What if after hookah headache

Headaches and an unpleasant feeling of nausea – a common consequences of hookah Smoking. Surprising in a bad mood, no, but it is considered the norm is not worth it. From good tobacco and hookah the right person should get only pleasure, but not headaches. Try to find out the cause of the illness and answer the question, what if after hookah headache.

Hookah causes headaches

Smoking hookah is an Eastern tradition, which successfully took over people from all countries of the world. The feeling of complete relaxation can brighten up the holidays in cozy company, to diversify the evening or will immerse themselves in thought, casually glancing out the window.

Headaches – a feeling familiar to both beginners and heavy smokers. Most often they come not alone, but accompanied by dizziness, nausea and palpitations. In some cases, possible even hallucinations, but not before Smoking a hookah makes rarely. Consider the main reasons why you may have a headache after a relaxing holiday in the company Eastern tobacco:

  1. Hunger. Smoking on an empty stomach and in the absence of water is the most common cause of headaches. As a result of severe dehydration can even lose consciousness. Therefore, in the process, definitely need to drink water, tea, coffee or hibiscus. Of food give preference to fresh vegetables and fruit or some low-fat dishes.
  2. The coal is of poor quality. For hookah can be used on natural wood or coconut charcoal without any additional impurities. Conventional charcoal grill is not suitable. It is saturated with different chemical mixtures for the best kindling.
  3. Poorly heated coal. The cubes must be red-hot red-hot and well-heated from all sides. With a not-burned plots will be hard to allocate carbon monoxide. And if you feel dizzy after the hose, it may indicate carbon monoxide poisoning.
  4. The consumption of alcoholic beverages in the Smoking process and add alcohol directly into the hookah. Tobacco increases alcohol poisoning, thereby causing deterioration of health. But such experiments can withstand not every experienced smoker.
  5. Smoking in a poorly ventilated room. The smoke contains high concentrations of carbon monoxide. And a headache from the hookah just because of lack of oxygen on the background of a glut of carbon monoxide.
  6. The excess smoke in the lungs, the high content of nicotine in the blood. The rush – bad moon hookah. The ritual requires a calm environment. And to not have a headache, smoke a hookah slowly, breathing shallowly and constantly making breath of fresh air in between the rods. Otherwise, you can trigger a spasm in the blood vessels of the brain, and that will be the cause of poor health.

Everything else should not forget that tobacco also contains a certain dose of nicotine. And even the strongest nervous system will not stand the shock doses of this toxin. Therefore, a novice unaccustomed may appear dizziness and nausea. In such a situation it may be advisable not to get carried away with the amount of tobacco and reduce the duration of the session of hookah relaxation.

How to protect yourself from headaches

From the foregoing it can be concluded that the main causes of headaches after a hookah only three: excessive amounts of nicotine, carbon monoxide poisoning and dehydration. And when you consider all the factors, you will definitely learn how to smoke a hookah, not a headache. To do this, simply follow the instructions:

  • Don't combine alcohol and hookah, especially for beginners. The degree of alcohol is unimportant, even a bottle of beer can make the condition worse.
  • Carefully light the charcoal, watch for uniformity of heat. And even better – entrust this work to professionals.
  • At home use coal specifically for hookahs.
  • For hookah travelers always choose a well ventilated room or Smoking in the fresh air.
  • Don't screw around with strong tobacco, especially when loading the bowl.
  • Never smoke on an empty stomach, stop the ritual, as soon as you feel hunger. For a snack any food, it is advisable not particularly oily. This will help to normalize the level of glucose in blood and to prevent the emergence of a hungry nausea.
  • Drink soft drinks in the Smoking process. No matter what it is – juice, water, tea or milk. Drinking plenty of fluids will neutralize the effect of toxins.
  • Breaths should be deep or too frequent. Allow time to get enough light and oxygen.
  • Not in a hurry, with a hookah you to relax, not to compete with your friends on vikarka.

In the process of operation in the hookah accumulated toxic substances and poisonous resin. So keep clean your device.

Headache treatment from a hookah

If you have a headache after hookah, you were "lucky" hookah hangover. Yes, not only alcohol can cause a hangover. If somewhere in the process of relaxing mistakes were made in the Smoking, and the content of toxins in the blood exceeds the norm, the poisoning will manifest itself in the first place headache. And it's time to learn howto get rid of it:

  1. The first thing you need to eat. Even if you have no appetite, put into the stomach at least a minimum portion of food. This will help reduce the concentration of tobacco smoke in the body and reduce its negative impact on the mucosa of the digestive tract.
  2. Now, you need oxygen. Fresh air will relieve spasm of blood vessels of the brain and eliminate the pain. Just take a walk or open a window in the room.
  3. Drink a Cup of coffee, and even better with milk. Milk neutralizes the effect of toxins, and coffee will start the circulation. Just do not overdo it, one serving will be enough. Otherwise the risk to achieve a completely opposite effect.
  4. Severe headaches can be eliminated by the analgesic.

If after all the measures taken, your condition is not normal, it is recommended to seek professional medical help. It is likely that in the body are hidden pathological processes that are incompatible with Smoking Shisha. The exact cause of the degradation will be possible only in special conditions.

Do not treat a headache after hookah on alcohol medical drugs. The use of any analgesic means, including paracetamol and tsitramon, strictly contraindicated without a doctor's advice.

Hookah Smoking is a rite that should bring pleasure, create a sense of peace. But if every session ends with headaches and nausea, it makes sense to reconsider its attitude to these pleasures. This is most likely not the most suitable option for you. This can be a lot of reasons, not necessarily related to medical conditions. But then it is better to not do them and the choice of a more secure variant of the pastime.