The manage: the consequences of use and harm for human body

The manage is ordinary hemp that is boiled in milk. To do this, take lots of plant material and a certain amount of liquid. Consequences of the use of manage can be unpredictable. This substance not only affects the nervous system and psyche, but also on the internal organs and systems. People who use drugs, becomes antisocial and can pose a threat to the lives of others.

Psychosis and other consequences of the use of manage

Harm constant use of manage obvious. As a result of regular consumption of drug of milk arise such mental disorder:

  • gradual numbness;
  • the loss of absolutely all social relations;
  • reduction of energy resources of the organism;
  • the gradual depletion of the psyche;
  • lethargy;
  • psychoses, which become chronic.

People who constantly use narcotic milk, eventually become disabled, and most often the disability is very severe.

From addicts with experience irreversible consequences in the brain.

A special role in the occurrence of dementia in drug addicts played by vascular disorders. In the vessels slows down blood flow, the brain swells and blood vessels soaked with blood plasma.

Poisoning manage

In cases of poisoning by nerve cells manage shrink, and disrupted the structure of cell nuclei. Pathogenic processes develop in the cerebellum, the cerebral cortex and subcortical structure. At a constant fascination with marijuana is occurring toxic degenerative encephalopathy with impaired patency of brain vessels.

As the consumption of other cannabinoids is not only the mind but also all the vital organs. Prolonged use of manage a person becomes addicted, it disrupts the function of the nervous system that manifests such pathological conditions:

  • disturbed coordination of all movements;
  • slow reaction to stimuli;
  • reduced mobility of the eyeball;
  • drops visual acuity and a fully disturbed color perception;
  • atrophy of the retina and nerve cells.

Very often the abuse of manage developing mechanical hepatitis, which ultimately ends in cirrhosis. There are frequent cases of renal failure.

Death may occur due to the development of chronic diseases of the lungs or cardiovascular system.

The impact of manage

Narcotic cleansing milk has a very negative effect on all internal organs and systems of man. There are different and numerous vices.

  • Develops angina and cardiac arrhythmia.
  • Suffer respiratory organs.
  • On examination, the patient can notice the change in color of the tongue, severe congestion and edema of the sky.
  • There are disorders of the endocrine system.
  • Libido decreased.
  • In women, disturbed reproductive function.

Frequent craze dangerous drink increases the risk of cancer.

Manage the depressing effect on the immune system, so people often sick with infectious diseases.

Overdose hemp milk

Effects of overdose of milk with hemp can be unpredictable. Suspect an overdose of such specific characteristics:

  • People have really dilated pupils, and they practically do not react to bright light.
  • The face is red, and the mucous membranes become dry.
  • There is a strong feeling of hunger.
  • The heartbeat quickens, the pulse rate more than 100 beats per minute.
  • Dramatically increased blood pressure. This phenomenon is accompanied by pain in the heart area.
  • The man is very hot or, conversely, it freezes. In the limbs felt tremors, possible seizures.
  • Developed acute psychosis, which is accompanied by characteristic symptoms – confusion, irrational fear, obsessions and hallucinations. Often addicts are delusional and lost in time.
  • Visible neurological disorders – a person experiences uncontrollable hand movements, speech and thinking is too retarded;
  • There is a disorder of the hearing, the person does not respond to his name and requests.
  • A person has atypical drowsiness.

All of these conditions can occur separately and in the aggregate. Fan of manage often falls out of the normal rhythm of life for a day, and then some. Despite the fact that deaths from overdoses of units, death may occur due to failure of the heart. Addicts often form blood clots that lead to myocardial infarction.

Do not forget that inappropriate behavior of a person who has used hemp milk may lead to suicide.

Emergency treatment of an overdose of manage

If you experience symptoms of an overdose, it is an urgent need to render aid to the victim. The sequence of actions should be:

  1. Man with drug addiction to soothe and constantly talking to him.
  2. It is necessary that the situation was absolutely calm, exclude all loud sounds and protect the victim from the experience. You can turn on quiet soothing music.
  3. In the roomopen the window, with the victim take off all tight clothes, belt and tie.
  4. If the victim feels the heat, on the head put a cotton cloth moistened with cold water.
  5. If the person is conscious, it is advisable to do gastric lavage and give the adsorbent.
  6. If the victim is unconscious, you must lay on your side and to make every effort to bring him back to consciousness. You can RUB his ears or gently pinching.

To partially normalize the human condition will help strong tea, added a teaspoon of honey.

Regardless of the severity of the condition call an ambulance. In order to remove the stimulus, shows the introduction of haloperidol. Perform all necessary actions to normalize the functions of the heart and respiratory systems. If the condition is very serious, it is shown urgent hospitalization in a narcological office.

Dangerous effects of consuming cannabis

The consequences of regular consumption of hemp milk is quite serious. So, after the narcotic effect ends, the specific time remains depressed and pessimistic attitude. Heavily, albeit temporarily, deteriorating memory and intellectual abilities. With the constant use of manage mental disorders become chronic, and eventually a person develops schizophrenia. This occurs most often with people who have a genetic predisposition to this disease.

Person in the stage of excitement after the use of narcotic milk can't be left alone.

Disrupted all the important organs – heart, liver and lungs. Also suffering reproductive function in men and women.

How to prevent poisoning manage

To prevent trouble, you need to periodically carry out preventive measures:

  • To talk with teenagers about preventing the use of any drug products.
  • Keep track of your family and when you see warning signs immediately seek help from professionals.
  • To keep near residential neighborhoods does not grow hemp.

Some people claim that hemp and the products it is not capable of causing physical dependence. But it's still happening after months or years of regular use. Such a dangerous hobby leads to disastrous consequences.