanied by symptoms, among which should be highlighted:

  • severe nausea and repeated vomiting;
  • quite a significant headache (possibly also dizziness after drinking alcohol);
  • impaired coordination of the body in space;
  • violation of autonomic functions (absence of reflex activity, for example);
  • strong thirst, dilated pupils;
  • the lack of a coherent speech.

When severe intoxication is also possible loss of consciousness that requires medical intervention. Alcohol poisoning is a very dangerous condition for the person, as in some cases can lead to death.

If a person had even the slightest indication of alcohol intoxication, not worth the risk and wait for improvement. It is necessary to immediately consult a health care professional in order to prevent possible consequences.

In mild alcoholic intoxication can try to help the person at home. To prevent further absorption of ethanol into the bloodstream, it is necessary to free the stomach from the rest of the alcohol. To do this, you should drink plenty of liquids and induce vomiting, gently pushing down on the tip of the tongue. The procedure to completely empty the stomach.

The elimination is carried out in the case if intoxication is the first stage. If the person is unconscious, what has been said about the severity of intoxication, the measure is invalid.

After alcohol, the stabilization of the body should adopt a balanced solution regidrona, which helps release toxins and helps to normalize the water and electrolyte balance.

Description of the drug and its use in alcohol poisoning

Because of alcohol intoxication, the body loses the right amount of liquid, as poisoning is often accompanied by diarrhea or repeated vomiting. With the fluid from the body washed out essential electrolytes, which is why dehydration, exhaustion and disruption of water and electrolyte balance. For example, loss of sodium leads to swelling of the body and metabolic disorders. The leaching of potassium affects the cardiovascular system. From failure electrolytes suffer and other systems of the body. All these disorders are in the form of headaches, dry mouth, dizziness, or frequent palpitations.

Regidron when alcohol poisoning is aimed at restoring fluid and electrolyte balance of the body. Finnish is a white powder without any odor. In the structure are:

  • sodium chloride is known at home as of salt. Restores the required volume of circulating fluid and helps eliminate toxins;
  • potassium chloride – helps to prevent the loss of potassium in the body and has a beneficial effect on the acid-alkaline balance;
  • sodium citrate – stabilizes the blood, reduces acidity and helps to quickly get rid of a hangover;
  • glucose serves as a source of energy and helps to restore important metabolic processes.

Loss of electrolytes and fluids leads not only to dehydration but also to a shift in the normal pH level of blood in the direction of oxidation. Oxidation of plasma causes a disturbance of cell-cell interaction and other disorders. Timely intake regidrona allows to avoid serious consequences and quickly restore the normal functioning of organs and systems.

The medicine show:

  • to correct water and electrolyte balance;
  • at thermal defeats, which were disturbed water and electrolyte metabolism;
  • during rehydration therapy for diarrhea, and poisonings of various kinds. Including cases of alcoholic intoxication;
  • during physical activity, which are accompanied by severe sweating.

Often, the means is assigned in combination with other medicines whenthe occurrence of acidosis.

How to make a tool

A tool is available in sachets which is very convenient. The powder must be dissolved in a liter of water (preferably the water was boiled, and room temperature), resulting in a solution with a specific salty taste. Should not be added to the suspension of some other substances.

The finished product should be taken every forty minutes in small SIPS. To use the solution should also after each vomiting or liquid stool (4-5 SIPS means not drinking water). Before use, thoroughly mix the suspension. It is possible to use the drug regardless of meals.

There are special requirements for regidrona adults, so before you understand how to take remedy, you need to study the manual. The amount of suspension must be calculated according to body weight: one kg of weight requires 10 ml of solution. For example, if the person weighs 70 kg, then he should be consumed 700 ml of the suspension. After improvement, the dosage can be reduced to 5 ml per kg of weight. If vomiting continues, then you need to stick with the original liquid volume.

Special instructions:

  1. It is impossible to increase the concentration of the components, as this may cause overdose.
  2. It is not recommended to add in a therapeutic solution for other components such as sugar to improve the taste.
  3. After vomiting, you should wait ten minutes and then make regidron.

If during therapy the body does not stabiliziruemost, and the victim is drowsy, tires condition does not respond well to questions, you should immediately resort to medical help. Also emergency assistance is required if there is high fever, severe pain, blood in stool, no urine or prolonged diarrhea.

Contraindications and side effects

Rehydron has some contraindications. The medication cannot be taken if you have ailments such as:

  • diabetes mellitus (a medicine contains glucose);
  • high blood pressure;
  • intestinal obstruction;
  • disorders in the kidneys;
  • unconsciousness;
  • excess trace element potassium in the body;
  • individual sensitivity to any component.

If the victim of alcohol poisoning complies with the therapeutic dose, any side effects should not occur.


Eating regidron, you should follow the dosage as an excess of trace elements may cause various disorders in the body. One of the signs of overdose is hypernatremia. This condition is characterized by insufficient water in the body due to high amounts of sodium in the bloodstream. Hypernatremia is quite a dangerous state for the body. Symptoms of this condition:

  • Violation of the thirst mechanism (e.g. lack of or, conversely, excessive thirst).
  • Disturbance of consciousness (e.g., confusion).
  • Severe weakness, sweating.
  • Rapid heart rate, and pressure drop.
  • The excitability of the neuromuscular structures.
  • Cramps of the extremities;
  • The pH shift of the plasma in alkaline direction (as may lead to disruption of ventilation, and to tetanic convulsions).
  • Possible violation of the process of respiration or coma, with a potentially adverse outcome.

If you experience any signs of overdose, intake of medication should stop and immediately seek medical help.

Overdose can lead to hyperkalemia. This condition is characterized by cardiac arrhythmias, tachycardia, muscle weakness up to paralysis and respiratory failure. Other symptoms appear depending on the degree of hyperkalemia. Whatever the severity of symptoms was not, in this case also required the help of physicians.

Regidron fairly quickly restores liquid-salt balance and acid-alkaline balance of blood. If you strictly observe all recommendations on the use, the medicament relieves the victim, greatly improves health and helps the body to recover in the fastest time possible.