Alcohol overdose: the symptoms, effects, first aid

An overdose of alcohol is quite common. Based on medical statistics, we can say that every second poisoning with fatal outcome is the result of alcohol intoxication. Most of the people in such poisoning die before reaching the hospital. The reason for this outcome – alcoholic coma. In addition, death can cause vomit that a drunk man chokes, and industrial alcohol methanol, which is often present in surrogate alcohol.

Symptoms of intoxication

Most common overdose of ethyl or methyl alcohol. The second option is more dangerous and can quickly cause alcohol death. Symptoms of an overdose of alcohol are pretty specific and hard to confuse with other types of poisoning:

  • From the victim literally reeks of alcohol.
  • Skin becoming pale or bluish color, is the sweat.
  • There is nausea and severe vomiting.
  • Reduced body temperature, heart function deteriorates, the pulse is not palpable.
  • Man cannot move, he has a mild reaction to external stimuli and pain.
  • Occurs spontaneous urination and bowel movements.
  • Develop hallucinations, which are accompanied by aggression.
  • Noticeable lapses in memory.

In severe poisoning, the victim may lose consciousness, this state may be accompanied by convulsions and foaming at the mouth.

Numbness after an overdose of alcohol constitutes a violation of the cardiovascular system. If you experience this symptom should be immediately called a brigade of doctors.

If there is a poisoning with methyl alcohol, the signs of poisoning will be supplemented, as if such intoxication is suffering the Central nervous system and organs of vision.

  • The patient complains of blur before my eyes, and flies flashing;
  • Can quickly cause irreversible blindness.

It is extremely important to quickly understand how alcohol has poisoned the victim. This will help physicians quickly determine the Protocol of first aid and will save the patient from serious consequences.

If the victim's condition is not very severe and his life is not in danger, after first aid he stays at home. All the symptoms will pass after 12 hours. In severe conditions a person extra hospitalityat and assist in the hospital.

How to provide emergency assistance

If you notice overdose of alcohol, then begin first aid is required immediately. A few seconds delay can cost the patient's life. What you can do until the doctor arrives:

  • If the person is conscious, then we can't let him fall asleep. Need to drive it around the room and talk.
  • To give more drinking. Fit still water, compotes and decoctions of dried fruits.
  • On the cleanse. Pre-human turn to the side or up in a vertical position. This will prevent choking on vomit. To induce vomiting is enough to put pressure on the root of the tongue with your fingers.
  • You need to constantly monitor that the patient does not fuse language. This leads to choking.
  • Required to constantly observe the injured person's breathing. If it is heavy or suspicious sounds, then this is evidence of pneumonia, which may be the cause of death.

When the intoxication of alcohol quite quickly comes alcoholic coma, then death. It is therefore important to know the first signs of overdose and ways to help.

What not to do in case of overdose of alcohol

How to provide first aid for an overdose of alcohol is understandable, but you need to know what to do, you should not:

  • It is forbidden to leave the victim of a house, especially if he lies on his back. Someone needs to constantly be around before arrival of doctors.
  • It is not advisable to unsolder the patient, it quickly leads to dehydration.
  • Human poisoning can take a cool shower or bathe in a bath with hot water. In any case, no need to go to bath or sauna.
  • It is forbidden to offer the patient a hangover even alcoholic beverages. Getting regular doses of alcohol in the body can quickly lead to coma.

Excessive consumption of alcohol negatively affects all organs and systems in the body. Without medical attention, this condition can result in disabilities or death.

For anyone especially dangerous overdose alcohol

Some people are at risk, so the help they must be given special attention. These include teenagers, a weak body which contains the enzymes in the right quantity for the breakdown of alcoholic beverages. Older people are also at risk, as their bodies weakened by a large number of chronic diseases and not able to process large amounts of alcohol.

People with alcohol dependency are also at risk of poisoning. They are already so alcohol, which is not always able to calculatethe permissible dose of alcohol.

For patients who are undergoing treatment, particularly antibacterial drugs, use of alcohol is unacceptable. The interaction of alcohol with many drugs are harmful substances that can lead to irreversible consequences. The body of people who have bad metabolism, also can't metabolize alcoholic drinks, so perhaps a strong poison.

A particular danger is an overdose for women. They quickly become addicted to alcohol and become dependent on it. Women's alcoholism is difficult to treat!

Treatment in a hospital

Man with severe alcohol poisoning transported to medical facility. Treatment is primarily aimed at the speedy removal of toxic substances from the body and the stabilization of the bodies. The patient carefully wash out the stomach through a tube of large diameter, then give sorbents. Intravenous saline and glucose solution, to avoid dehydration. If necessary, perform hemodialysis.

According to the testimony can be used in cardiac and psychotropic drugs, and laxatives. Victims sometimes prescribe anti-allergic medicines, which can prevent swelling of organs.

How to prevent overdose with alcohol

Any easier to prevent poisoning than to treat. This also applies to alcohol. To avoid trouble with health, you need to follow these rules:

  1. Not to read too much drinking of alcoholic drinks during feasts and holidays.
  2. Do not drink alcohol of dubious quality. This may be methyl alcohol.
  3. Conduct preventive conversations with teenagers, aimed at preventing the consumption of any alcohol.
  4. If a family has people with alcohol dependence, it is time to see a doctor for treatment of this disease.

Poison alcohol can be very fast, but the treatment will take one week. Do not think that the symptoms of severe intoxication held their own, without assistance. This poisoning can lead to poor performance of organs and fatal outcome.